Tips that will make you go buy a silver jewelry right now
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Tips that will make you go buy a silver jewelry right now - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tips that will make you go buy a silver jewelry right now

Tips that will make you go buy a silver jewelry right now

There is a lovely collection of jewelries in almost every store in a mall nearby. However, do you know

how to differentiate a true and a fake jewelry? Below I have highlighted some of the jewelry and how to

know they are real.

Sterling silver jewelry –Since it has 92.5% of silver coins and the remaining percent of alloy along with

copper. It will be easy to use a magnet. Magnet tends not to attract shiny non ferrous elements like

silver items.

Sterling silver Necklace-Real jewelry is always stamped with either 925 or S925 marks on it. These signs

are pure marks that indicate that they contain 92.5 % silver. However, if they are not present, it does

not mean they are fake. They are fake if you cannot locate an official stamp on them.

Designer silver jewelry. Real designer silver jewelry should not smell. However, if it does smell then it is

a good indication that it is not real?

Blood vial necklace-It has a glass vial that does not crack. Moreover it has the texture of real blood.

Love heart jewelry-You should buy from someone who crafts them. That way you will not deal with the


Men’s silver bracelets-It is advisable that you ask the owner of the shop you are buying to conduct a

nitric acid. If it real it will not lose its color.

Glass bottle pendant- I would recommend you buys them from those people who handcrafts them and

not from the shop.

Love in vein- You should know how they feel and their weight too. Most of these sterling products are


Sterling silver locket.-The price you paid while buying it should be an indication if it is real or not. Heart

shaped silver locket are always expensive compared to other items. If the deal seems too good to be

true then it means that they are fake items. Moreover if it smells it only means it has a higher percent of

copper than the required.

Sterling silver pendant.-You can test its purity by using a white cloth. You should rub your cloth against

it. Probably a black mark will appear. If it does not appear then you should know that it is fake. A black

mark appears because 925 silver exhibits the properties of oxidizing. In addition when exposed in an

open air.