Its all about me
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Its All About Me!. Johnkeelah Smiley Period 06 CCC. You Should Know.

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Its all about me

Its All About Me!

Johnkeelah Smiley

Period 06 CCC

You should know
You Should Know

  • My name is Johnkeelah A. Smiley. I have a second middle name but I don’t use it. I’ve lived in Florida every since I could remember, though I moved around quite a bit. Im in the 9th grade and I attend Coral Gables Senior High.


  • Snakes

  • The color yellow

  • Technology

  • My phone

  • Nail polish

  • Mickey Mouse


  • Onions

  • Spicy foods

  • Bugs (of any kind)

  • Wilderness

  • Soap operas

  • Rain

My family
My Family...

  • I have 4 brothers

  • I have 2 sisters

  • My parents are separated. My mom name is Erica. My father name is John

  • All of my grandparents are alive.

  • I have 3 aunts and 1 uncle (on my mom’s side)

  • I have 7 cousins

The extended family
The Extended Family

  • I consider my dog, Khandy, to be apart of my family

  • My best friend of 7 years is like a sister to me

  • My boyfriend is already apart of my family and we treat him as though he were

  • I love Brandi “B Gutta” Troup!

When i grow up
When I Grow Up??

When I was little I’ve always dreamed of becoming a teacher, but as a grew older I found a new interest that convinced me to change my mind

Technology started advancing and I became fascinated with it. I loved the new computers and the new phones.

Now I know that I want to pursue a career in technology or even business, computers, or something evolving both.

In my spare time i
In my spare time I…

I love to read Triple crown Publications

I love to run and work out

I love to eat in my spare time

Go to the movies or stay home invite people over and have a movie night

I love talking on the phone and texting.

I love shopping