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peo company in tulsa, oklahoma PowerPoint Presentation
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peo company in tulsa, oklahoma

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peo company in tulsa, oklahoma - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kruse PEO can help minimize your non-revenue generating HR responsibilities, so that you can concentrate on improving business productivity and profitability through focused utilization of resources.

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peo company in tulsa, oklahoma

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about us
About Us

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma Kruse PEO helps its client companies by means of a co-employment relationship, where it takes over the employer responsibilities of the organization. It is this aspect that enables Kruse PEO to help even medium-sized and small companies carry out their business economically while effectively taking care of their HR responsibilities.

peo services
PEO Services
  • Payroll and Tax Administration
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Workers’ Compensation Administration
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory and Government Compliance
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Employer Liability Management
  • Immigration Compliance
employee benefits
Employee Benefits

You’ve got a vision, a plan for your business. But who’s going to bring that into action? It is your workforce, your employees, who strive hard to satisfy your vision and live up to your goals. You need the best out there to ensure effective transformation of your ideas into concrete results that would pave the way for further growth and greater productivity. Offering exciting employee benefits can attract the right talent. Employee benefit services by Kruse PEO can help immensely in this regard.

vital benefits of peo services
Vital Benefits of PEO Services

A PEO company such as Kruse PEO can help you in the following ways:

  • Ensure efficient administration of human resources

and related responsibilities

  • Acquire resources that lead to better handling of

tasks even beyond human resources

  • Attain streamlining of business processes
  • Cut costs and increase productivity as you can

devote your resources and energy for your core


  • Keep your workforce motivated and also attract

talented professionals with our ability to administer

attractive Fortune 500 benefits

thank you
Thank You

Contact Us

Kruse PEO

4608 S. Garnett, Suite 400

Tulsa, OK 74146

Toll Free: (800) 258-1036

Visit us: