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Faculty of Science and Technology. A broad and focused faculty. Architecture Biology Computing Science Design Physics Chemistry Teacher education Molecular Biology Mathematics Engineering and Technology. 3,222 full-time students 319 doctoral students 1,013 employees 11 departments

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A broad and focused faculty
A broad and focused faculty

  • Architecture

  • Biology

  • Computing Science

  • Design

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Teacher education

  • Molecular Biology

  • Mathematics

  • Engineering and Technology

The faculty in numbers

3,222 full-time students

319 doctoral students

1,013 employees

11 departments

3 institutes

Turnover of SEK 1,009,820,000 in 2012

The faculty in numbers

Study programmes
Study programmes

  • Master of Science programmes in Civil Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science programmes in Engineering

  • Bachelor's programmes

  • University Diploma programmes

  • Programmes in Pharmacy

  • Programmes in Design

  • Programmes in Architecture

  • Master's programmes

Master of science programmes in civil engineering 5 years
Master of Science programmes in Civil Engineering, 5 years


  • Bioresource Engineering

  • Engineering Biotechnology

  • Energy engineering

  • Interaction and Design

  • Industrial Engineering and management

  • Computing Science and Engineering

  • Engineering Physics

  • Common entry

Civil engineering programme in bioresource technology
Civil Engineering programme in Bioresource Technology

  • Combination of biology, green chemistry and engineering

  • Meets the future needs of the forestry and chemical industries

  • Contributes to the change to a sustainable society

Bachelor of science programmes in engineering 3 years
Bachelor of Science programmes in Engineering, 3 years

  • Civil Engineering

  • Computer and ElectricalEngineering

  • Electrical Power Engineering - Internet-based

  • Energy Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

University diploma programmes 2 years
University Diploma programmes, 2 years

  • Media Production

  • Nature Guiding

  • Computer Networks andCommunication Technology

  • Process Operator

Bachelor s programmes 3 years
Bachelor's programmes, 3 years

  • Biology and Earth Science

  • Computing Science

  • Physics and Applied Mathematics

  • Life Science – taught in English

  • Environmental Health

Study programmes in pharmacy
Study programmes in Pharmacy

  • Master of Science programme in Pharmacy, 5 years - Internet-based

  • Bachelor of Science programme in Pharmacy, 3 years - Internet-based”very high quality" according to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education in 2012

  • Master's programme in Pharmacy, 2 years

Institute of design
Institute of Design

  • One of the best design educations in the world in 2006, 2007 and 2009 according to BusinessWeek magazine.

  • The best design education in Europe and the USA according to Red dot ranking.

  • In 2008 named "Excellent educational environment" by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education.

  • More than 60 percent international Master's students.

Design education
Design education

Bachelor's programme, 3 yrs

  • Industrial Design

    Master's programme, 2 yrs

  • Advanced Product Design

  • Interaction Design

  • Transportation Design

School of architecture
School of Architecture

  • Opened autumn 2009

  • Five-year programme in Architecture with an artistic profile

  • International character

  • Master's programme, 2 yrs:- Sustainable Architecture Production- Immediate Architectural Intervention

Master s programmes at the faculty
Master's programmes at the Faculty

Mathematics, Computing, Physics & Engineering

  • Computational Science and Engineering

  • Computing Science

  • Physics

  • Robotics and Control Engineering

    Biology, Biotechnology & Chemistry

  • Ecology

  • Pharmacy

  • Geoecology

  • Chemistry

  • Environmental Health

  • Molecular Biology

  • Plant and Forest Biotechnology

Third cycle education
Third-cycle education

  • Active doctoral students: 319

  • Completed doctoral degrees: 48

  • Completed licentiate degrees: 11

Unique female doctors
Unique female doctors

  • Female trio completed their doctoral degrees in Mathematicsand Mathematical Statistics

  • Within 2 months of each other

  • Only 15 women have complete doctoral degrees in Mathematics at Umeå University

Lisa Hed, Lina Schelin and Marie Frentz.

Graduate business school
Graduate business school

  • 21 doctoral students

  • Has close ties with industry

  • Admits 12 doctoral students every 2 years

  • The company pays half the salary

  • Six months industry placement included

  • The model has attracted much attention in Europe

  • Participating companies: Komatsu Forest, Sveaskog, Domsjö Fabriker, LKAB, Astra Zeneca, Bostaden and Umeå Energi

Håkan Jakobsson was the first to complete his doctoral degree (2011)

Collaboration with industry

An example of collaboration – education

Collaboration with industry

  • Influences all years spent studying in a programme

  • Industry days – students meet companies

  • Project courses – e.g. the Role of the Engineer in Working Life

  • Guest lecturers

  • Study visits

  • Degree projects

Students solve business problems

An example of collaboration – education

Students solve business problems

  • Students from different backgrounds cooperate in project courses.

  • They draw up a technical solution that is in demand within industry.

  • Both students and industry establish valuable contacts.

Teachers in companies

An example of collaboration – education

Teachers in companies

  • The Faculty contributes by paying salaries to teachers who want to broaden their expertise in industry.

  • The teachers' newly-acquired knowledge will be reflected in the education.

  • The goal is to provide engineering students with more knowledge of their prospective professional role.

Collaboration with schools
Collaboration with schools

  • Umevatoriet – Umeå Science Centre

  • The Teknikåttan quiz – school year 8

  • Training days for teachers

  • Research à la carte

  • The living question box – school year 6

  • Science and Engineering Week

  • Chance for work experience

800 year 6 pupils listen as researchers answer their questions.

Strong research environments
Strong research environments

Host to seven strong research environments:

  • Changing ecosystems

  • Light in science and technology

  • The environment’s chemistry – from molecules to the ecosystem

  • Modeling living systems - Icelab

  • The dynamics, structure and function of proteins

  • Solar fuels

  • Plant and forest biotechnology

Ann-Kristin Bergström

Light in science and technology
Light in science and technology

  • Physicists at Umeå are developing a completely new type of lighting component using the super material graphene.

  • It is cheap to manufacture and completely recyclable.

  • The results may lead to bendable display monitors screens and printable, glowing wallpaper.

Modelling living systems icelab
Modelling living systems - IceLab

  • At IceLab, researchers within mathematics, physics and ecology work together.

  • They investigate living systems using mathematical models.

  • For example, they examine how bark beetles attack forests, the speed of evolution and collaborative behavior in humans and animals.

Petter Holme and Martin Rosvall

Solar fuels
Solar fuels

  • Researchers at KBC were granted SEK 40 million for a research project of high scientific potential.

  • They try to imitate nature's photosynthesis in order to develop a renewable source of energy.

  • The goal is to develop a membrane, "the artificial leaf", which can produce hydrogen gas from sunlight.

Johannes Messinger

Plant and forest biotechnology
Plant and forest biotechnology

  • Umeå Plant Science Centre – one of four Berzelii Centres in Sweden – has been granted SEK 200 million over 10 years

  • A grant of SEK 75 million from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in 2009

  • Researchers map the genes of Sweden's most important plant – the European spruce!

Picea abies

First gunnar quist fellowship
First Gunnar Öquist Fellowship

  • The plant researcher Edouard Pesquet has been granted SEK 3 million from the Kempe Foundation in 2012

  • The internationally renowned researcher Gunnar Öquist will be his mentor

  • Tries to understand the formationof the plants' piping system

Edouard Pesquet

Applied it
Applied IT

  • Within the area of IT there are more than 150 researchers and doctoral students.

  • Examples of research areas:

    - cloud computing

    - industrial IT

    - control engineering and robotics

    - health and medical care

    - signal processing

    - interaction design

Erik Elmroth has been granted SEK 20 million by the Swedish Research Council for a projecton virtual computer resources

Strategic government research areas
Strategic Government research areas

The faculty has the main responsibility for projects within:

  • Energy research

  • Marine environmental research

    Researchers from the faculty participate in:

  • Sustainable use of natural resources

  • E-Science

Faculty of science and technology

Strategic research areas: Energy research

From trees to advanced products

  • The Bio4Energy project aims to break the dependence on fossil fuels through green technology.

  • The researchers study the whole chain – from how trees grow to how to refine raw materials in the best possible way.

  • SLU, Umeå University and Luleå Institute of Technology make up the core of the project. More than 20 companies and partners in industry are involved.

Faculty of science and technology

Strategic research areas: Marine environmental research

Climatic effects on the Baltic Sea

  • Ecochange aims to provide a comprehensive picture of how climate change affects the Baltic Sea ecosystem – from bacteria to fish.

  • The knowledge will be used to develop protection efforts for the Baltic Sea.

  • Cooperation with Linnæus University in Kalmar, SLU and the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Investing in technological sciences
Investing in technological sciences

  • Umeå University is investing SEK 60 million in technological science research.

  • The following will be employed to enhance the quality of the civil engineering programmes:

    8 associate senior lecturers16 postdoctoral positions8 doctoral students

Prominent young researchers
Prominent young researchers

  • Umeå University invests in young researchers with promising careers.

  • 13 of the 37 researchers who were granted funds in 2011 come from the Faculty of Science and Technology.

  • The Department of Ecology and Environmental Science distinguished itself with no less than five grantees.

Anna Linusson, Chemistry, received a grant in 2011.

Research in physics
Research in physics

  • New materials using carbon nanotechnology

  • Organic electronics, LEC

  • Laser technology for detecting molecules in the form of gas

  • Space research

Arkum sweden s first arctic research centre
Arkum, Sweden's first Arctic research centre

  • Opened 12 December 2012

  • Cross-disciplinary resource for Arctic research. All faculties, Centre for Sami Research and CIRC.

  • Climate change, environmental issues, oil and mineral deposits, security policy, ecological systems and human social conditions

Ellen Dorrepaal studies how Arctic eco-systems are affected by climate change.

Antibiotics from the norwegian sea
Antibiotics from the Norwegian Sea

  • Acclaimed research in biological chemistry

  • Umeå University and the University of Tromsø are collaborating in the quest for new antibiotics.

  • They are examining whether extreme organisms from the Norwegian Sea contain extracts that may be used for new pharmaceutical products.

A brilliant collaboration

An example of collaboration – research

A brilliant collaboration

  • The Department of Physics and the company Siemens are collaborating to develop laser-based measuring instruments.

  • These sensitive instruments can measure small amounts of substances harmful to the environment that are found in emissions and exhaust fumes.

Ove Axner talks to employees at Siemens

From research to business
From research to business

Innovation systems for the commercialisation of research results

Spin off the technology company algoryx
Spin-off: the technology companyAlgoryx

  • Algoryx has been recognized as one of Sweden's 33 most successful technology companies in 2011 & 2012

  • The company was started in 2007as a spin-off from Umeå University

  • Products:Algodoo – aids for teaching physicsAgX Multifysik – interactive physical simulation

Faculty employees
Faculty employees

  • 96 professors

  • 143 university senior lecturers

  • 32 postdoctoral research fellows

  • 13 associate senior lecturers

  • 74 lecturers

  • 29 researchers

  • 48 postdoctoral positions

  • 233 doctoral students

  • 93 administrators

  • 138 technical staff

    Total: 1,013 employees

Magnus Wolf-Watz was awarded the 2011 Hugo Theorell Prize in Biophysics.


  • Applied Physics and Electronics

  • Chemistry

  • Computing Science

  • Ecology and Environmental Science

  • Institute of Design

  • Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

  • Molecular Biology

  • Physics

  • Plant Physiology

  • School of Architecture

  • Sciences and Mathematics Education


  • CMTFCentre for Biomedical Engineering and Physics

  • CBRNEEuropean CBRNE Centre

  • HRC2NHigh Performance Computing Centre North

  • MCNNorthern Sweden Soil Remediation Center

  • UMFUmeå Marine Sciences Centre

  • UFMUmeå Mathematics Education Research Centre

  • UPSCUmeå Plant Science Centre

Revenues 2012
Revenues 2012

Total revenues:

SEK 1,000,666,000

Costs 2012
Costs 2012

Total costs: SEK 1,009,820,000

New faculty newspaper
New Faculty newspaper

  • 2-3 issues per year

  • Can be read and downloaded at the Faculty website:www.teknat.umu.se