Ca chandu naresh chilukuri 525660
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CA Chandu Naresh Chilukuri -525660. CA Professional Achiever - Information Technology. Manager- Finance Systems Operations (FSOM) , World Wide Fund for Nature - India. Turnover (Sales) of the Company in Rupees: INR 359197029 Net worth of the Company: INR 138290275

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Ca chandu naresh chilukuri 525660

CA ChanduNaresh Chilukuri-525660

CA Professional Achiever - Information Technology

Manager- Finance Systems Operations (FSOM) , World Wide Fund for Nature - India

Ca chandu naresh chilukuri 525660

Note: Please give details of the company where the person is located. For CA Business Achiever or CFO where person is handling multiple companies within a group, please give composite details of all companies under the domain of nominee. Details of Individual companies may be given separately. The applicants of CA Professional Achiever should give details only of the company where they are working.

Key role in the organization

  • Implement the ERP (MS Dynamics Axapta) in the entity

  • Manage the varied information systems in the organisation and consolidate data

  • Extracting key reports from the system to supplement data for MIS, KPIs, Stock Management, Liquidity and Fund Management

  • Part of the team in preparation and finalization of Balance Sheet

  • Implement the Cost Centers (Dimensions) in determining and allocating costs to various projects, employees, divisions etc.,

  • Give expert opinion on various statutory requirements and their implications on the existing information systems.

  • Ensure the fulfillment of various guidelines laid out by different agencies such as the European Commission and other global agencies

  • Supplement data inputs from the ERP to supporting analytical tools such as Management Reporter, Qlik View for Global reporting

  • Manage the users and troubleshoot the routine issues faced by users and provide them with appropriate solutions

  • Carry out periodic tasks such as Depreciation runs, Fixed Assets registers, Creditors & Debtors Aging reports, Inventory Recalculation & Closing, Year End Closing Run.

  • Automation of reports in the system

Major achievements as team leader

  • Embedded with the knowledge and professional skills that the Chartered Accountancy had provided me I am key person behind the success of the ERP (MS Dynamics Axapta) and its supporting systems in WWF-India.

  • The success of a project purely depends on the technical capabilities and knowledge of Accounting, Project Management, Taxation and Statutory Compliances. I exercised all these skills in effective implementation of ERP

  • Building up the users morale and the accuracy in system reporting , Management Confidence on the ERP were the key challenges I was presented with and I have addressed these concerns within 6 months of my taking up the role.

  • Decision Making and speed in implementation is very important. I took up the process study in detail and have analysed the ERP configuration settings. Many configurations were not aligned to the processes, accordingly I took steps in convincing the management to re-align the system according to the processes.

  • The process of Bank Reconciliation was automated which reduced the bundle of user work. I extensively studied the traditional Bank Reconciliation techniques and the system generated reports and created a unique way of reconciliation, which eased the users of a burdensome activity.

  • further efforts were put on the Trading & Logistics, we have drastically changed the reporting formats and added value to the organization in terms of reporting. the purchase registers, sales registers, Invoicing formats have witnessed a drastic change which brought in improved performance.

  • The Cost Center wise ( Dimension) reporting has been fully & accurately implemented and the results have enabled the organisation to focus on its improvements and address the shortcomings.

Major achievements

  • WWF-India runs more than 500 projects and hence ensuring that the accuracy in reporting is crucial, as manual preparation of reporting is not feasible. The reports have been worked out accordingly. The reports on Carbon Emissions have been successfully extracted from the systems for the first time.

  • We were able to extract data and supplement it into the analytical package QlikView for a global review of the WWF-India performance. the task was successfully complemented in record time.

  • I also identified the problems of IT Infrastructure and have been able to substantially improve the IT infrastructure by convincing the Management for new procurements and improving capacity.

  • We have created a state of the art Document Management System, to sequentially file the vouchers of a project and deliver it to the Audit team in United Kingdom via the FTP. This was very innovative on our part and have eased the distance barrier

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Note- Please specify exact role whether the achievement is as a member of team or team leader or in any other capacity.