overview of graduate program at cs sfsu september 2006 n.
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Overview of Graduate Program at CS SFSU September 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of Graduate Program at CS SFSU September 2006

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Overview of Graduate Program at CS SFSU September 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of Graduate Program at CS SFSU September 2006. Prof. D. Petkovic. SFSU CS Department Objectives. Prepare students for job market Prepare students for Ph. D. studies MS is becoming a necessity in today job market Education goals: Fundamentals

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sfsu cs department objectives
SFSU CS Department Objectives
  • Prepare students for job market
  • Prepare students for Ph. D. studies
  • MS is becoming a necessity in today job market
  • Education goals:
    • Fundamentals
    • Discipline specialty (CLS, SW Eng, general)
    • Project, industry cooperation, teamwork
    • Individual research
    • Thesis is mandatory
overview of graduate program
Overview of Graduate program
  • New program started Fall 2004
    • New degrees (MS with Conc. In CLS, SW Eng, General)
    • More emphasis on research and team projects
    • Many new courses
    • http://cs.sfsu.edu/grad/graduate.html
  • Program doing well!
trends in software development
Trends in Software Development
  • Global development of computer software through international cooperation and outsourcing are the main characteristics of current and future software engineering development process
  • Interconnected: Everything is being connected
  • Open: Increased emphasis on building SW from components and services developed globally and being Open Source
  • Collaborative: SW built with multidisciplinary teams
  • Easy to use: Critical need for making systems easy to use, on time and budget, and with adequate performance
  • SW Engineering voted the best job by Money Magazine
    • http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/bestjobs/
new research areas and technologies
New Research Areas and Technologies
  • Computing for Life Sciences, biotech
  • Sensor networks
  • Personal devices
  • Serious games (education, training…)
  • ….
computer scientist of the future
Computer Scientist of the future
  • Knowledge of technical material (up to date)
  • Knowledge of some specific domains 9finacials, biotech, games…)
  • Project and teamwork skills
  • Verbal and written communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to work in a global and open SW environment
  • MS preferred
new graduate program description curriculum structure
New Graduate Program Description – curriculum structure



(3 out of 5 courses)

(3 courses)

(3 courses)



Total 30 Units

center for computing for life sciences role and activities
Center for Computing for Life Sciences: Role and Activities
  • Provides SFSU focus in Computing for Life Sciences:
    • Place for students to find and do culminating experience and other projects in CCLS area, following individual department policies
    • Feedback to curriculum development
    • Hosts projects with local industry
  • Provides focus on funding and increases chances for getting grants
  • Complements other degree programs at SFSU ( I.e. MSCS with Concentration in Computing for Life Sciences)
  • Incubator for commercialization efforts
  • Consists of faculty, students and external partners (industry collaborators, visitors) from all relevant departments, part or full time, working together
  • http://cs.sfsu.edu/ccls/index.html
recommended sequence of study
Recommended sequence of study
  • Check this NEW link, should be very useful
    • http://www.cs.sfsu.edu/grad/grad_recom_sequence.html
  • Talk to grad advisor
  • Ask advice on time
  • Let us know early if you want to go for a Ph. D.
thesis and research
Thesis and research
  • Actively seek the advisor (e.g. take the class, meet the advisor in your area of interest, talk to grad advisors or Chair…)
  • Thesis vs. Project
  • In the new program two 899s are allowed. Both or only one can be used as part of the thesis
  • Expected time about 3 semesters (with writing and defense). This is serious work!
  • Resources:
    • http://www.cs.sfsu.edu/forms/aboutculminatingproject.html
    • http://www.cs.sfsu.edu/grad/new_grad_culminating_req.html
    • http://www.cs.sfsu.edu/grad/Master-Thesis_Steps.html
how to write culminating experience report cer
How to write Culminating Experience report (CER)
  • We observed coming problems
  • New instructions posted
    • http://www.cs.sfsu.edu/grad/writing_cpr.html
graduate seminar series formerly pernet
Graduate seminar series – formerly PERNET
  • Focus on taking this in one semester (your first or second)
  • Excellent way to broaden up, learn, get an idea for MS thesis and meet/hear great people
  • Need 10 stickers (can compensate with attending graduate seminars talks in other semesters)
  • Very exciting speakers coming
694 893 co op
694/893 – co-op
  • For foreign students: counts as an elective
  • Foreign students have limit of 30 units, so be careful how you use them – 694/893 counts
  • 694/893 can not be taken if:
    • All electives are compelled
    • Student working on a thesis
    • 694/893 would delay the graduation
    • Policy updated to limit work to 20 h/week during Fall/Spring semesters http://cs.sfsu.edu/forms/student%20forms/893-694%20Course%20Requirments.pdf
practical training foreign students
Practical training – foreign students
  • Must have GPA > 3
  • Must not delay graduation
  • Thesis practical training will be harder to justify
  • Post-completion practical training can start only when the thesis is completed
  • Starting work under practical training before graduation is not advisable and not good for you!
  • New process:
    • http://www.cs.sfsu.edu/forms/student%20forms/opt_cpt_letter_instructions.html
csc 895 898
CSC 895/898
  • Please follow the schedule for all the related forms, like GAP, Human Subjects etc. – they need to be done well before you are registering for 895
  • Foreign students – watch the reduced load etc. – need to get a form approving reduced load
  • OIP issues – we do not easily approve starting outside jobs before the thesis is complete
  • One page with all the info
    • http://www.cs.sfsu.edu/forms/aboutculminatingproject.html
english requirements
English requirements
  • Important to have English proficiency for both engineering and R&D careers
  • We improved ways to satisfy it (did not make it easier to pass the exams…)
    • http://www.cs.sfsu.edu/grad/grad_program.html
study abroad with fulda university
Study Abroad with Fulda University
  • Very important for your careers
  • Fun…
  • Please apply
    • http://cs.sfsu.edu/news/SFSUFulda.htm
other stuff
Other stuff
  • “Biology for CS” is now is prereq for “Bioinformatics Computing”
  • Policy on cheating and plagiarism will be strictly enforced – (students are getting inventive…)
    • http://www.cs.sfsu.edu/plagarism.html
  • Get involved with ACM
    • http://acm.sfsu.edu/joomla/
two new faculties
Two new faculties
  • Prof. Hui Yang, Ohio State: Data Mining
  • Prof. Kaz Okada, Siemens Research (Ph. D. from USC): imaging, AI
    • http://cs.sfsu.edu/news/TwoNewAssistProfFall2006.htm
some project ideas people
Some project ideas/people
  • DB/UI/Applications in biology and bioinformatics and CLS area: Profs. Singh, Yoon, Petkovic)
  • DB Tools, Multimedia databases: profs. Murphy, Singh, Petkovic
  • Visulisation/Graphics: prof. Yoon
  • WWW Applications, Community applications: Prof. Levine
  • Performance, WWW, Info Retrieval: Prof. Dujmovic
  • Algorithms, compilers, WWW search: Profs. Wong, Dujmovic
  • Distributed Systems, Open Source: Prof. Puder
  • Multimedia sound, music: Prof. Hsu
  • Data Mining : Prof. Yang
  • Imaging, AI: Prof. Okada
  • Machine learning, AI for Bio: prof. Buturovic (Adjunct)
tentative list of grad courses for spring 2007
TENTATIVE list of grad courses for Spring 2007

745810835840842845857868867875870 Comp. Geometry, with Math ?869 NEW Data Mining