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First-Year Success b y Design

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First-Year Success b y Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First-Year Success b y Design. Leslie Copeland First-Year Coordinator First-Year Office, Student Services McGill University. First-Year Success by Design. Have you conscientiously assumed responsibility for your success? . First-Year Success by Design. Your success ties into how:

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first year success b y design

First-Year Successby Design

Leslie Copeland

First-Year Coordinator

First-Year Office, Student Services

McGill University

first year success by design
First-Year Successby Design
  • Have you conscientiously assumed responsibility for your success?
first year success by design1
First-Year Successby Design
  • Your success ties into how:

- you manage your time;

- effective your study skills are;

- you manage your health & wellness.

first year success by design2
First-Year Successby Design
  • Ultimately your success rests on the daily & weekly


you make about how you will:

  • Manage your time
  • Apply your study skills
  • Take care of your health
first year success by design3
First-Year Successby Design
  • Life still happens and support is available
  • Independent success means knowing where to go when you need help – and then acting on that knowledge and getting the help when you do.
first year success by design4
First-Year Successby Design


Brown Student Services Building

Suite 2100, 3600 McTavish Street


Here to help with transitions, to provide year-long academic & social support and to help you make community connections.

first year success by design5
First-Year Successby Design



What have been some of the biggest surprises / challenges / discoveries you’ve made this past month since starting your university careers?

first year success by design6
First-Year Successby Design
  • Transitions: Many of you may be experiencing the following transitions:
  • - leaving home for the first-time
  • - managing your time, your health, your money
  • - moving out of your comfort zones
  • – making new friends
  • – class sizes - re-learning how to learn – especially in large class environment
  • - realizing that your teachers probably won’t know your names
  • You are creating a new normal!
first year success by design7
First-Year Successby Design


Brown Student Services Building, Suite 4200


Here to help with personal problems, transitional issues, not meeting friends, time management, homesickness, exam anxiety – Workshops available

first year success by design8
First-Year Successby Design

Time Management

  • One of the keys toward “Designing” first-year success
  • Good news! It is a skill and it can be learned.
  • Discipline / Habits = 21 Days
first year success by design9
First-Year Successby Design
  • Five Categories of Time Use
    • Wasted time
    • Busy time
    • Important and urgent
    • Urgent but not important
    • Important but not urgent
  • We need to define these for ourselves
first year success by design10
First-Year Successby Design
  • Question:
      • What are some of the biggest contributors to time lost?
first year success by design11
First-Year Successby Design
  • Procrastination!

“ Procrastination is an invisible disease which takes talented individuals with great potential and turns him/her, slowly, bit-by-bit, over time, into a complete and utter failure.”

How can I get myself to do what I need to do?

Author: Terry Gogna

first year success by design12
First-Year Successby Design
  • Time Management Tips
    • Identify one day & time of the week (e.g., Sunday evening) to layout your week’s commitments.
    • Have a visual of the long term e.g., the semester
    • Learn to protect your time
first year success by design13
First-Year Successby Design

Study Skills

  • Re-learn effective use of class time
  • Develop your note taking skills vs. highlighting
  • Know when you work best
  • Consistent place to work
  • Take advantage of available workshops
    • academic skills (study skills, essay writing, multiple choice exams)
    • Counselling Service – exam anxiety, procrastination, study skills, staying ahead
first year success by design14
First-Year Successby Design


Brown Student Services Building, Suite 4200


Offers 1 hour of free tutoring each semester to first-year students.

first year success by design15
First-Year Successby Design

Managing your health and wellness- includes physical, mental and emotional wellness

  • If you don’t take care of your body, your body will punish you with colds, mono, exhaustion, inability to sleep, weight loss, weight gain, etc.
first year success by design16
First-Year Successby Design

HEALTH SERVICES (includes a Dental Clinic)

Brown Student Services Building, Suite 3300


“Ask Dr. T.”

first year success by design17
First-Year Successby Design
  • Mental Health Service
  • Chaplaincy Service
  • Student Clubs
  • Schedule “play” time – movie night, dinner with friends
  • Leadership for Life! Conference (Leading Change) - November
  • Get Involved
  • Look for ways to develop your soft skills not just your academic skills
first year success by design18
First-Year Successby Design

Have a great first semester!!