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hyperbaric chamber Los Angeles

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At Revision, we provide Class 4 laser therapy, spinal decompression, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), GameReady cyrotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, trigger point therapy, nutritional and fitness advice. Dr. Tang will customize your treatment program to help you optimize your health goals.

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Five Advantages of HyperbaricOxygen

The concept of the Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy has come in existence in last couple of years. This is one of the therapies that have evolved along the therapies like spinal decompression and others. These techniques are not only useful in treating different ailments but also prove to be beneficial for resolving the complications related to traumatic injuries and others. IN simple words the concept of hyperbaric oxygen therapy Los Angelescan be described as the use of the medical oxygen gas at higher atmosphericpressure.

The normal breathing process uses the oxygen that is 80% of nitrogen and 20% of oxygen but in this therapy the 100% oxygen is used at the twice of the atmospheric pressure. This increased pressure is supposed to help in dissolving the oxygen at more concentration as compared with the normal conditions. The concentration level of oxygen in the blood plasma after hyperbaric treatment is 10 times more than the usual level. This increased level is supposed to bring in many benefits for thepatients.

The five advantages of the hyperbaric chamber Los Angeles treatments that make it stand out from the other therapies are asbelow:

The use of the hyperbaric treatment chamber for infusing the oxygen at double atmospheric pressure increases the oxygen concentration of the body at larger level. The blood plasma concentration of the oxygen is said to increase by 10 times. This helps in improving the oxygen concentration for all the body tissues. This helps in increasing the oxygen level of the tissues with reduced or no blood flow atall.
  • This therapy is considered for stimulating the growth of fresh blood cells within the body and help in improving the blood circulation which is not possible otherwise. It is even supportive in increasing the blood flow to the areas with arterial blockage. The increased atmospheric pressure helps oxygen in reaching the areas where it is difficult to approach in normalconditions.
  • Studies carried over the patients suggests that this therapy is beneficial as it triggers the rebound arterial dilation which is responsible for the increase in blood vessel diameter which results in improved blood flow to the deterred organs. This is considered as the advantage of the therapy for treating the patients with traumatic injuries and other complicated conditions where the oxygen supply for the organs I reducedconsiderably.
  • The patients undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatments are known to have the increase in the antioxidant producer SOD(superoxide dismutase ) which helps in increasingthestimuliforenhancedantioxidantsandremovalofthefreeradicals
  • from thebody.
  • Increased oxygenated environment of the body is also one of the factors that helps in slowing down the growth of the cancer cells this not only reduces the chances of development of the carcinogenic cells but also tend to initiate the cell death mechanism in the cancercells.
  • This therapy is available in two ways one for the common public with no prescription from the doctors. In this condition the small pressure is utilized for administering oxygen that gives many health benefits and the other way is treatment under the medical supervision which is carried out at higerpressure.