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Swartz & Swartz - Boston Reputed Legal Law Firm PowerPoint Presentation
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Swartz & Swartz - Boston Reputed Legal Law Firm

Swartz & Swartz - Boston Reputed Legal Law Firm

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Swartz & Swartz - Boston Reputed Legal Law Firm

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  1. Introduction Swartz & Swartz, P.C., located in the heart of downtown Boston on the historic Freedom Trail, is one of this nation’s most respected trial law firms. Our team of pre-eminent Boston lawyers and advocates represents victims in a broad range of civil litigation matters, serving as chief trial counsel in scores of million-dollar, record-setting landmark cases. If you need a personal injury, wrongful death, or medical malpractice attorney who will fight for your rights no matter what the odds, call the Boston, Massachusetts office of Swartz & Swartz, P.C. at (617) 742-1900, or toll-free at 1-800-545-3732. You may also send us a short description of your unique situation using our contact us page.

  2. Our Practice Area • Aircraft Accidents • Automotive Defects • Car Accidents • Catastrophic Injuries • Construction Site Accidents • Contract & Business Litigation • Employment Litigation • False Claims Act, Qui Tam & Whistle Blower Claims • Fire & Burn Injuries • Home and Workplace Accidents • Inadequate Security Litigation • Medical Malpractice • Day-care Abuse and Neglect • Elderly Abuse Litigation • Personal Injury • Product Liability • Railroad Accidents • Recreational Vehicle Accidents • Sexual Abuse Litigation • Traumatic Brain Injury • Wrongful Death

  3. Aircraft Accidents Lawyer We handle aircraft accident cases that occur on both commercial and private planes. Our Boston injury lawyers represent clients in cases involving catastrophic injury or death arising from aircraft accidents caused by pilot error and airplane defects. Learn more about our experience in these complex cases.

  4. Car Accidents Lawyer Automobile and other motor vehicle accidents are among the most common causes of death and injury in our country. Remedies after car accidents are readily available with a Swartz & Swartz injury lawyer protecting your rights.

  5. Automotive Defect Lawyer Catastrophic injuries and deaths on roadways can occur due to an automobile defect. Automobile and motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors and dealerships have a responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are safe. When they fail and car accidents occur, a Swartz & Swartz injury lawyer can help.

  6. Personal Injury Lawyer A personal injury claim, whether it involves a car or truck, consumer product, or medical error, means any incident where a person has been injured or killed (“wrongful death”) because someone or something (such as a business) was negligent.

  7. Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer When a sudden head impact or trauma occurs, brain injury can result. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have be chronic, and have a significant impact on a victim’s life.

  8. Wrongful Death Lawyer Wrongful death causes are often complex and result in significant damages. If a loved one in your family has been killed as a result of third-party negligence or wrongful acts, you need to get legal help to manage your case and understand your rights. Contact a Boston wrongful death lawyer at Swartz & Swartz, P.C. today for more information and advice.

  9. Sexual Abuse Litigation If you or your family has been adversely affected due to an incident involving sexual abuse, please contact us. We are here to answer your questions and discuss how you can protect your legal rights. To learn more about what we can do for you, arrange a confidential appointment with one of the sexual abuse litigators in our Boston office by calling (617) 742-1900, or toll-free at (800) 545-3732.

  10. Employment Litigation Employment litigation can involve a variety of disputes between an employer and employee, including disputes related to wrongful termination and discrimination.

  11. Catastrophic Injury Lawyer A catastrophic injury typically has long-lasting affects over the course of a lifetime. Such injuries include brain injuries, paralysis, burn injuries, and other conditions that affect daily living or that cause permanent disabilities requiring ongoing medical care.

  12. Qui Tam & Whistle Blower Claims Qui Tam or “whistleblower” lawsuits are brought by individuals on behalf of the government to protect the general public from fraud and abuse by private entities. For example, an employee might discover wrongdoing during the course of employment. Laws are in place to protect workers who come forward and reveal fraudulent activity engaged in by supervisors or management and a Swartz & Swartz lawyer can help to make whistleblower claims

  13. You can find me at: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram • Any Questions? Contact Us: 617.742.1900