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Discipline Planning

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Discipline Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Discipline Planning. May 26, 2008. REVISED. Why Do Another Plan?. A discipline plan is one tool to communicate your school’s plan for maintaining a positive, respectful, inclusive climate that promotes academic achievement

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Discipline Planning

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discipline planning

Discipline Planning

May 26, 2008


why do another plan
Why Do Another Plan?
  • A discipline plan is one tool to communicate your school’s plan for maintaining a positive, respectful, inclusive climate that promotes academic achievement
  • It is one piece of how we ensure a safe and drug-free learning environment and equitable outcomes in disciplinary outcomes
  • Effective planning that utilizes positive behavior supports maximizes the time students spend in school
  • Because it is required
pps has agreed
PPS Has Agreed:
  • All schools will have a discipline plan
  • The plan will be created with staff input
  • The building discipline procedure will be reviewed by staff by June 1….
  • Printed copies will be distributed to parents and building staff by the end of the second week of each school year….
essential ingredients
Essential Ingredients
  • Philosophy or Guiding Principles
  • Procedures
philosophy or guiding principles
Philosophy or Guiding Principles
  • What is important?
  • Why we do what we do
  • Procedures
philosophy sample
Philosophy (Sample)
  • “Positive school and classroom climate contribute to positive behavior. [School Name]’s discipline philosophy consists of five basic components: high expectations for student behavior, clear and understandable rules, fair and equitable enforcement of these rules, reasonable consequences for infractions of rules, and consistent acknowledgment of positive behavior and improvement on the part of students.”
philosophy sample1
Philosophy (Sample)
  • “All educators should assume that students need explicit instruction about behavior norms in class, in the halls, and on school grounds. Teachers and the administrator should be able to articulate what they have done to teach their student about acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Students must be aware that all staff members are expected to supervise students and correct misbehavior when needed.”
  • Who does what?
  • May provide an expectation that each teacher will create and implement a classroom management plan
  • May provide an expectation that each teacher will submit their classroom management plan to the school administrator by a date that is reasonable
  • May provide an expectation that staff will teach school-wide expectations and how this will be done
more on procedures
More on Procedures
  • Will identify behavioral expectations for students
  • Includes referral process
  • May include procedures for staff to follow when a major incident occurs (A/D, Fight, Assault, etc.)
  • Will conform with district policies and the Guide to Policies, Rules, and Procedures, on Student Responsibilities, Rights, and Discipline
more on procedures cont
More on Procedures (cont.)
  • Will conform with the process outlined in PAT contract
  • Some schools include statements about harassment, diversity, and the prohibition of corporal punishment
procedures sample
Procedures (Sample)
  • Teachers use the [School Name] Rules and Behavioral Expectations to develop rules and expectations for their classroom. A copy must be turned in to the Principal by [DATE]
  • Teachers share their Classroom Management Plan with parents at Back to School Night on September [DATE].
  • Re-teaching of these rules and expectations will occur throughout the year, especially after students have been out of school for an extended time (winter and spring breaks). Consistent re-teaching will support students in their learning and understanding of these expectations.
procedures sample1
Procedures (Sample)
  • Teachers will establish a routine discipline sequence for minor transgressions. This might include:
    • Proximity or other non verbal signal
    • Praise of responsible behavior
    • Gentle verbal reprimand or warning
    • Discussion/conference
    • Short time-out
    • Family contact or conference
    • Detention
    • Restitution
    • Behavior contract
    • Referral to administrator
procedures sample2
Procedures (Sample)
  • All discipline procedures will adhere to guidelines identified in the HANDBOOK ON STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES, RIGHTS AND DISCIPLINE published by Portland Public Schools. This document will be sent home during the first two weeks of school, after teachers have taught and reviewed [NAME]’s Rules and Behavioral Expectations. These rules and expectations will be re-taught throughout the year.
need help
Need Help?
  • Tammy Jackson

503.916.2000 ext. 71004 tjackson@pps.k12.or.us

thank you

Thank You!!

Special Thanks to Those Schools Who Have Created Materials Used As Models in This Presentation