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A brow lift or forehead lift is considered to fix the eyebrow shape to make a better facial appeal. There could be 3 types of brow lift surgeries i.e. classic, endoscopic and lateral brow lift. Style of treatment are different and is discussed in this documentation. To know more, visit: http://faceliftplasticsurgery.com.au/services/face-surgery/brow-lift/

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3 types of brow lift

Types of

Brow Lift

3 types of brow lift


A brow lift is also called as forehead lift or

foreheadplasty. During this surgery,

eyebrow shape is corrected for making the

better facial appeal. There are three main

techniques that can be used to lift your

forehead and eyebrows.

3 types of brow lift

Classic Brow Lift:

A classic brow lift involves one continuous

cut beginning at the ear level, following up

till hairline. The professionals work on it to

remove the visible scar and improve its

shape for better appearance.

3 types of brow lift

Endoscopic Brow Lift:

It involves the use of special instruments. It

is a classic lift and is less invasive because

of smaller cuts. A telescope helps to have a

clear view of the tissues and muscles. It

involves minimal scaring and takes less

time to recover.

3 types of brow lift

Lateral Brow Lift:

A lateral brow lift elevates the outer parts of

the brow and reposition the supraorbital

rim. It removes excess forehead skin and

lifts the eyebrows to its normal position.

3 types of brow lift

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