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Pythons. By Student Name May 16, 2011. Size of the Python.

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By Student Name

May 16, 2011

size of the python
Size of the Python

Pythons can get up to 30 feet long yet the only one recorded that is the biggest is 28 feet long. They have very wide body's and huge muscles that help them constrict their prey and kill it. They are the gentle giants of the snakes so don’t let their size fool you they are beautiful and sweet animals. Also their massive size doesn’t slow them at all, that is in the water. Their huge tail can propel them through the water pretty quickly.

different types of pythons
Different types of Pythons

There are hundreds of different species of pythons, for instants there is the Burmese, the Ball, the yellow belly, and the green tree python. These are just some of the many types of Pythons, that live many different places except the united states. All of the types of pythons constrict their prey though and none of them are venomous.

the many different colors
The Many Different Colors

There a many different colors of pythons. Such as black, brown, green, yellow, red, and even white. The albino, or white snake is become common with breeders but the only way to breed a white snake is to cross breed to different species. The cool thing about snakes is instead of talking one gene from one parent they get a blended gene and that’s how they become white.


Pythons love damp forests or anything were they can swim or climb would be suitable. Pythons Usually live in Africa, South America, And on some tropical islands. Pythons need a lot of room because of their sheer size and strength.


Pythons have a huge diet from Mice to antelope. The reason that they can swallow such big animals is that their bottom jaw isn’t connected to the upper jaw so muscles in the head help their mouth expand and it is able to swallow things that are 10 times bigger than their head. So with this said pythons will eat anything that won’t eat them.


These animals have set so many record from size records to largest animal swallowed records ext. even worlds most aggressive python but one thing they all have a reputation for in the record book is speed. These guys can snatch a prey and constrict It before you could blink your eyes. These guys are truly amazing.

pet python
Pet Python

These animals make great pets and will love their owners and will rarely if not will never attack their owners. They are good for anyone unless you are afraid of snakes. They are independent but still love to play with you and are good with kids over the age of 5. Pythons in captivity usually like their food dead prey but will eat live to.

body features
Body Features

There are a bunch of incredible features of a python but the one that amazes me is that they can separate their upper and bottom jaw to swallow huge prey like deer, or antelope. They also have muscles going all the way down their body to push their prey down since the swallow them whole. Those muscles also help constrict their

python s body language
Python’s Body Language

It is sometimes important to know about their body language. Why, because they will show signs of hunger which means you should feed them or the might attack in desperation of food if their not tamed. Also they give signs of when they are going to strike like they will coil up and hiss and will also form S’s with their body. On other sign is if their sick they won’t eat or be active. Those are some of the body language that they give out.


Green Tree Python

Yellow Belly Python

Ball Python

Burmese Python

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