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Implementation Management and Monitoring Tool (IM/M) PowerPoint Presentation
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Implementation Management and Monitoring Tool (IM/M)

Implementation Management and Monitoring Tool (IM/M)

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Implementation Management and Monitoring Tool (IM/M)

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  1. Implementation Management and Monitoring Tool (IM/M) Supporting Data-Based Decision Making

  2. Tools Flowchart

  3. The What, Where & How? of the IMM Tool.

  4. What is the IMM Tool? • The IMM provides teams a way for: • Documenting improvement plans • Guiding implementation of strategies and actions • Monitoring progress of adult and student performance • Facilitating team discussions for needed mid-course corrections based on generated reports

  5. The Reports & Evaluation Plan • Progress Measures • Implementation Timeline • Communication Approach IMM Reports

  6. Team Narrative Evaluation of Plan Results and Process • How do planned results compare to actual outcomes in student performance? • What is the impact of professional development on teacher practice and student achievement/ • Has our district plan been implemented with integrity, on-time and within budget? • What lessons has the district learned as a result of implementing this plan (and how will they be applied to the next plan)? • What should the district do to institutionalize successes and eliminate unsuccessful practices?

  7. Where can you find the IMM Tool? The IMM tool is available to any district user with CCIP access. The IMM is located in the CCIP.

  8. How does a district or building team use the IMM tool? • Let’s hear how one district has use the IMM tool in practice. Tom Hausterman Associate Superintendent of Winton Woods City Schools

  9. WWCSDApplicationImplementation Management/Monitoring T.Hausterman Winton Woods City SD Associate Superintendent May 21,2010

  10. Adult Implementation Indicator

  11. Content Specific Vocabulary Grades 5-8 Science

  12. Summarizing Grades 5-8 Literacy

  13. Short Answer/Extended ResponseGrades 5-8 Math

  14. Student Performance Indicator

  15. Summarizing Grades 5-8 Student Evidence

  16. Content Specific Vocabulary Grades 5-8 Student Evidence

  17. Student Performance Indicator Benchmark like Practice Assessments

  18. 5th -6th Grade – Reading December Practice Assessment All Students

  19. 7th -8th Grade – Math LEP

  20. Action Step Implementation

  21. Implementation Rubric



  24. WWCSDDLT Progress Review Quarterly Data Reviews

  25. Winton Woods City SchoolsFocused Improvement plan Progress Report Summary • Tuesday January 19, 2010 • The District Leadership Team (list of 37 members on the next slide) met to review the first semester progress of the three year District Improvement Plan 2009-2012. • The work session was used to review: - Specific examples of evidence supplied by the Directors of Science/Literacy, Math, Student Services and Human Resources to determine at what stage the improvement plan action steps were being implemented. - First semester data – reflecting implementation of key instructional practices of the plan, student use of those strategies and assessment outcome data from the December 2009 benchmark practice assessment. • The large group was divided into two teams, one team reviewed Science/Literacy data and a second team reviewed Math/Positive Behavioral Supports/Human Resource data. Each team recorded for the Action Step review the evidence provided by directors to determine level of implementing the plan action steps and looked for trends provided by the instructional data, student use of strategies data and assessment results.

  26. District Leadership Team Tuesday January 19, 2010 • Team Responsibilities • Identify a team spokesperson - reports out on the team findings • Identify a recorder - take notes to organize report Review data and evidence as presented for the area of review • Record evidence that reflect implementation of action steps • Use implementation rubric to determine level of action step implementation • Report out results of review to the large group reflecting implementation evidence, instructional practice implementation, student use of strategies and assessments result trends.

  27. District Leadership Team Tuesday January 19, 2010 • Work Session – Data and Evidence Used to Chart Progress • Resources - Data graphs, charts reflecting December benchmark like assessment, instructional practices, action step evidence, hiring practices and response to building to positive building climate • Resources – Specific evidence such as PD schedules, walk through observation data, sample questions were provided by directors assigned to specific areas of the plan (Math –Math Curriculum Director; Literacy/Science –Curriculum Director; Positive Behavior Supports – Director of Student Services; Human Resources – Human Resources Director

  28. Progress Measure Report

  29. Implementation Timeline Report

  30. District Leadership Team Summary +’s and ▲’s Literacy/Science +’s Grade 6 LEP students within reach of Reading target based on December benchmark assessment Economically Disadvantaged students exceeded the Reading target based on December benchmark assessment 8th grade Reading December benchmark assessment results within reach of target 5th grade December benchmark assessment Science scores exceeded Spring 2008 Science scores 8th grade Science December benchmark scores exceeded spring 2008 OAT scores by 11.6% ‘s 5th grade IEP/LEP students – insufficient progress in Reading – mid course change recommended 7TH/8TH grade IEP students – insufficient progress in Reading – mid course change recommended

  31. District Leadership Team Summary +’s and ▲’s Math/Positive Behavioral Supports/Human Resources +’s 100% of teachers are using board adopted materials and programs 100% new/replacement teachers hired completed Teacher Insight screening and interview Increased use of Short Answer/ Extended Response (+23%) Content specific vocabulary is being taught at a high level Slight increase in Math IEP benchmark performance (19%) at 5th/6th Must continue at 19% in March/April to reach Safe Harbor 40% increase in Math IEP benchmark scores at 7th/8th Positive Behavioral Supports has been implemented across the district Behavioral data being reviewed at the building level bi-monthly Teacher modeling of expectations has increased