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  1. Richwood,WV

  2. Do you know if Richwood has an Airport ? Yes , Richwood does have an Airport . Yes , It is a real Airport . Yes , even twin engine planes can land here At 3,360 long , this is the longest runway in Nicholas County.

  3. RICHWOOD MUNICIPAL AIRPORT • 3i4 FAA Designator • 6 miles West of RICHWOOD , WV. • ELEVATION 2486FT • CTAF:122.9 MHZ • Runway 3360ft x 60 • Runways 10 & 28 • Runway is paved.

  4. Richwood Municipal Airport is a General Aviation Airport

  5. The City Merry on the Banks of the Cherry ! • The City of Richwood was founded in 1901. • The Richwood Airport was founded by a group of local pilots in the late 1950’s and through the generous donation of the land by the Glenn Spencer Family. • The necessary landscaping was preformed by volunteers using equipment loaned by local Coal Mining company.

  6. We have been making changes. This is our office building. We now have Vinyl siding and a new deck.We have also added a communications tower for our base station radio .Plans include enlarging the deck.

  7. We are just finishing a new hanger.

  8. We have a need to expand. • We currently have about 7 full time aircraft based at the Airport at the present time. There is only hanger space for three Aircraft. With the addition of the new Hanger , we can add one more to the number of planes that can be protected from the elements by parking them in a hanger • .

  9. Why should the City / County be concerned? • We as citizens of Richwood/Nicholas county need to support the Airport because no Community has ever went forward without an Airport. Very often its fellows like these in the photo that keep and Airport open and active . Without these sport fliers many a Airport would no longer exsit.

  10. Many Airports in the State came from the Federal Government after WWII when many training Fields were turned over to the Cities.Lets look at some of the Airports around this part of the State.

  11. Can you tell which one is Richwood Municipal Airport?The bottom right is Beckley, upper right is Summersville, lower left is Braxton and upper left is Richwood.

  12. What is the next step towards improvement? • To understand what can be done to improve our Airport, lets look at what other Airports in the State have done. • According to the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS), Braxton Airport has received under the Airport Improvement Plan (A.I.P),$4.2million,Summersville $473,684,Beckley $10.5million,Elkins $5.4 million. All of these Airports received this funding from the federal government over the last 5 years.

  13. What can be done to allow us to qualify for these kind of funds? • In order to receive the NPAIS grants we must first meet several standards. • We are working towards those standards year by year. For the most part the Richwood Airport has been neglected by local Government.

  14. Where has our funding been coming from? • In the past we have not been receiving any funding from the City of Richwood. With exception of Insurance. Some of the Pilots at times have paid the power and water bills out of there own pockets in order to keep the Airport open. We have received some donations from SMR Technologies and some donations from attendance at our “FLY-Ins”.

  15. What is happening currently? • Currently we are happy to report that we are receiving some basic funding from the Nicholas County Commission. • Currently we are receiving monthly Hanger fees that is allowing us to pay our bills on time. • We are just finishing a new hanger that will add a little more income for us to operate on.

  16. What is in the future for the Richwood Municipal Airport ? • The answer to that question is up to you We currently have a group of individuals working for the betterment of the Richwood municipal Airport. This group is working very hard to maximize what funding we are currently developing. We could use your help. We are constantly looking for volunteers to help with projects at the Airport.

  17. Here are some examples of projects we are doing at the Airport • There is always some grass mowing to do. • Painting of the office building and Airport signs is an on going project. • General maintenance of the existing Hangers. • Construction of new “T” hangers . • Sealing of pavement at the Aircraft Parking area • Replacement of Tie-down ropes for the airplanes. • Replacement of windsocks, runway light bulbs.

  18. Won’t you be a part of this project? • Many people in our City are now retired and are in need of “something to do”. • Many of these folks have a lifetime of experiences and skills that could be put to use. • Volunteers can pick their own work schedule. • Airport is located just 6 miles west of City.

  19. Who are we ? • We Are Richwood Airport Authority. • The Staff that makes up the Authority are: • Dorsey Kelley – President • Michael Tyler – Vice President / Secretary • Sam Gwinn – Treasure • John Caudle – Airport Manager • Bob Starcher- City Council member • Matt Tyler – Board Member • Gary Morris - volunteer • Website –