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Book Cafe

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Book Cafe. Hampton Middle School. MaryEllen Hilko: Reading Teacher Kelly Emmett: English Teacher Esther Andrle: Librarian. Purpose of the Cafe. encourages reading by offering students choice and ownership in a book they have selected

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Book Cafe

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    1. Book Cafe Hampton Middle School MaryEllen Hilko: Reading TeacherKelly Emmett: English TeacherEsther Andrle: Librarian

    2. Purpose of the Cafe • encourages reading by offering students choice and ownership in a book they have selected • provides the opportunity for students to discuss that book in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with their peers • builds fluency and reader confidence developing lifelong readers • provides the opportunity for students to analyze the novelby writing summaries and critical reviews of the book • exposes students to various genres of literature

    3. 1.1  Learning to Read Independently 1.3  Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 1.4  Types of Writing 1.5  Quality of Writing 1.6  Speaking and Listening Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Reading and Writing

    4. Novel Selection • The librarian provides booktalks on the pre-determined genre and assists students with book selection

    5. Time Provided • Students are asked to bring the café novel to reading and English class each day where time is set aside for silent reading. • Generally 5 –10 minutes in each class, either at the beginning or end of the period, is dedicated to this silent reading project.

    6. Projects • Approximately two weeks after selecting a book, the students are given the project assignment for that particular café. • This project is due one week before the café date. • This project is displayed in the library during the café.

    7. Preparing for the Discussion • Approximately three weeks after selecting a book, the students are asked to answer three questions from a list of six about their book. • These questions are written on a large index card.

    8. Creating discussion groups • During reading class, students complete an index card with the title of the book, author, and genre. This card is given to the teacher and will be later used to group students for discussion at the café.

    9. Writing the Summary • One week prior to the café, all books must be completed. • Students begin writing the summary which is due the day of the café. • Students also write a two-three sentence summary of their book on the same large index card where they previously responded to the three questions

    10. Food for the Cafe • One week prior to the café, students in two or three classes are asked to bring in treats. • Half the students provide breakfast treats and half provide cookies. This is rotated in English and Reading so that students only need to do this for one café.

    11. Teacher Preparation • The day before the café, the treats are “trayed” and covered for the next day. • The library is transformed into the Book Café. The English teacher, reading teacher, and librarian bring in seasonal decorations for the discussion tables and snack area. • Background music is played and student projects are displayed. The Book Café is then enjoyed by all!

    12. The Day of the Cafe • Students who are assigned to the computer lab write the book review online. • Students, who are assigned to the café, meet with their assigned group, get a drink and snack, and begin the book discussion. • Students use their questions and summary statement from the index card to begin their discussion and book sharing. We suggest that the students do not give away the ending of the book in their discussion.

    13. Student Responsibilities • Students bring the café book, summary, and the large index card to both reading and English class • They also choose their favorite passage they would like to share with their group.


    15. After the Cafe • Students will be asked to have two people from their group evaluate their discussion. • Approximately one week after the café, students will select a book for the next café. • One café is held each nine-week period.