i names of health care organizations and medical personnel l.
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I. Names of Health Care Organizations and Medical Personnel PowerPoint Presentation
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I. Names of Health Care Organizations and Medical Personnel

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I. Names of Health Care Organizations and Medical Personnel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I. Names of Health Care Organizations and Medical Personnel. I-1. Names of Health Care Organizations : 卫生部: Ministry of Public Health 国家医药管理局: State Administration of Medicine and Drugs 国家中医药管理局: State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine 爱国卫生运动委员会: Patriotic Health Campaign

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i names of health care organizations and medical personnel
I. Names of Health Care Organizations and Medical Personnel

I-1. Names of Health Care Organizations :

卫生部:Ministry of Public Health

国家医药管理局: State Administration of Medicine and Drugs

国家中医药管理局:State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

爱国卫生运动委员会:Patriotic Health Campaign

省卫生厅:Provincial Department of Health

市卫生局:Municipal Bureau of Health

中国医学科学院:Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

中医研究院:Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

中华医学会:Chinese Medical Association (CMA)

中华全国中医学会:All-China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

中华中西医结合研究会:All-China Society on Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and

Western Medicine

中华药学会:Chinese Pharmaceutical Association

中华护理学会:Chinese Nurse’s Association (CAN)

卫生防疫站:public health center; epidemiologic and sanitary station


卫生检疫所:quarantine service县(区)医院:county (district) hospital乡(街道)医院:township (community) health center综合门诊所:polyclinic门诊所:ambulatorium

(学校、机关、工厂等的)医务室:infirmary; clinic

总医院:general hospital

中医院:hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

结核病医院:tuberculosis hospital; hospital for tuberculosis

传染病医院:infection hospital; hospital for infectious (or communicable) diseases

精神病医院:mental hospital; psychiatrical hospital

脑科医院:brain hospital

麻风医院:leprosy hospital; leprosarium

口腔医院:hospital of stomatology

牙科医院:dental hospital

胸科医院: chest hospital

儿童医院:children’s hospital

妇女医院:women’s hospital

妇产科医院:hospital for obstetrics and gynecology

产院: maternity hospital

妇幼保健所:women and children health care institution

急救站:first aid station

救护站:ambulance service

blood transfer center affiliated hospital teaching hospital field hospital base hospital
血站(输血中心):blood transfer center附属医院:affiliated hospital教学医院:teaching hospital野战医院:field hospital后方医院:base hospital

药学院:college of pharmacy

医学研究中心:medical research center

研究所:institute 研究室:research section

(血吸虫病)防治研究所:institute for prevention and treatment of (schistosomiasis)

皮肤病研究所:institute of dermatology

性病防治中心:center for STD control and research

药品检验所:institute for drug control

疗养院:sanitarium; sanatorium

修养所:convalescence station; rest home

康复中心:rehabilitation center

中国医疗队:Chinese medical team

中国红十字会:Red Cross Society of China

世界卫生组织:WHO (World Health Organization)

世界卫生组织西太区办事处:WHO Regional Office for Western Pacific

联合国儿童基金会:United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

联合国人口活动基金:United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA)

I-2. 医院科室名称

问讯处:information; inquiry

挂号处:registration office

候诊室:reception room; waiting room

门诊部:out-patient department (O. P. D.) 门诊病人:out-patient

住院部:in-patient department 住院病人: in-patient

住院处:admission office

出院处:discharge office

病例统计室:record and statistic room

院部办公室:administration office of the hospital

医务部:department of medical administration (affairs)

医教部:department of teaching and medical administration

护理部:nursing department


(central, biochemsitry, hematology, bacteriology, serology, virology, immunology, routine) laboratory

病理科:department of pathology

X线室(科):X-ray room (department)


药房:pharmacy; dispensary血库:blood bank中心消毒供应室:central sterile and supply unit外科:department of surgery普通外科:general surgery矫形外科:orthopedics

骨科:bone surgery


血管外科:vascular surgery

头颈外科:head and neck surgery

泌尿外科:urological surgery

整形(再造)外科:plastic (and reconstructive) surgery

胸外科:thoracic (or chest) surgery


脑外科:brain surgery

颌面外科:facio-maxillary surgery

小儿外科:pediatric surgery

麻醉科:department of anesthesia

内科:department of internal medicine

心血管科:division of cardiology

心内科:division of cardiology

呼吸内科:division of respiratory diseases


消化内科:division of digestive diseases (or gastroenterology)肾内科:division of renal diseases (or nephrology)内分泌代谢科:division of endocrine and metabolic diseases神经精神内科:department of neuroloy and psychiatry血液科:division of hematology

传染病科:department of infectious (or communicable) diseases

小儿科:department of pediatrics

妇产科:department of obstetrics and gynecology

眼科:department of ophthalmology

耳鼻喉(五官)科:department of otorhinolaryngology (E. N. T.)

口腔科:department of stomatology

牙科:department of dentistry

皮肤(性病)科:department of dermatology and venereology (or STD)

放射科: department of radiology

中医科:department of Traditional Chinese Medicine

针灸科:department of acupuncture and moxibustion

理疗科:department of physiotherapy

康复科:department of rehabilitation

放疗科:department of radiotherapy

老年病学科:department of geriatrics

保健科:staff health clinic


病房:ward加强治疗病房:intensive care (or therapy) unit (I. C. U.)冠心病抢救病房:coronary care unit (or ward) (C. C. U.)产科病房:obstetric ward; delivery ward; maternity ward新生儿抢救病房:neonatal intensive care ward

医生办公室:doctor’s office

护士办公室:nurse’s office

治疗室:therapeutic room

手术室:operation theatre; operation room

更衣室:changing room

洗手间:scrub room

麻醉间:anesthesia room

苏醒间:recovery room

消毒室:sterilizing room

营养科:nutrition department

急诊科:emergency clinic; accident and emergency unit; casualty

注射室:injection room

换药室:dressing room

门诊手术室:minor operation theatre

I-3. 医疗行政人员和医务人员的职务及名称

部长(副部长):minister (vice-minister)

厅长;局长:director; director-general



(研究所)所长:director; president

院长:director of the hospital; executive director; chief executive officer

办公室主任:head of administrative office

行政处主任:director of administration

医务处主任:head of medical services

医教部主任:head of teaching and medical affairs

护理部主任:head of nursing department; director of nursing


总务处处长:chief of supporting services

…科主任:head (or chairman) of … department

专家:specialist; expert

主任医师:chief doctor(or physician) 副主任医师:


顾问医师:consultant主治医师:visiting (attending) doctor住院医师:resident; house staff住院总医师:chief resident见习生:extern; clinical clerk实习医生:intern







结核科医师:doctor for tuberculosis

传染科医师: doctor for infectious diseases

神经科医师:neurologist; neuropathist





泌尿外科医师:urologist; urological doctor

神经外科医师:neurosurgeon; neurosurgical doctor

胸外科医师:doctor of thoracic surgery; chest surgeon


矫形外科医师:orthopedician; orthopedic surgeon整形外科医师:plastic surgeon口腔外科医师:oral surgeon麻醉科医师:anesthetist; anesthesiologist儿科医师:pediatrician; pediatrist



眼科医师:ophthalmologist; eye doctor

耳鼻喉科医师:otorhinolaryngologist; E. N. T. Doctor


牙科医师:dentist; dental surgeon

放射科医师:radiologist; roentgenologist




医士:assistant doctor

医助:medical assistant


药剂士:assistant pharmacist

技师:technologist 主管技师:superintending technologist

X线技士:X-ray technician

midwife laboratory technologist laboratory technician registered nurse assistant nurse
助产士:midwife化验师:laboratory technologist化验员:laboratory technician注册护士:registered nurse助理护士: assistant nurse

实习护士:student nurse; probationer


卫生医师: hygienist; public health medical officer


普通医生:general practitioner

乡村医生:rural doctor



副教授:associate professor

讲师:lecturer; instructor


导师:advisor; tutor

学位:academic degree

doctor medical doctor master bachelor post doctoral fellow visiting scholar
医学博士:doctor (medical doctor)硕士:master学士:bachelor博士后研究生:post-doctoral fellow访问学者:visiting scholar

医学基础课:preclinical medicine

临床课:clinical medicine

临床实习:clinical practice

进修:refresher course

医疗事故:medical negligence 医疗纠纷:medical tangle