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How to disassemble and assemble an American tactical 1911 pistol. PowerPoint Presentation
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How to disassemble and assemble an American tactical 1911 pistol.

How to disassemble and assemble an American tactical 1911 pistol.

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How to disassemble and assemble an American tactical 1911 pistol.

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  1. How to disassemble and assemble an American tactical 1911 pistol. By Edwin Martinez English 2010 10/25/13

  2. Table of content • Product description • Safety Regulations • Main parts and Assembly groups • Disassembling the pistol • Assembling the pistol • Function check

  3. Product Description The 1911 pistol manufactured by American tactical is a single action pistol this means that to have the pistol ready to fire you have to pull the slide back so it can insert a round in the chamber. This pistol is made mainly of steel and it fires a .45 caliber round the caliber of the round is the size of the round that the pistol uses.

  4. Safety Regulations • To be able to handle a pistol the shooter should know this 5 basic safety rules: • Treat every weapon as if it were loaded. • When you are handling a weapon you should always assume that is loaded • Never point a weapon at anything you do not intent to shoot. • Never play with a weapon or point it at anything that you are not attempting to shoot even if you know that the weapon is unloaded. Keep your weapon pointing to a safe direction. A safe direction is towards an area where there are no people, other life forms, or property that is not a target.

  5. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire. • Do not put your finger inside the trigger mechanism until you have the weapon pointing to your target and you are ready to fire. This is going to prevent you from misfiring your weapon and hurt yourself, someone else or property. • Keep your weapon on safe until you are ready to fire. • Once you have acquired your target and have your weapon pointing to it, and you feel that you are ready to fire take your weapon off safe and attempt to fire never keep a weapon loaded with a round in the chamber and without the safety on. This is important always keep your weapon with the safety on. • Know your target and what lies beyond. • When you are firing keep in mind that bullets are powerful this means that they can penetrate the target and keep going or change trajectory or bounce of the target, that’s why you have to make sure that the area surrounding your target is clear.

  6. Main parts and assembly groups 1 4 6 5 • Position Description • Slide • Receiver • Slide stop • Front sight • Rear sight • Barrel • Hammer • Trigger • Grip safety • Manual safety • Magazine catch • 12. Magazine housing 7 10 2 3 8 9 11 12

  7. Disassembling the pistol • Before you start to disassemble the 1911 pistol make sure that is cleared. • Remove the magazine from the pistol. • If there is a magazine inside the magazine housing just press the magazine catch and the magazine will fall out. • Pull the slide backwards and look inside the barrel to make sure there are no rounds in the chamber. • Now you can start the disassembly of the pistol.

  8. Press the coil spring plug turn the barrel bushing counterclockwise. This will release the coil spring and spring plug. • Note : Be careful when removing the coil spring and spring plug they are under pressure and will fly out and you run the risk of hitting yourself , someone else or losing your parts.

  9. Pull the slide backwards until the slide stop and the disassembly mark are on the same level and pull the slide stop out of the pistol by pressing on the right side of the slide stop and pulling on the left side. • Note : You need to move back and forth the slide to work the slide stop out of the pistol. Disassembly mark Pull Push

  10. Push the slide forward and this will allow you to remove the coil spring. Guide. • Note: Most likely when you pull the slide the coil spring guide will fall off be careful. Coil spring guide

  11. Remove the coil spring and coil plug. • Slide your barrel forward and pull the barrel out of the slide.

  12. Assembling the pistol • Check the inside of the pistol for foreign objects. • Turn over the slide and insert the barrel.

  13. Insert the barrel bushing. To set the barrel bushing insert the barrel bushing in the front of the pistol in a 90 degree angle and twist the barrel bushing to lock in place. Twist clockwise to lock the barrel

  14. Insert the coil spring retainer in the pistol under the barrel make sure it seats properly to the front of the pistol.

  15. Insert the slide and slide back in to the pistol.

  16. Push the slide in to the gun. Make sure that the holes for the fixing pin match. • Push the fixing pin all the way inside the pistol.

  17. Put the recoil spring assembly and spring plug. Turn the barrel bushing counter clockwise until it locks in place • You are finished assembling the pistol. Don’t forget to always do a function check.

  18. Function Check • Pull the slide back this will make the weapon ready to fire. • Put the weapon on safe and attempt to fire nothing should happen. • Take the weapon off safe and attempt to fire the hammer should go forward and strike the firing pin.(you should hear an audible click) • Pull the slide back. • Attempt to fire the hammer should go forward and strike the firing pin. (you should hear an audible click) • You are done with the function check. If the weapon did all this functions this means that the weapon is in good condition to fire. • If the weapon fails to do any of this steps there’s is something wrong whit the mechanism either you fail to set a part in its right place or there is internal damage. If this happens then make sure you take it to a qualified person to diagnose the weapon.