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Partnering with YOU

Partnering with YOU

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Partnering with YOU

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  1. Partnering with YOU January 2009

  2. Agenda • Who are We • What partnership brings to you • Why to start teaming up now • Conclusion 2 | Welcome Pack Step 1 | October 2008

  3. 1 Who are We

  4. Alcatel-Lucent at a Glance • Chief Executive Officer: Ben Verwaayen • Executive offices in Paris • Worldwide presence: 130 countries • Annual Revenues: €17.8 billion • Employees: ~77,000 • R&D: €2.7 billion • Active patents held: more than 25,000 • Nobel Prizes won: 6 Ben Verwaayen Chief Executive Officer Market rankings: • #1 in Wireline • #3 in Wireless • #2 in Services • #1 in Europe for Enterprise Communications Solutions

  5. Alcatel-Lucent Activities • Alcatel-Lucent Carrier Business Group Enterprise Business Group Services Business Group World leader in providing solutions to fixed, mobile and convergent service providers - as well as enterprises and governments for their business critical communications. World leader in the competitive transformation of enterprise and government customers by delivering secure, end-to-end business critical communications solutions A leading network integrator with 24.000 network experts providing professional services that encompass the entire network life cycle: consult and design, integrate and deploy, operate and maintain

  6. Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs • : • Boast a technical depth and breadth unrivaled in the communications industry today • 1,200 scientists and researchers • Collaborations with 300+ academic institutions • Global reach with Research Center in 10 countries • €2.7bn spent on R&D per annum • Fundamental and applied researchin wireless, optical, switching fundamentals, mathematics, physical sciences, nanotechnology, computer and software sciences • World-class innovation • New service delivery architectures, platforms, and enablers • Wireline and wireless broadband access • Packet and optical transport and networking • Network and application security • Examples: • Alcatel-Lucent Non Stop Laptop Guardian • Alcatel-Lucent Web Services Gateway • 6 Nobel Prizes • 2 John Tyndall Award, 6 Marconi Awards • 2 Draper Prizes, 28 IEEE Medals of Honor • 12 US Medals of Technology • General Ferrié Award • Benjamin Franklin Medal, Grammy Award • Blondel Committee Medal • Millenium Price top 3 2008 • 25,000 patents

  7. Mission and Vision for the Enterprise Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Group missionLeading the competitive transformation of our enterprise and government customers by delivering secure, end-to-end business critical communications solutions that enable new business generation. Our vision for the dynamic enterpriseThe performance of a company will be linked to its ability to integrate its core assets — network, people, processes and knowledge — with secure always-on communications.

  8. 2 What partnership brings to you

  9. When you win, we win • Alcatel-Lucent views its partners as major players of its overall go-to-market approach • Partnering with Alcatel-Lucent offers a great opportunity to access a broader range of product and solutions that enhance customers’ competitive advantages and improve business performances • The Alcatel-Lucent partnership framework is flexible and scalable to meet with your own evolution and business objectives. It is composed of a choice of clear options and associated benefits • Alcatel-Lucent Partnership is built on creating a mutually beneficial relationship A worldwide presence in 130 countries

  10. Partnership Principles • Recognition • Alcatel-Lucent recognizes and promote its business partners expertise • Expertise • Certified sales, pre-sales and post-sales expertise provides a strong customer differentiator. • Business • Dedicated partner sales and marketing resources provides high level services and support to leverage partner’s investment and develop their business • Services • Extensive end-to-end services and technical support capabilities to partners • Loyalty • By clearly defining respective roles and responsibilities, the partnership opens a fruitful relationship based on mutual loyalty, confidence and assessment

  11. Accessing the broadest while still evolving portfolio in the market UC & Mobility Management Security Network & Application Security IP Telephony Contact Centers Omni Touch Premium CC IP Networking Network Security

  12. Benefiting a complete range of development programs Accreditation and Certification • Company recognition • Expertise development Business support • Dedicated channel resources • Marketing • Programs, incentives • Loyalty program • Sales generation • Communication • Co-marketing • Events and Executive Briefing centers Services • Technical support, • Professional services

  13. 3 • Why to start teaming up now

  14. Helping you in a changing market Some major vendors are in trouble and their customers and partners are having doubt about their choice and their future. We are present in this market for decades and we experience a profitable growth over the last years We don’t believe in forklift upgrade but rather in smooth transition relying on a very strong solution offering covering all kinds of needs We don’t believe in denigration but in respect of other vendors, their customers and their channels We propose to drive a smoother evolution path with Alcatel-Lucent, technically and financially

  15. Easy access to our partner program To help you joining our partner program we are proposing a very easy, cost effective and smooth path No upfront complicated and binding contract but a Memorandum of Understanding to start working together No complicated purchasing conditions but a very simplified pricing structure to access all the portfolio No upfront investment in training but a complete pre-sales, sales admin and post sales support Access to special demo conditions and project pricing support as needed

  16. Our Proposal • Discounts for voice versus Euro WPL • 46% for Sets, SW and specific HW • 71% for common HW • 28% for OEM • Discount for data • 39% for categories A, F (6200/6400) and G (6850/9000) • 30% for category S (OmniAccess routers) • 17,5% for category H (Wireless LAN) • Discounts are service feesinclusive for 3 years • Welcome Bonus • 8% of achievement after 6 months based on sales if achievement is over $100K • Access to existing promotions

  17. Questions you may have • Why to work with ALU instead of other vendors • Most of the other vendors don’t have the same breadth of portfolio as we do • We are in the voice business for decades and we propose a complete set of solutions covering all needs and technologies • The few that are covering the same perimeter are over-distributed and don’t let their partner with good margin • We have a selective approach of distribution valuing long term relationship • Are you really serious about IP Networking • We are in the IP networking business for more than 10 years • We have enjoyed a double-digit growth over the last 3 years • We are shipping more than 1 Million Ethernet port per quarter

  18. 4 Conclusion

  19. Why Partnering with Alcatel-Lucent • Partnering with a strong manufacturer with a long lasting intimacy with the enterprises • A flexible, consistent and scalable framework that meet your evolution and business objectives • A robust and long term partnership based on solid foundations • Accreditation, business supports, services and technical support and a valuable loyalty relationship • Dedicated channels resources and support • A unique access to the largest end-to-end business critical communication solutions • A great value for you and your customers • Market recognition thanks to your qualification skills competencies • Growing your business with financial benefits • A reliable and strong relationship based on agreed mutual responsibilities

  20. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Partner Program offers • World Class End-to-End Solutions • Market Recognition • Competitive offer • Dedicated resources to support our Business Partners • Marketing and services support • Comprehensive Training • We are your Partner • We understand you and your customers needs

  21. 21 | Welcome Pack Step 1 | October 2008