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Are You a Franciscan at Heart? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are You a Franciscan at Heart?

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Are You a Franciscan at Heart?

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  1. Are You a Franciscan at Heart? Are you attached to St Francis of Assisior St. Clare or hundreds of other Franciscan Saints?

  2. Then perhaps you may have a vocation to the Secular Franciscan way of life God may be calling you to live the Gospel in a uniquely Franciscan way

  3. Secular Franciscan Order The Secular Franciscan Order was begun 800 years ago by St. Francis of Assisi….. who brought the Gospel to life …. and helped spark a rebuilding of church and faith.

  4. Secular Franciscan Order Secular Franciscans seek to …. follow Christ in the footsteps of St. Francis.

  5. Secular Franciscan Order We are married, single, clergy …. living in the world, moving quietly forward in the company of others …. whom we regard as our brothers and sisters in Christ and Francis.

  6. St. Joseph Cupertino Fraternity(Ellicott City, Maryland) Three members of the Little Flower Fraternity in East Baltimore …. were asked to form a new fraternity at St. Marks in Catonsville MD…. by Fr. Larry Kubeara OFM Conv.

  7. St. Joseph Cupertino Fraternity(Ellicott City, Maryland) In January of 1980, …. those three members started meeting at St. Marks guided by our first Spiritual Assistant Fr. Ross Syracuse OFM Conv.

  8. St. Joseph Cupertino Fraternity(Ellicott City, Maryland) Over the past 30 years we have grown from 3 members to about 38 members and still growing We now meet at the Shrine of St. Anthony in Ellicott City, MD

  9. What Is a Vocation to the SFO? The SFO is a special movement of the holy spirit within the church. This is a calling to Christians to a specific way of living …. striving to live the gospel life according to the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare.

  10. Calling All Christians are called to holiness We are prompted by the spirit to deepen this calling We live out this vocation through prayer and service

  11. Calling A person is a FranciscanNOT because …. he or she is better, different, more gifted ….or more needy than anyone else But precisely because ….one is called so by the spirit to fulfill the goal of holiness

  12. We travel the path of this vocation by being active in three specific areas of our lives: (1) Prayer (2) Service (3) Community

  13. (1) PRAYER Penance Reconciliation Daily conversion Eucharist Mass Prayer Liturgy of the Hours

  14. (1) PRAYER Evangelization (pictures of Francis and Clare) Study (inquiry candidates) Contemplation (in silent conversation with God)

  15. (2) SERVICE Simplicity of Life Humility (St. Francis and St. Clare)

  16. (3) COMMUNITY Community (gathering) Creation (p.2-5 ?)

  17. Three Phases of Formation Process Phase I: Orientation Phase II: Inquiry Phase III: Candidacy

  18. Formation: Phase I -- Orientation Those who are interested in exploring the SFO are expected to attend at least 3 regular fraternity gatherings and 3 orientation meetings The orientation classes give an overview of the life of St. Francis, the Franciscan Family, and expectations of the Secular Franciscan Order

  19. Formation: Phase II -- Inquiry  The topics of the inquiry classes focus on several major aspects of the SFO, such as: Called to Holiness Prompting of the Holy Spirit Getting to know Francis and Clare….

  20. Formation: Phase II -- Inquiry • Provide the chance to share your faith journeys, needs and expectations of the Secular Franciscan Order • The inquiry process can last from 9 to 12 months

  21. Formation: Phase II -- Inquiry After Inquiry …. Petition to be admitted to the Order Conditions for Admission are: Profess the Catholic Faith Be in good standing with the Catholic Church Be at least 18 years of age Show clear signs of a vocation

  22. Formation: Phase II -- Inquiry The Rite of Admission …. takes place within a celebration of the Word of God, with the whole fraternity present.

  23. Formation: Phase III -- Candidacy Candidates embark on a study and sharing of Basic Catholic teaching Life of St. Francis and Franciscan Spirituality Fraternity and Franciscan lifestyle ….

  24. Profession Profession follows the completion of Candidate Formation: • Incorporates the candidate into the Secular Franciscan Order • Is by its nature a perpetual commitment.

  25. Apostolate We live out the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by …. practicing self-emptying charity to our neighbor through our various Ministries ….

  26. Bob’s Ministry at The Franciscan Center We feed the hungry and thirsty …. by working in shelters and soup kitchens. To provide those who come to shelters with the best service and counseling possible and to see Christ in all those who enter through the doors – Bob Longo, OFS

  27. Rite of Initiation We minister to the spiritually poor by …. being active members in our fraternities

  28. Sheila Solomon, OFS Lecturing We support our parishes

  29. Family / Work We bring Christ to those around us …. our family, friends, and in the workplace

  30. (Fraternity Group Picture) We minister to each other and those we come in contact with in our daily lives by …. being open and available for the Holy Spirit to use us as instruments of His peace

  31. St. Joseph Cupertino Fraternity(Ellicott City, Maryland) Come join us …. Call Bob Longo at 410-451-0943 or Sherry Lewisat 410-788-5395 for more information.