the humanistic perspective l.
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The Humanistic Perspective

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The Humanistic Perspective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Humanistic Perspective. Of Personality. Humanistic Psychology. In the 1960’s people became sick of Freud’s negativity and trait psychology’s objectivity. Along came psychologists wanted to focus on “healthy” people and how to help them strive to “be all that they can be”. .

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humanistic psychology
Humanistic Psychology
  • In the 1960’s people became sick of Freud’s negativity and trait psychology’s objectivity.
  • Along came psychologists wanted to focus on “healthy” people and how to help them strive to “be all that they can be”.
abraham maslow s self actualizing person
Abraham Maslow’s Self Actualizing Person
  • Hierarchy of Needs
  • Ultimately seek self- actualization (the process of fulfilling our potential).
  • Maslow developed his ideas by studying what he termed “healthy people”.
self actualized people
Self-Actualized People

They share certain characteristics:

  • They are self aware and self accepting
  • Open and spontaneous
  • Loving and caring
  • Not paralyzed by others’ opinions.
  • They are secure in who they are.
self actualized people6
Self-Actualized People
  • Problem centered rather than self-centered.

Focused their energies on a particular task.

Few deep relationships, rather than many superficial ones.

self actualization
  • These are the qualities that make up a mature adult.
  • These people have found their calling in life.

Is this a goal worth striving for?

carl rogers s person centered perspective
Carl Rogers’s Person-Centered Perspective
  • People are basically GOOD.
  • We are like Acorns

Need Water, Sun and Nutrients to Grow into a big Oak Tree.

We need genuineness, acceptance and empathy for us to grow.

  • Being open with your own feelings.
  • Dropping your facade.
  • Being transparent and self-disclosing.
  • Unconditional Positive Regard:

An attitude of acceptance regardless of circumstances.

Accepting yourself or others completely.

  • Listening, sharing, understanding and mirroring feelings and reflecting their meanings.

Preschool study

self concept
  • All of thoughts and feelings about ourselves trying to answer the question….


self concept13
  • Both Rogers and Maslow believed that your self-concept is at the center of your personality.
  • If our self concept is positive….

We tend to act and perceive the world positively.

  • If our self-concept is negative….

We fall short of our “ideal self” and feel dissatisfied and unhappy

how does a humanistic psychologist test your personality

How do psychoanalytic and trait assess?

How does a Humanistic psychologist test your personality?
  • You would be asked to fill out a questionnaire asking to describe yourself both as you would ideally like to be and what you actually are.

When the ideal self and the way you currently see yourself are alike- you are generally happy.

possible selves
Possible Selves

What are your possible selves?

self esteem
  • One’s feelings of high or low self-worth.
do minorities have lower self esteem
Do minorities have lower self-esteem?


They value the things which they excel.

They attribute problems to prejudice.

They compare themselves to their own group.

self serving bias
Self-Serving Bias
  • A readiness to perceive oneself favorable.
  • People accept more responsibility for successes than failures.
  • Most people see themselves as better than average.
does culture play a part in our personality according to humanistic psychologists
Does culture play a part in our personality (according to humanistic psychologists)?
  • Individualism: giving priority to one’s own goals over group goals. Defining your identity in terms of yourself.
  • Collectivism: giving priority to the goals of a group and defining your identity as part of that group.

Is individualism really better?