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CPUC Climate Change Proceeding

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CPUC Climate Change Proceeding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CPUC Climate Change Proceeding. California Air Resources Board (ARB) must develop a state-wide scoping plan by January 1, 2009 to achieve AB 32 goals.

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cpuc climate change proceeding
CPUC Climate Change Proceeding
  • California Air Resources Board (ARB) must develop a state-wide scoping plan by January 1, 2009 to achieve AB 32 goals.
  • CPUC and CEC developed and adopted joint recommendations to the ARB for GHG emissions reductions from the electricity and natural gas sectors in California.
cpuc climate change proceeding1
CPUC Climate Change Proceeding

Recommendations for ARB Actions:

  • Primary tools for emissions reductions from the electricity sector are existing regulatory programs and mandates:
    • Set energy efficiency requirements at the level of all cost-effective energy efficiency in the State;
    • Require POUs to deliver at least 20 percent renewable electricity to their customers by 2017;
    • Seek legislation that requires electricity retail providers to deliver more than 20% of their power from renewable sources;
  • For additional electricity sector emissions reductions necessary to achieve AB 32 goals, impose a multi‑sector cap-and-trade system.
  • For the natural gas sector, rely on efficiency programs now and consider cap and trade at a later time.
  • Most GHG allowances should be auctioned, not allocated, with proceeds going to programs to benefit rate-payers.
cpuc staff proposal csi for affordable multi family housing
CPUC Staff Proposal: CSI for Affordable Multi-Family Housing

Two-Track Program

  • Fixed Incentives: $75.3M provides up-front $3-4/watt rebates for solar systems that meet CSI requirements – One-time payment to qualifying projects based on expected performance covering up to 85% of the system costs.
  • Grants: $20M provides qualifying housing buildings the opportunity to apply for a higher incentive, up to 100% of total system costs not covered by tax credits or other incentives, if they can prove direct tenant benefit.