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W omen in I ndiana H istory: Searching for unique resources to document their role.

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W omen in I ndiana H istory: Searching for unique resources to document their role. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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W omen in I ndiana H istory: Searching for unique resources to document their role. W omen in I ndiana H istory: Searching for unique resources to document their role. What are the standard sources of Indiana History? Biographical sources?

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Women in Indiana History:

Searching for unique resources to document their role.

w omen in i ndiana h istory searching for unique resources to document their role
Women in Indiana History: Searching for unique resources to document their role.

What are the standard sources of Indiana History? Biographical sources?

How are women presented in Indiana history?

Unique sources to explore.

women in indiana how are women described in basic indiana history resources
Women in Indiana – How are women described in basic Indiana History Resources
  • Buley, The Old Northwest: Pioneer Period, volume 1. Indianapolis, IN: 1950. Page 309.
  • “All too many women lost their bloom with their teens, were tired out and run down by thirty, and old at forty. Tombstones in the churchyards bear testimony that many a wife died young, to be followed by a second who contributed her quota and labors, and perhaps a third who stood a good chance to outlive the husband.”
women in indiana how are women described in basic indiana history resources1
Women in Indiana – How are women described in basic Indiana History Resources

“When writing this chapter, the author frequently asked himself what were the principal roles that woman and girls had in the pioneer economy and in pioneer life versus the roles that men and boys had. As this chapter has indicated, the pioneers, regardless of sex had almost endless work to do, and a considerable variety of tasks were required of them. Only a cursory view is required to make it apparent that there were many tasks done largely and even entirely by woman and girls, and many other tasks done largely or entirely by men and boys…..

“The division of labor between the sexes suggests that pioneer men were the “providers” for and women the “keepers” of the household. …. Men might become farmers, tradesmen, merchants, teachers, ministers, lawyers, or doctors, however these and other occupations with few exceptions were closed to women.”

Carmony, Donald F. Indiana 1816-1850: The Pioneer Era, The History of Indiana Volume II. Indianapolis, IN: Indiana Historical Society. 1998. page 77.

women in indiana how are women described in basic indiana history resources2
Women in Indiana – How are women described in basic Indiana History Resources

Index: Woman Suffrage, 259-261, 284.

Woman’s Rights Association, 35-36, 259.

Woman’s rights movement, 34-37, 258-

261, 699.

Woman, service in Civil War as nurses, 172-173; employed in industry, 440; union for working, 445; academies for, 487-488, 525n; in teaching profession, 501-502; admitted in colleges and universities, 521-522, 528; separate prison for, 591-592, 592-594n; periodicals for, 690.

Thornbrough, Emma Lou. Indiana in the Civil War Era, 1850-1880: The History of Indiana Volume III. Indianapolis, IN: Indiana Historical Society. 1965.

women in indiana how are women described in basic indiana history resources3
Women in Indiana – How are women described in basic Indiana History Resources

Index: Woman Suffrage, 18, 35, 126, 127, 494, 498-502. Women, on the farm, 145, 148n,; in industry, 327-331; labor union for working, 344; in teaching profession, 404; private schools for, 409-411, 425-426; admitted in colleges and university, 426; in nursing profession, 476-478; separate prison for 488; in temperance movement, 494, 495; organizations of, 500, 501, 505; periodicals of interest to, 501; aid war effort, 597-598.

Phillips, Clifton J. Indiana in Transition: The Emergence of An Industrial Commonwealth, 1880-1920. The History of Indiana Volume IV. Indianapolis, In: Indiana Historical Society. 1968.

women in indiana how are women described in basic indiana history resources4
Women in Indiana – How are women described in basic Indiana History Resources

Madison, James H. Indiana through Tradition and Change: A History of the Hoosier State

and Its People, 1920-1945. The History of Indiana Volume V. Indianapolis, In: Indiana Historical Society. 1982.

Index: Women, nomination of, and election to General Assembly, 36-37; employed by SPA, 127; in the labor force, 246, 247; unionization of, 254; on college and university campuses, 290, number employed in war production, 389, 406-407; treatment as second-class employees, 390; working mothers, 390-391; lasting effects of World War II on, 406-407.

Women’s clubs, 346-347. Women’s suffrage, 36-38

articles on women in indiana history
Articles on Women in Indiana History
  • Searching America History and Life by subject – Indiana and women, finds several specialized studies. [Note—covers only back to the 1980’s]
  • Most published in Indiana Magazine of History and/or Traces but a variety of other journals have included articles on women in Indiana.
  • Searching other indexes (PCI, Readers Guide, identifies a few other articles especially in non-history fields.)
articles on women in indiana history1
Articles on Women in Indiana History


Gabin, Nancy. “FALLOW YET FERTILE: THE FIELD OF INDIANA WOMEN'S HISTORY.” Indiana Magazine of History 2000 96(3): 212-249.

Seigel, Peggy Brase. “SHE WENT TO WAR: INDIANA WOMEN NURSES IN THE CIVIL WAR.” Indiana Magazine of History 1990 86(1): 1-27.

Ashendel, Anita. "WOMAN AS FORCE" IN INDIANA HISTORY. Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History 2000 12(1): 4-15.

articles cont d
Articles cont’d

Scholten, Pat Creech. “A PUBLIC "JOLLIFICATION": THE 1859 WOMEN'S RIGHTS PETITION BEFORE THE INDIANA LEGISLATURE.” Indiana Magazine of History 1976 72(4): 347-359.

Stetson, Erlene. “BLACK FEMINISM IN INDIANA, 1893-1933.” Phylon 1983 46(4): 292-298.

Bailey, Joanne Passet. "THE RULE RATHER THAN THE EXCEPTION": MIDWEST WOMEN AS ACADEMIC LIBRARIANS, 1875-1900. Journal of Library History 1986 21(4): 673-692.

books specifically about women in indiana s history a few examples
Books specifically about women in Indiana’s History…..a few examples:

Arnold, Eleanor, ed. Living Rich Lives:

Memories of Hoosier Homemakers. Indianapolis:

Indiana Extension Homemakers Assoc., 1990.

Hine, Darlene Clark. When the Truth Is Told:

A History of Black Women's Culture and Community in Indiana, 1875-1950. Indianapolis: Natl. Council of Negro Women, 1981. 90 pp.

Springer, Barbara Anne. "Ladylike Reformers: Indiana Women and Progressive Reform.“ DAI 1986 46(12): 3845-A. DA8602417 Indiana U. 1985. 300 pp.

Szopa, Anne. "Images of Women in Muncie Newspapers: 1895-1915.“ DAI 1987 47(10): 3857-A. DA8703643

Miller, Kathy Kay. "Rural Women's Work and Role in Community Building and Institution Building in Indiana from 1900-1980."DAI 1998 58(12): 4826-A. DA9819002 Purdue U. 1997. 209 pp.

the education of women in indiana
The Education of Women in Indiana

“Women during this period were admitted to full privileges in the State University (1867). The percentage of women among teachers in the common schools was greatly increased also. All of which were but parts of the same social and culture movements which put women into the seminaries, and attracted from other states, as well as the institutions of our own, scholarly, refined, womanly women…..”

Boone, Richard G. A History of Education in Indiana. New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1892. P. 231.

indiana women writers
Indiana Women Writers
  • “women” not in index so there is no separate identification.
  • Going through the index, looking for “female” names gives the following:

Adams, Maude

Alexander, Grace C.

Bacon, Mrs. Mary Schell,

Beecher, Mrs. Henry Ward

Bolton, Sarah T.

Booth, Beebe

Mostwick, Mary E.

Boyd, Louise Vickroy

Bruner, Margret E.

Cary, Alice

Cary, Phoebe

Catherwood, Mary Hartwell

Chitwood, Mary Louisa

Collins, Mrs. Angelina Maria Lor

Dobson, Ruth Lininger

Drake, Mrs. Alexander

Fletcher, Louisa

Hack, Elizabeth Miller

Handing, Berrita

Hayden, Mrs. Sarah Marshall

Hayes, Helen

Hibbard, Mrs. J.R.

Hill, Mrs. Rebecca Wright

Jackson, Margaret Weymouth

Janis, Elsie

Johnston, Annie Fellows

Jordan, Dulcina Mason

Knight, Caroline Brown

Krout, Caroline Virginia

Krout, Mary Hannah

Lard, Rebecca

McGaughty, Helen

Madeleva, Sister Mary

Marbourg, Dolores

Marlowe, Julia

Nicholas, Anna

Nolan, Jeannette Covert

Ploughe, Mary W.

Porter, Gene Stratton

Rabb, Kate Milner

Rose, Henrietta (Mrs. Hamilton)

Sister Mary Genevieve

Sister Mary Madeleva

Snedeker, Caroline Dale

Stein, Evaleen

Strauss, Juliet V.

Tayler, Eletha M.

Shumaker, Arthur W. A History of Indiana Literature: with emphasis on the authors of imaginative works who commenced writing prior to World War II. Indianapolis, IN: Indiana Historical Society. 1962.

Wallace, Susan Elston

West, Jessamyn

White, Esther Griffin

Wilson, Elizabeth Conwell

Wright, Frances

Wynne, Faith

Young, Marguerite

indiana women writers1
Indiana Women Writers

Biography written by Judith Reick Long.

chronology and types of clubs
Chronology and types of clubs

* Female Bible Society 1839

* Edgeworthalean Society 1841

* Clionian Society 1858

* The Minerva 1859

* Birth of the General Federation of

Women’s Clubs 1889

* Woman’s Club of Greencastle 1841

* Indianapolis Woman’s Club 1875

Courtney, Grace Gates. History Indiana Federation of Clubs. Fort Wayne, IN: Fort Wayne Printing Company. 1939.

Harper, Ida A. The Associated Work of the Women of Indiana. Indiana World’s Fair Monographs. Indinaapolis, IN: Burford Printer and Binder. 1893.

indiana public welfare
Indiana Public Welfare

Mrs. Jacob P. Dunn, Member Board of Trustees, Indianapolis. “The Woman’s Prison.” in Conference on Delinquency called by Governor Warren T. McCray, Indianapolis, at the State House, January 12, 1922.

“We do not have the same class of women that we had even ten years ago. ….The women who come to us are not of as high a class, mentally, morally or physically and so it is necessary of course that a great deal of educational work be done

….Every woman who comes out is trained as a home maker first.”

other public welfare articles by women
Other Public Welfare articles by women
  • Mrs. Edna H. Jatho, Psychologist, Indiana Committee on Mental Defectives, Indianapolis. “The Defective Delinquent.”
  • Miss Blanche Merry, State Attendance Officer, Indianapolis.

“School Attendance.”

  • Mrs. Carina C. Warrington, State Probation Officer, Fort Wayne. “The Juvenile Court.”
  • Rachel L. Hill. Board of State Charities, Indianapolis. “Children’s Homes: Standards of Management.”
indiana agriculture reports
Indiana Agriculture Reports
  • Published between 1860s and 1908.
  • Included reprints of papers given at Farmers’ Institutes, Horticultural Society, and other “farm” groups.
  • Surprised by number of articles by women.
  • Surprised by number of articles about women’s roles.
indiana agriculture reports1
Indiana Agriculture Reports.
  • Examples: 1886 Hufford, Mrs. L. G. (Indianapolis)

“The Place of Women among the World’s Workers.”

1888 Harper, Mrs. Ida A. (Terre Haute). “Woman’s Work.”

1898-99 Brown, Mrs. R. M. “The Farmer’s Library.”

Lindley, Mrs. Harriet J. “Give the Wife a Chance.”

1899-1900Gunkle, Mrs. S. J. (Mulberry) “Our Daughters—What shall we teach them?”

Murray, Miss Nelle (Connersville) “What a women can do on a farm.”

1900-1901M’Dermott, Mrs. J. J. (Franklin) “How Shall Woman Accomplish the Most Good.”

1901-1902Harding, Mrs. Belle (Corunna) “The Wife’s Share.”

1902-1903Johnson, Mrs. Sylvester. “Women in Floriculture and Horticulture.”

1903-1904Nillis, Mrs. Maggie (West Fork). “The Woman on the Farm.”

1904-1905Stevens, Mrs. W. W. “Experiences and Observations at the World’s Fair.”

1905-1906Jenkins, Miss Ruby (Orleans). “The Country Girl Versus the City Girl.”

1906-1907Smith, Emily Hayward (Hobart). “Woman’s Place on the Farm.”

  • List at
a couple of concrete examples
A couple of concrete examples:


Davidson, Miss LuLu A. (Montgomery County). “A Farmer’s Recreations and Amusements.”

“Next we come to the library…it is full of state agricultural reports and religious debates….Begin at the bottom, put in histories first for the children and progressively up the concise standard works for adults, interspersed with good biographies and books of travel. The next shelf is for poetry and fiction, and we place caution at your elbow to make you put in only the best….”

another example close to my heart
Another example—close to my heart:
  • Adkinson, Florence M.

“The Industrial Progress of Woman.”

“The census of 1880 tells a wonderful story of woman’s industrial progress in the United States….Impelled by necessity, or by failure on the part of the so-called “natural protectors,” or by the growing demands of living and luxury, or by a desire to use strength and ability more widely, women have entered 219 of the 265 occupations enumerated by the census for 1880.”

status of women 1800 s
Status of Women 1800’s

Before 1850:

Basically Common Law

Married versus Single

David, Victoria. The Legal Status of Women in Indiana, 1816-1860. Senior Honors Thesis, Indiana University. August 1974.

After 1850:

Acquire property

Married women would

not lose or forfeit legal rights


census information on women in indiana 1880
Census information on women in Indiana -- 1880

“The first attempt at obtaining accurate statistics regarding women’s occupations in the state of Indiana was made in 1881.”

women in indiana 2000
Women in Indiana -- 2000

Indiana does not rank well in national ranking (51 including District of Columbia) on a number of indicators:

* 24th in health and well-being

* 24th in political participation

* 36th in economic autonomy

* 43rd for reproductive rights

* 44th for employment and earnings.

Census 2000 shows that Women in Indiana make up 51 % of the current population.

The Status of Women in Indiana: politics, economics, health, demographics. Institute for Women’s Policy Research. [Bloomington, IN: The Institute]. 2000.

American Factfinder. Accessed March 27, 2002.

Historical Census Browser. University of Virginia. http:// Accessed March, 2002/

women in indiana politics
Women in Indiana Politics:

* First Ladies of Indiana and the Governors

* Biographical Directory of the Indiana General Assembly

Women Elected Officials of Indiana 1980.

Women in the Indiana General Assembly 1978-2001

women in the indiana general assembly

Achor, Helen E. Martin (1969)

Allstatt, Angeline Patterson (1973-74)

Atkins, Katharine Lewis Watson (1945)

Balz, Arcada Campbell Stark (1943)

Barning, Elsie Christene Seiler (1949)

Blankenbaker, Virginia Mabel (1981-)

Brown, Alice Mathias Sabo (1955)

Budak, Mary Kay McMahon (1981)

Burnett, Martha Louise Yeager (1957)

Caesar, Victoria (1965)

Carson, Julia M. Porter (1973)

Conn, Harriette Vesta Bailey (1967)

Coons, Clara Leona Van Cleave (1941)

Crimmins, Janiece Lucille (1971)

Currie, Lucille A. Smith (1959)

Daugherty, Elizabeth Hunt (1925)

Dorbecker, Doris Lorene Phipps 1969)

Downing, Elizabeth Williams (1943)

Engle, Barbara Louise (1983)

Ferguson, Lettie McCave (1929)

Fifield (Esther Lillian Harper (1979)

Fruits, Katherine O'Connell (1965)

Gardner, Dorothy Haberstroh (1947)

Women in the Indiana General Assembly

Gardner, Ella Van Sickle (1927)

Garrett (Mary Ann Cornelison (1949)

Gaylord, Ella Frances Henderson (1967)

Gubbins, Joan Margaret Burton (1969)

Haines, Tella Chloe (1931)

Hall, Katie Beatrice Greene (1975)

Hawthorne, Marcia Moorman (1961)

Hibner, Janet Louise Nelson (1977)

Kirk, Naomi Joy (1955)

Klinker, Sheila Ann Johnston (1983)

Lauck, Marie Theresa (1959)

Lloyd, Daisy Riley (1965)

Logan, Cecilia M. (1965)

Lowe, Mabel Leota Hoar Smith (1943

Lynch, Irma Stone (1945)

Malinka, Bernadine (Betty) (1943)

Maloney, Anna (1961)

May, Emma Mary (1945)

Miller, Patricia Louise Miller (1983)

Misener, Mary Zeola Hershey (1929)

Mosby, Carolyn Allan Brown J. (1979)

Nelson, Julia D. Reynolds (1921)

Nicolson, Roberta West (1935)

Noble, Jane Ann (1949)

Norris, Fern Elizabeth Duenk (1951)

Parent, Lillian May Cox (1977)

Petterson, Mary Jean Miller (1979)

Pond, Phyllis Joan Ruble (1979)

Rainey, Elizabeth (1923)

Roach, Grace Elizabeth Brewington (1949)

Schultz, Marilyn Frances (1973)

Seyfield, Maryann Crossen (1975)

Smelser, Anna May Padberg (1953)

Stout, Harriet Cracraft (1955)

VanArsdale, Catherine Eva Stackhouse (1975)

Wilson, Esther Marie Rulza (1977)

Wilson, Ida Roth (1943)

Wooffendale, Mattie Lucille McEwen (1973)

Worman, Marna Jo Newhouser (1977)

Wyatt, Margaret Lambert (1945)

Zimmerman, Bertha A. Goad (1929)

women from indiana in congress
Women from Indiana in Congress.

Virginia Ellis Jenckes 73rd-75th

Cecil Murray Harden 81st-85th

Katie Beatrice Hall 97th-98th

Jill Long 101-103rd

Julia Carson 105th -

web sources
Web Sources

Women's History: Significant Indiana Women

Indiana History--Women

Indiana Women's History

INDIANA'S TRAILBLAZING WOMEN: 2001 Engagement Calendar by Judy H. Singleton. 2000, 2001

biographical sources for women in indiana
Biographical Sources for Women in Indiana
  • Biography Resource Center (allows searching by place of birth and time period)
  • Biographical and Genealogical


  • Indiana Women (1941)
  • First Ladies of Indiana and

the Governors


  • Madison, Clifton, Carmony...

Since there is no one source that pulls together biographical information about important women in Indiana, shouldn’t we construct a Biographical List of Women in Indiana?

List of women included in various sources…..including:

  • Shumaker
  • Phillips
  • Post
  • Biographical Resource Center
  • Biographical and Genealogical Master Index
  • Biographical Directory of the Indiana General Assembly
what it doesn t include
What it doesn’t include:
  • Madison
  • Thornbourgh
  • Indiana Scientists
  • Courtney
the end http www indiana edu libgpd louhome womeninindiana ppt
The End