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Sightings of Dead People

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Sightings of Dead People. By Josh Burrage. OCR Philosophy of Religion says:. Dr Deepak Chopra said that bodies are comprised of energy. When a person dies sometimes the energy field retains their image. This is what Dr Chopra thinks is a ghost, it is an individual's consciousness.

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ocr philosophy of religion says
OCR Philosophy of Religion says:

Dr Deepak Chopra said that bodies are comprised of energy. When a person dies sometimes the energy field retains their image. This is what Dr Chopra thinks is a ghost, it is an individual's consciousness.

Other people argue that ghosts are manifestations of dead people. With so many witnesses, they can’t be hallucinations.

Possible explanations for these sightings include:

  • Hoaxes or tricks
  • The ‘stone tape’ theory – stones can record dramatic events and ‘play them back’ in the right conditions.
  • Ghosts could be mistaken identity.
something to think about
Something to think about:
  • Is it realistic to assume that ALL sightings of dead people are hoaxes or tricks?
  • By inference to the best explanation can we assume that sightings of dead people are, at least for the most part, genuine?
  • How much credibility is there behind ‘stone tape’ theory?
  • What would Hick say about the idea of ghosts being mistaken identity?
  • How can replica theory be used to criticise sightings of dead people?
explanation to b grade standard
Explanation to B grade standard:

Dr Deepak Chopra stated that bodies are comprised of energy. They appear solid but in fact, they are a mass of energy which, when a person dies can possibly retain the shape of the body for a fixed time period. The energy that remains is manifested by the individual’s consciousness into what he considers to be a ghost. This theory can be criticised in that some argue there is no evidence for the body being comprised of energy and a much more likely explanation is that people are being hoaxed into believing that they have seen ghosts when in reality, they have simply been tricked.

synoptic links
Synoptic Links:
  • John Hick’s Replica Theory links to sightings of dead people as it could provide a possible explanation behind the sightings. If someone who dies is replicated in another place, then it is possible that the same person could see them again. However, Hick states that the person is replicated in a different place and this raises an issue as to how the dead person could be sighted again.
  • Christianity can be seen to support the sightings of dead people through Jesus, when he was raised from the dead and was seen by people alive again after his crucifixion. Also, Lazarus was raised form the dead by Jesus. Both of these are from the New Testament and suggest that sightings of dead people are possible according to the mainstream Christian belief.

Sightings of dead people have a large weight of evidence behind them. The huge number of people that have seen them alone is a big suggestion that they are more than just lies, illusions or tricks of the mind. The New Testament further supports this through the experiences of Jesus and the miracle of Lazarus. Dr Deepak Chopra also supports the existence of ghosts and offers a vague scientific explanation.

However, there is no concrete proof behind the existence of ghosts or sightings of the dead. With the number of sightings and the existence of modern technology it seems extraordinary that no-one has considered to record or photograph such a phenomenon. Further to this, many people may misguide the truth to fulfil an attention seeking personality or to get media attention. Experiences in the past can be accounted for by the fact that water was not drinkable and therefore people were permanently intoxicated and may have had hallucinations as a result.