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Aeneas scopulumintereaconscendit, et omnemAeneas meanwhile climbs the cliff, and all theprospectum late pelago petit, Antheasiquemview far and wide on the sea seeks, if he should see any (sign of) AntheusiactatumventovideatPhrygiasquebiremis,tossed by the wind and the Phrygian biremes,autCapyn, autcelsis in puppibusarmaCaici.Or Capys, or the weapons of Caicus on the high bows.

Navem in conspectunullam, trislitorecervosNo ship in sight, three stags wandering on the shore185prospicit errantis; hostotaarmentasequunturhe sees; entire herds follow thema tergo, et longum per vallispascituragmen.From the rear, and a long line grazes through the valleys

Constitit hic, arcumquemanucelerisquesagittashe took a stand here, and snatched with his hand the bow and swif arrowscorripuit, fidus quae telagerebatAchates;which faithful Achates was wearing;ductoresqueipsosprimum, capita altaferentisand first the leaders themslves, bearing heads high with190cornibus arboreis, sternit, tumvolgus, et omnemtree-like horns, he lays low, then the herd, and all (of them)miscetagenstelisnemora inter frondeaturbam;he scatters driving the crowd with weapons between the leafy groves;

necpriusabsistit, quam septemingentia victornor does he stop before, (as) victor seven hugecorpora fundathumi, et numerum cum navibusaequet.Bodies he pours to the ground, and matches their number with the ships.Hincportum petit, et sociospartitur in omnes.From here he seeks the port, and divides (the deer) among all his companions.

195Vina bonus quae deinde cadis oneraratAcestesthe wines which the good hero Acestes had then loaded in jars on thelitoreTrinacriodederatqueabeuntibusheros,Sicilian shore and had given to those departing ,dividit, et dictismaerentiapectoramulcet:he distributed, and he soothes their grieving hearts with words: “O socii — neque enim ignari sumus ante malorum—O allies—for neither are we unaware of troubles before—O passi graviora, dabit deus his quoque finem.O (men) having suffered more sever things, god will give an end to these, too.

200 Vos et Scyllaeamrabiempenitusquesonantisyou have both approached the Scyllaean rage and the deeply resoundingaccestisscopulos, vos et Cyclopeasaxacliffs, and you have experienced the Cyclopian rocksexperti: revocateanimos, maestumquetimoremCall back your spirits, and let go of sorrowful fear:mittite: forsan et haecolimmeminisseiuvabit.Perhapsat some time even these things it will be pleasing to remember.

Per varios casus, per tot discriminarerumthe different misfortunes, through so many dangers of things205 tendimus in Latium; sedesubifataquietaswe head into Latium; where the fates show (us) quiet homes;ostendunt; illicfas regna resurgereTroiae.There it is right for the kingdom(s) of Troy to rise again.Durate, et vosmet rebus servatesecundis .”be firm/endure, and save yourselves for favourable conditions/situations.”