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Gartner G-Cloud Service Definition. Cloud Consulting — Optimising Cloud Licensing. For further information on Gartner support for Cloud initiatives visit: Gartner Service Definition — Optimising Cloud Licensing.

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Gartner g cloud service definition

Gartner G-Cloud Service Definition

Cloud Consulting — Optimising Cloud Licensing

For further information on Gartner support for Cloud initiatives visit:


Gartner service definition optimising cloud licensing
Gartner Service Definition —Optimising Cloud Licensing

Service Description

As organisations move to a cloud and virtualised environment, the complexities around contracting for software licenses becomes increasingly challenging. The vendor market is able to take advantage of this complexity which can result in non-optimised pricing and value for money.

Gartner will review, on behalf of the government client the proposed contracting and licensing models for cloud and virtualised services in order to obtain the most favourable result for the client. This will enable clients to:

  • Obtain most favourable pricing beyond best and final offer

  • Optimise licensing estate

  • Take advantage of current market conditions. To further drive savings

    Project Schedule

  • The project schedule is anticipated to be 12 weeks


  • Gartner will charge a firm fixed price of £100,000 per £5,000,000 license value, excl. VAT, incl. all expenses for this service

  • Key Deliverables

    • Initial assessment examining the appropriateness of the proposed licensing model and potential savings above against current offer from the vendor. If significant savings cannot be identified (defined as being more than £500k), Gartner will not charge for this assessment or continue with the service. Gartner believes engagement of it’s dedicated team can only be justified in the public sector if the investment in Gartner will yield savings in well more than its fee

    • Contract negotiation support, including negotiation tactics, drafting of communications with the vendor and coaching for the negotiation team

      Key Benefits

    • The service enables clients to:

      • Ensure proposed contract pricing and terms are best in class for the current market conditions resulting in best value for public money

      • Release real working capital and market competitive contracts through considered and data driven negotiations 

      • Understand vendor risk, in order to mitigate against key risks

    Gartner service definition optimising cloud licensing1
    Gartner Service Definition —Optimising Cloud Licensing

    Reasons Why Others Use Gartner

    • Gartner created the IT Research industry 32 years ago, and our reputation speaks for itself. Gartner Research is the only IT research informed by both the technology end user and provider’s perspectives. We use our research as the basis for our Consulting solutions, methodologies and tools; and, we leverage our research and our industry‑leading analysts, as needed, throughout our Consulting engagements. So, when our clients buy Gartner Consulting, they are buying Gartner Research

    • Within Gartner there is a dedicated specialist team that monitors and tracks the global licensing trends, contracts and vendor performance. These individuals are only engaged on contract negotiations. They are able to leverage from both Gartner Benchmarking data and a separate data repository that contains detailed contractual information. This team is routinely engaged across multiple sectors globally including; manufacturing, financial services, pharma and life sciences, retail, telecommunications and government. Savings can be measure in $m

    • Use of Gartner planning, price modelling and negotiation support can realise very significant savings in public expenditure. Gartner will not charge for the initial assessment if there is not the potential for savings more than £500k


    • The proposed contracting and licensing models must be available for review

      Any Additional Information

    • There is no additional information related to this service

    Gartner service definition optimising cloud licensing2
    Gartner Service Definition —Optimising Cloud Licensing


    • The client will designate a project manager as primary point of contact who will work closely with Gartner as needed and will: (a) approve priorities/task plans/schedules; (b) facilitate scheduling of interviews with personnel; (c) notify Gartner in writing of project issues and assist in their resolution

    • Client will review and approve documents within five business days. If no formal approval/rejection is received within that time, the deliverable is considered accepted

    • Client personnel will be made available per the schedule agreed at the project initiation

    • The due diligence (as‑is) data is reasonably available via interviews and documentation review

    • Client provides timely access to personnel to be interviewed. These personnel will be able to answer questions, provide documentation and attend sessions

    • Project pricing assumes that Gartner will conduct 10 interviews/workshops over a period of five calendar days and that the client will arrange all sessions with the client’s personnel

    • All data collection/interviews/workshops will take place via phone or in person as agreed at the project kickoff

    • With the exception of meetings and workshops, Gartner work will be performed at Gartner locations

    • Offices, phones, printing/copying and Internet access will be available to Gartner at client locations

    • Gartner will use Microsoft Office for the production of any engagement documentation

    • Any requests for additional information and/or deliverables(beyond the details described in this service definition) that are made will be considered a change in scope and will be handled accordingly (see Changes to Scope). This does not apply to clarification questions

      Changes to Scope

    • The scope of the engagement is defined herein. All client requests for changes must be set forth and explained in writing. As soon as practicable, Gartner shall advise of the cost/schedule implications of requested changes and any other necessary details to allow both parties to decide whether to proceed with the requested changes. The parties shall agree in writing upon any requested changes prior to Gartner commencing work

    • As used herein, “changes” are defined as work activities or work products not originally planned for or specifically defined by this service definition

    Gartner service definition optimising cloud licensing3
    Gartner Service Definition —Optimising Cloud Licensing

    Information Assurance

    • Gartner possesses analysts and consultants with various security clearances, or we will, within reason, acquire those clearances as the client demands

    • Gartner associates are bound by very specific rules around client confidentiality and security given that our clients reveal to us their greatest challenges and difficulties in order that we can help and support them most effectively

      Data Restoration

    • No client data is retained by Gartner as part of the client’s access to this service and therefore there is no data restoration process related to this service

    Backup Restore and Disaster Recovery

    • The Gartner service under discussion does not require Gartner to manage or store any critical client data

    • Therefore, as there is no risk to the client and no break in service that will affect the client experience, there is no applicable policy needed in relation to this specific issue

      Service Migration

    • There is no need for a Service Migration plan given the nature of the service under discussion

    • The client is able to complete and conclude the service without any ongoing process being required for transfer of service or information to an alternative provider or successor

    • At the conclusion of the service described all deliverables and any supporting information is handed over to the client

    Gartner service definition optimising cloud licensing4
    Gartner Service Definition —Optimising Cloud Licensing


    • Gartner does not offer onboarding services, however, Gartner will hold a kickoff meeting with the client to ensure understanding of the engagement objectives, scope, schedule, and milestones, roles, responsibilities and required resources for Gartner and the client

    • Gartner will also discuss anticipated risks and mitigation plans, based on lessons learned from past experience. Gartner will gather any relevant background material from the client


    • Gartner does not offer offboarding services, however, Gartner will close down the engagement, upon conclusion, ensuring all necessary skills and information are transferred appropriately and in a timely manner to the client

    Gartner service definition optimising cloud licensing5
    Gartner Service Definition —Optimising Cloud Licensing


    • Gartner will charge a firm fixed price of £100,000 per £5,000,000 license value, excl. VAT, incl. all expenses for this service

      Financial Recompense Model

    • if a Service does not meet the specifications set out in the applicable Service Description, the breach will be handled in accordance with the Liability and Termination terms set out in the Call-Off Agreement

    Ordering and Invoicing Process

    • Gartner will bill for 100% of the professional fees at contract signing

    • All invoices are payable net 30 days from date of invoice. While Gartner does not itemise billing for professional services, Gartner agrees and will comply with any reasonable requests for records substantiating our invoices

      Termination Terms (by Consumer/by the Supplier)

    • Services may be terminated without cause by the Customer on at least thirty (30) Working Days notice

    Gartner service definition optimising cloud licensing6
    Gartner Service Definition —Optimising Cloud Licensing

    Service Management

    • This is not applicable to this service. The service will be managed as described under the Statement of Work component of this Service Definition

    Service Constraints

    • This is not applicable to this service

      Service Levels

    • This is not applicable to this service

    Gartner service definition optimising cloud licensing7
    Gartner Service Definition —Optimising Cloud Licensing


    • This is not applicable to this service. At the start of the engagement Gartner will confirm the risk categories to be assessed

      Consumer Responsibilities

    • Provision of the necessary resources, systems and documentation for review

    • Responsible for managing logistics on client’s site for the duration of the engagement

    • Assign a client Project Manager to work as a single point contact between the Gartner team and the client

    • Identify the right people for the interviews/workshops, schedule and communicate the intent of the engagement

    • Provide facilities for workshops and Gartner workspace

    • Collate and send all relevant data prior to the meeting

    • Ensure attendance at kickoff meeting and any subsequent interviews and meetings by Project Sponsor, Project Manager and other key stakeholders, as determined prior, during and post kickoff

    Trial Service

    • Gartner does not offer a trial service option in relation to this service

      Technical Requirements

    • Gartner will require access to:

      • Any information requested (some may be potentially sensitive) regarding the cloud transformation project electronically and/or in paper format

      • Cloud Service Provider information electronically and/or in paper format