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Age of Invasions

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Age of Invasions. By:Cory Heffern Andrew (Lazy) Mack. 3 Invaders. Germanic Tribes Huns The Franks. Germanic people. Germanic tribes included the Angles and Saxons Prized strength and courage in battle Family life was commonly a model of simplicity and virtue. Germanic Political.

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age of invasions

Age of Invasions

By:Cory Heffern

Andrew (Lazy) Mack

3 invaders
3 Invaders
  • Germanic Tribes
  • Huns
  • The Franks
germanic people
Germanic people
  • Germanic tribes included the Anglesand Saxons
  • Prized strength and courage in battle
  • Family life was commonly a model of simplicity and virtue
germanic political
Germanic Political
  • Tribal assemblies were made up of voting freeman
  • popular democratic assembly
germanic social
Germanic social
  • Emphasized loyalties of kinship rather than of citizenship.
  • Religion was polytheistic
  • Society was a warrior aristocracy


the huns
The Huns
  • Aggressive and Dangerous tribe from Asia.
  • Lived their lives mainly on horses.
  • Wealth and power: IMPORTANT
huns social
Huns social
  • Achievements in both the arts and economics
    • Bow and arrow.
  • Women were considered lower than males.
  • Interested in war, gave them political and economic power.
huns political
Huns political
  • Attila the Hun was king and general of the Hun empire from A.D. 433 to 453. Succeeding his uncle, King Roas
  • In a great battle on the river Nedao and were beat by the Eastern Roman empire; the Huns remained voiceless in the changing face of history.
the franks
The Franks
  • Charlemagne was 26, he and his brother, Carloman, inherited the kingdom of the Franks
  • Conquered and Christianized the powerful pagan Saxons of the north .
  • Charlemagne restored much unity to what was the old Roman Empire and paved the way for the development of modern Europe.
franks social
Franks Social
  • The Frankish state held over large parts of western Europe, developing into the Carolingian Empire.
  • They were still pagan, worshipping generally the same gods as many of the other Germanic tribes
  • Did not make much affect on world early on. f (Small NW part of map)
franks political
Franks Political.
  • They did not try to preserve Roman institutions or the Roman system of taxation
  • They advanced relatively slowly
  • legislative acts and administrative orders, in order to reduce violence; these laws showing the overwhelming influence of Roman ideas.
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