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Context Questions. CLose Reading Revision. This type of question asks you to define a word by looking at the context it is in.

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Context questions

Context Questions

CLose Reading Revision

Context questions1

This type of question asks you to define a word by looking at the context it is in.

This is a useful skill to have, even if you are not explicitly asked for the definition, as it will help you understand the text a bit better if you use this skill regardless.

Context questions


Q. There was nothing left except the dusty, soft at the context it is in.remnants of some ginger snaps. I shook the crumbs from the table and looked carefully for fingerprints.

A. Remnants = remains/left overs (definition)

“crumbs” and “nothing left” (quote words which helped)



He walked over to the bar and at the context it is in.decanted some fresh whisky into his glass. He passed it to his guest who swirled the glass, sniffed and smiled. ‘A vintage year’.

She had more vigour than any woman I had ever known of that age. She could outrun teenagers half her years, and seemed to be always on the go.


Close reading revision

3. Her replies were always very at the context it is in.succinct. She never told you more than the minimum or gave too much away. Many people thought her rude for it.

4. The movie ‘Titanic’ was beset with difficulties. The ship wouldn’t sink on command for one, and cast kept coming down with chills due to the amount of time spent in the freezing water.

5. He would forever be notorious in the region. No-one had ever carried out a crime so vicious or cruel, and it would live on in the memories of the townsfolk.

Close reading revision

6. The privates knew for a long time that they would be treated by the officers as subordinate. All the poor, dirty jobs would be theirs, there would be no answering back, and God help the man who ended up in trouble.

7. Blanched debris littered the beach; branches bleached by the sun, newspapers with faded headlines and seaweed which crackled under foot.

8. The Holy Grail, that revered Christian symbol, remains, as yet, distant and mythical.