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Honors Biology 2013-2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Honors Biology 2013-2014

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Honors Biology 2013-2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Honors Biology 2013-2014
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  1. Honors Biology2013-2014 Miss Hanna

  2. Welcome • About me: • From Philadelphia Pennsylvania • Went to Florida State University (Go Noles!) on an diving athletic and academic scholarship • Will be my 4th year teaching at PPHS • Teaching style

  3. Intro to the Classroom • What can you find here • Numbers • Class sets of books • Clickers • Baskets and paper pick up

  4. What is Biology? • What do you think we will be talking about this year?

  5. What to Expect • Syllabus

  6. Day in the Life… • Every day when you come in you will be expected to CHECK THE BOARD! • Journal • Get your binder and start writing your response as soon as you come in • You’ll be expected to share your responses with others so take the time to write something worth while. Its okay to be wrong here.

  7. Day in the Life… • Notes • You are in school. Be prepared to take notes daily. • I will give you time at the end of class to work and talk with others. The quicker and more efficiently we get through my information, the faster you get to have time for yourselves. • Throughout the year I will teach you good note taking skills

  8. Day in the Life… • Labs • On days that we are not taking notes we will be engaged in labs • We will be doing a lot of hands on activities for you to reinforce the information you learned from lectures • The better behaved you are during labs the more we will be able to do • I am very strict when it comes to behavior during labs; you mess up = you lose privileges

  9. Day in the Life… • Review/Work Time • I understand that you have social lives outside of school so I give you time in class to get work done • At the end of most days you will have time to work with each other to start homework, catch up on missed work, review topics, get help from me, etc. • If I see that you are not using this time for these purposes, I will make assume you do not need the time and then will make notes last from bell to bell

  10. Why are you here? • This will be a tough course • It will only be as fun as you make it • If you are not interested in doing work or do not feel you are capable of moving at an accelerated pace- please see your guidance councilor now and leave this course

  11. Summary… • Rule 1: Come to class prepared

  12. Summary… • Rule 2: Every day you should do the following:

  13. Summary…

  14. Summary… • ASK QUESTIONS… chances are someone else has the same one!

  15. Summary… • Rule 3: Sidebar Conversations

  16. Summary… • Rule 4: Put it away.

  17. Summary… • Put your name and class period ON ALL OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS

  18. Summary… • Rule 6: Stay in seat until you are dismissed. DO NOT STAND BY THE DOOR!!!

  19. Looking Forward to a Great Year • Any comments or concerns?

  20. Tomorrow • Assign Seats • Polar Bear Dilemma