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Not So ‘Blind’ Now: The Four Helpful Functions of Window Bli

When we wanted to decorate and cover up our windows years ago, the first thing that would come to our minds are curtains. However, these days we have the freedom of choosing other window treatments aside from curtains. These window decorations or window treatments are called blinds or shades. To put it simply, they’re actually a more modern version of curtains, especially the motorised ones. Please visit http://www.perfectblinds.com.au/ for more information.

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Not So ‘Blind’ Now: The Four Helpful Functions of Window Bli

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  1. Not So ‘Blind’ Now: The Four Helpful Functions of Window Blinds

  2. There are blinds that are made of fabric and there are those that are made of aluminium or wood.

  3. There are blinds that are opened and closed manually using rods, and others that are remote controlled and motorised.

  4. even if there are a lot of different blinds, they usually share common functions such as the following:

  5. Some blinds are made out of sheer or see-through fabric. The purpose of these types of fabric is to reduce the sunlight’s glare, but still allow us to have a view of what’s going on outside.

  6. Certain types of blinds like the Venetian horizontal or vertical blinds are the best in providing our homes with the privacy we need. We can use these blinds in our bedrooms or bathrooms since these are the places where we require optimum privacy.

  7. Blinds make for effective light filters, similar to sheer-fabric blinds, but a little better. There are some blinds that allow natural light in, but block anyone outside of having a view of what’s inside.

  8. Since blinds allow us to use natural light as much as we want, we can save a lot on electricity bills. because blinds can block sunlight when we want them to, it also allows us to have a more affordable way to maintain a cool room temperature.

  9. www.perfectblinds.com.au

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