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Review for 2 nd 9 Weeks 6 Week Exam PowerPoint Presentation
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Review for 2 nd 9 Weeks 6 Week Exam

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Review for 2 nd 9 Weeks 6 Week Exam
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Review for 2 nd 9 Weeks 6 Week Exam

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  1. Review for 2nd 9 Weeks 6 Week Exam

  2. Flight Glenn Curtiss had the first spectated flight and invented the hydroplane. Charles Lindberg made the first solo flight across the Atlantic ocean. Both gentleman were considered pioneers in aviation.

  3. Glenn Curtiss Charles Lindberg

  4. Harlem Renaissance The Harlem Renaissance positively influenced American society because it opened America’s eyes to African American culture through art literature and music. The music genre that emerged during the 1920’s was Jazz, led by the trumpet innovator Louis Armstrong.

  5. Scopes Monkey Trial Creationist (William Jennings Bryan) v. Evolutionist (Clarence Darrow) John Scopes a biology teacher got placed on trial for teaching the theory of evolution because it went against the religious teachings of creationism that the state of Tennessee wanted schools to teach.

  6. The Great Migration The Great Migration was when many African Americans traveled from the South (rural) to the North (urban) to try escape discrimination laws that existed in the south. Marcus Garvey was the founder of the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association) which encouraged African Americans to go back to their homeland of Africa.

  7. Marcus Garvey

  8. Rise of World Power • The rise of world power for the United States can be characterized by the following: • Expansionism- US gaining territory such as Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii & the Philippines • Practice of Diplomacy- Big Stick Policy which allowed the US to begin building the Panama Canal • Global Conflict- the US involvement in WWI

  9. Spanish American War 1898 The Spanish American War began in 1898 because the battleship USS Maine exploded. Theodore Roosevelt left his Naval Secretary job to create the Rough Riders who went to go fight in Cuba. After the war ended Cuba gained its independence from Spain. The United States gained the territories of Guam & Puerto Rico.

  10. Hawaii Hawaii served as a Military base for the U.S., which assisted in the success of the U.S. in becoming a world power.

  11. WWI The sinking of the ship Lusitania due to Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare, was the main reason for U.S. entrance into the war. Airplanes were first used in WWI to spot and spy enemies on the ground. The machine gun caused soldiers to dig trenches to keep away from open constant fire. The battle of Argonne Forest was the final allied offensive and forced Germany to sign a peace agreement.

  12. Alvin York • Fought in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, and received many awards including the Medal of Honor.

  13. General J.J. Pershing Fought in the Spanish-American War Commanded the AEF in WWI

  14. Alfred Thayer Mahan Assisted in moving the U.S. into the position of World power by insisting on having a strong and dominant Navy.

  15. Germany’s Sussex Pledge • Promised the Americans that they would not target passenger ships with u-boats during WWI • Merchant ships would not be sunk unless weapons are spotted on board.

  16. Harlem Renaissance • Brought about a new sense of confidence and pride to African Americans. • It influenced the Civil Rights Movement