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Treating Canine Panic Attacks PowerPoint Presentation
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Treating Canine Panic Attacks

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Treating Canine Panic Attacks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dog owners sadly don’t realize about the behavior of their furry companions is the threat they face from panic attacks caused due to different forms of anxieties.

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Treating Canine Panic Attacks

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    treating canine panic attacks

    Treating Canine Panic Attacks

    Dog parents go to unimaginable extents for ensuring that their beloved

    companions are protected from pain or suffering of any kind. They sacrifice

    their personal outings in order to ensure that their Fido’s are never left

    alone. Not only this, they even go on to ignore their basic needs like taking

    rest following office hours in order to go out and play with their canines

    which pleases our friends to no end.

    However, one important factor which dog owners sadly don’t realize about

    the behavior of their furry companions is the threat they face from panic

    attacks caused due to different forms of anxieties. Dogs suffering from

    noise anxiety attempt to bark hide or scratch

    noise anxiety attempt to bark hide or scratch at locked doors in order to

    obtain some relief from loud noises like ambulance sirens or even

    firecrackers and can get hurt badly in the process of hiding themselves.

    A dog that is battling separation anxiety can never be locked inside the

    house even for a short period of time as he may perceive it as a sign of

    being abandoned going on to destroy the house in order to find you at any

    cost. Such forms of anxiety are common amongst dogs that have been

    abandoned by their owners or families previously. Another common form

    of anxiety is Travel Anxiety where dogs exhibit a sense of panic or

    discomfort when expected to travel in uncommon forms of transport like

    cars or airplanes. Last but not the least; dogs are also affected by

    confinement anxiety which is caused in case dogs are forcibly instructed to

    reside within confined spaces. This is usually the case as dogs are more

    attuned genetically to living out in the open where they can stretch their

    legs and run around all day.

    Some of the most common symptoms exhibited by dogs suffering from

    panic attacks include trembling, panting, hiding and barking, shaking,

    whining, chewing paws, aggressive growling and dilated pupils. They are

    also unduly aggressive against their dog parents or even visitors as they

    perceive them to be potential threats capable of causing serious harm.

    Treating your dog’s mentality in such a scenario can prove to be a

    challenge. However, there are different measures which can be undertaken

    to treat a canine who is suffering from panic attacks:

    Take him to a Vet as soon as possible:

    It is necessary to get an informedopinion from a vet who enjoys experience

    in such cases for diagnosing the best method of treating such panic attacks.

    It is not necessary that the dog’s aggressive reactions are interlinked with a

    panic attack and may prove to be a reaction to a different stimulus. In

    several cases, a dog’s reactions may even be interlinked to a bad experience

    encountered as a child resulting in a defensive mentality.

    Attempt to Increase his Confidence:

    A dog is much less likely to react with fear in different situations if he

    considers himself confident enough to tackle them. A dog parent should

    attempt to boost his furry companion’s confidence by interacting with him

    on a regular basis playing with him giving

    on a regular basis, playing with him, giving him treats on a frequent basis in

    case of good behavior so that he backs himself to react appropriately in

    different conditions. Such gestures of love and affection are bound to

    increase his confidence and reduce the chances of facing a panic attack.

    Ensure an active, exercise-rich lifestyle for your Fido:

    Your pet is less likely to entertain any negative thoughts or encourage fear

    to overpower his mind if he does not have the energy to do so. One should

    ensure a regular lifestyle which is full of strenuous exercises for your dog

    so that the mind is completely relaxed with the body exerted sufficiently as


    Take the medicinal route out:

    In certain cases, it is encouraged to consider the utilization of herbal and

    homeopathic medicines capable of delivering quick and effective results for

    your dog. At the same time, it is not advised to pursue a course of medicine

    not recommended by your vet. A pet owner should design a schedule which

    contains appropriate information over the necessary dosage and the

    different intervals involved.

    Covering him up in comfortable clothing:

    One can also aid in reducing the anxiety levels by wrapping the dog up in

    comfortable, well-fitting clothes like Thundershirt especially around the

    abdomen and chest. At the same time, it is necessary to guide your loyal

    Fido with the regard to the correct procedure of wearing, removing the

    shirt so that he does not injure himself needlessly.

    It is advisable to undertake the above-mentioned measures in order to

    protect your loyal companion from a panic attack which if not handled

    appropriately could prove to fatal in nature.