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Importance of Packaging Supplies - The Complete Guide

This guide clearly illustrates the importance of choosing the right food packaging supplies for your product. Selecting the right packaging can help your shipment arrive on time and in good condition. Visit http://www.perennialpackaging.com.au

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Importance of Packaging Supplies - The Complete Guide

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  1. The Complete Guide on “The Importance of Food Packaging” Food packaging is a lucrative industry and often the way of packaging sways the shopper to buy the product inside it. Often consumers tend to focus on the product packaging and not on the safety of its packaging. Now more than ever, as food distribution networks globalise, packaging plays a vital role in ensuring the final product is safe and secure for consumption. Most manufacturers are very aware of the impact of faulty packaging on their products and looking for more innovative and eco-friendly packaging supplies. This write-up will give you a clear-cut idea on “Why Packaging is Important?” Why Packaging is Developed and In Use Today: Protect the Product from Damage/Contaminations By Micro-Organisms The product must be protected against being dropped, crushed, and the vibration it suffers during transport. Delicate products such as fruits need to be protected by a rigid package such as a laminated container. The product must also be protected against the climate including high temperatures, humidity, light and gases in the air. Keep the Product Together So It Does Not Spill or Leak Products such as fruit juices and sausages need to be contained in packages that hold them together and are sealed to prevent spillage and loss. Also, the product should be properly sealed and packed in such a way to ensure the product remains uncompromised at all stages of distribution until opened by the consumer.

  2. Packaging also Acts a Label to Identify the Product Packaging is the main way products are advertised and identified. The package clearly identifies the product inside and it is usually the package that the customer recognises when shopping. The package will also contain important information including ingredients, manufactured date, expiry date and the bar code. Protect the Product during Transport A package should be designed to make it easy to transport, move, lift and store. A regular shaped package i.e. cuboid can be stacked without too much space between each package being wasted. This means that more packages can be transported in a container at once. The above mentioned benefits clearly states “Why Packaging is Important”. Without the service of packaging, most of the goods, especially food, couldn’t reach the consumer safely. Packaging for food stuffs comes in many different forms, based on technical requirements throughout the supply chain, as well as marketing needs (like brand identity or consumer information) and other criteria. Below Mentioned Are The Few Commonly Used Packaging Materials: Plastic: This is the most common packaging material and, at the same time, one of the most difficult to dispose of. The features of plastic packaging are: they are light, strong cheap to manufacture and can keep the foods safe without contaminated for days/weeks. It is for these reasons that they are used so much, as an alternative to cardboard glass packaging materials. Brick Carton: It is used mainly to keep drinks such as milk, juice, etc. This is the very light weight, strong air- tight packaging material and also it is ideal for easy transporting & storage. It is becoming the main packaging material used for basic foodstuffs.

  3. Cardboard: Cardboard packaging is appropriate for packaging materials wrapping, preferable to "white cork". In all cases, this packaging material is easy to recycle reuse. It is used in the form of boxes, sheets corrugated cardboard. These are the few things you need to know about food packaging. Packaging can also differentiate one brand of product from another brand. Because the product packaging can contain company names, logos and the colour scheme of the company, it helps consumers to identify the product as it sits among the competition’s products on store shelves. So be wise to choose the right packaging supplies, attract shoppers and get place in shopper’s trolley!

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