Varieties of Samsung phones
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Varieties of Samsung phones

Samsung Galaxy (stylized as SAMSUNG Galaxy, antecedently Samsung GALAXY) may be a series of

mobile computing devices designed, factory-made and marketed by Samsung natural philosophy.

Samsung Galaxy devices have historically used the golem software system created by Google,

sometimes with a custom computer program referred to as bit champion. This tradition was broken at

CES 2016 with the announcement of the primary Galaxy-branded Windows ten devices, the Samsung

Tab prof S.

Samsung Galaxy Note is a golem smartphone created by Samsung natural philosophy. Disclosed at IFA

Berlin 2011, it had been initially discharged in FRG in late October 2011, with alternative countries

following subsequently. The new Samsung note was distinguished by remarkably massive kind factor

later named mistreatment the term "phablet" which straddled the dimensions of the typical

smartphone at the time, which of a tiny low tablet: it options a 5.3-inch show, and is bundled with a

stylus branded because the "S Pen", which may be wont to navigate the devices computer program, and

write or attract supported apps.


Several totally different model variants of the Galaxy Note were oversubscribed, with most variants

differing solely in support for regional network sorts and bands. In some regions, the Exons system-on-

chip was substituted for a Qualcomm flower S3 model, whereas an LTE-capable model was

oversubscribed in North America that conjointly contains noticeable style changes.

Galaxy Note

At IFA Berlin in 2011, Samsung phones online proclaimed the initial Galaxy Note. whereas some media

shops questioned the viability of the device because of its 5.3-inch (135-mm) screen (which was, at the

time, thought-about very giant for a phone), the speed of its one.4 gigahertz dual-core processor, and

also the benefits of such an outsized screen size. The Galaxy Note was an advert success: free Oct 2011,

Samsung proclaimed in December 2011, that the Galaxy Note had sold-out one million units in 2


Galaxy Note 8

The new Samsung galaxy note was initial indirectly declared on 24 October 2016 through an

announcement of an exchange program for the Galaxy Note seven in Asian nation, wherever customers

might replace their recalled device with a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge and so replace that device for a

reduced Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note eight once those devices are obtainable. This announcement

conjointly acted because the reveal that the Note line had not been for good interrupted, despite some

analysts recommending it following the termination of the Galaxy Note 7.