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Botox - Fountain of Youth in Your Face PowerPoint Presentation
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Botox - Fountain of Youth in Your Face

Botox - Fountain of Youth in Your Face

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Botox - Fountain of Youth in Your Face

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  1. Botox - Fountain of Youth in Your Face

  2. When we meet another person, our looks do matter as well as quality of your skin plays an important role. Our physical appearance is presented by our beautiful and healthy skin which is a good indication of general health and fitness. It seems a waste of time to spend a lot of money on skin care products to improve your skin quality and aging winkles.

  3. Now a days, in modernized science world, achieving a natural appearance making overlying skin rested and smoother is not a tough job. We have Botox® Cosmetic treatments available in Tucson which is a remedy for all these problems. • Botox® Cosmetic is injected in the least amount,as is necessary to achieve the best results.

  4. What is Botox Cosmetic Injection Treatment? It is a protein made from Clostridium botulin, a kind of bacteria, results in purified protein called anabotulinum toxin. It is a simple procedure. It uses a tiny hypodermic micro-needle, which injects only required small amount is syringed into targeted facial muscle, which in result relaxes the muscle makes overlying skin smoother, with fewer lines and decreases wrinkles, moreover don’t effect normal facial expressions. 

  5. Good Candidates for Botox Treatment • Candidates having frown lines between eyebrows • Candidates having squint lines at the outer canthus of the eye • Candidates having horizontal wrinkles on forehead. • Candidates having bunny linesat the bridge of the nose • Candidates with lip lines around mouth. • In the neck to soften vertical banding at neck region.

  6. Also, Botox has several medicinal uses, such as treating migraine headaches, underarm pits with excessive sweating. It is one of the best non-surgical way to prevent/overcome aging to the face and also used for invasive face-lifting, anti-aging techniques.

  7. How Does Botox Work? • Toxin stops the contraction of muscles by blocking the nerve signals which results in temporary paralysis of the muscle. As the muscle contraction stops, skin appears to be softened on top, making less deep appearance of wrinkles.

  8. Time Required for the Effect of Botox? • It will take about one weekto see the results of the Botox injections. Very deep lines will be reduced, they will not disappear completely, but faint lines around the eyes will be almost invisible. It may require morethan one treatment for deeper lines.

  9. How long will the Effect of Botox Last? • It can very well last for about three to four months and if you continue your treatment, then you can get the results with less frequent injections.

  10. Is Botox Safe? • As Botox® is a non- surgical, non-invasive and less time consuming procedure, has been safely experienced by over 11 million individuals with good results. However, some of the patients express their concern about the safety of Botox Cosmetic, but there are several experienced Botox® providers like Dr. Peter Kay at Perfection Plastic Surgery in Tucson, performing Botox Cosmetic ® treatments in their office setting by master injectors (Registered Nurses).