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Rootin ’ Tootin ’ Inventin ’ Texans! PowerPoint Presentation
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Rootin ’ Tootin ’ Inventin ’ Texans!

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Rootin ’ Tootin ’ Inventin ’ Texans! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rootin ’ Tootin ’ Inventin ’ Texans!
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  1. Rootin’ Tootin’ Inventin’ Texans! Click Here!!

  2. Learning is FUN After working your way through this lesson, you will answer questions in a quick quiz! Click Here Let’s Get Started!

  3. Menu Click on the picture next to each name to find out more about that inventor! Gail Borden Joseph Glidden Quiz Time

  4. Gail Borden’s Life • Born in Norwich, N. Y. on Nov. 9, 1801 • Moved to Texas in 1829 • Wanted to help pioneers survive harsh conditions • First invention was a dehydrated meat biscuit Click Here

  5. Gail Borden’s Patent • Visited a Shaker Community in 1851 and observed sugar making • Applied for patent in 1853 to condense milk • Was denied because the process was not new • Proved the use of vacuums in the process and was granted patent Click Here

  6. Gail Borden’s Patent • The New York Condensed Milk Company was formed in 1856(Now the Borden Company) • The condensed milk helped feed the Union Army in the Civil War Click Here

  7. Borden’s Contributions to Texas • Educated dairymen in sanitation • Organized many schools • Built six churches • Supported poorly paid ministers, teachers, and students Click Here

  8. Joseph Glidden’s Life • Born in Charleston, New Hampshire on January 18, 1813 • Grew up as a farmer’s boy in Orleans County, NY • Received teacher training at Vermont’s Middlebury Academy • Went back to the family farm • Began his journey westward in 1842 Click Here

  9. Joseph Glidden’s Patent • Did not invent Barbed wire, but made improvements to it • The DeKalb County Fair is where he found the idea for barbed wire • Barbed wire fencing is made up of two pieces of wire twisted together to form a cable with thorn-like bobs at regular intervals Click Here

  10. Joseph Glidden’s Patent • Barbed wire is use to protect crops, water supplies, and livestock from damage • October 27, 1873, Glidden applied for a patent for a specific method of attaching the barbs to wire • October 20, 1874, Glidden’s patent was granted Read the 1st paragraph under “sought patent for improvement” to find out who Glidden got his idea from! Click Here

  11. Glidden’s Contributions to Texas • 1881-Glidden and H. B. Sanborn bought 125,000 acres of land in Texas • The land was filled with cattle and fenced with Glidden wire • Barbed wire has been called “the force that tamed the west” Click Here

  12. Quiz #1 Which invention helped soldiers in the Civil War? Dehydrated meat biscuit Barbed wire Condensed milk

  13. Quiz #2 Where did Joseph Glidden’s idea come from? Lumberman, Jacob Haish Fencing made by Henry M. Rose Hardware merchant Isaac Leonard Ellwood

  14. Quiz #3 What was the first name of Borden’s Company? Borden’s Milk Company Condensed Milk USA The New York Condensed Milk Company

  15. Quiz #4 What fair did Glidden attend where he found the idea for his invention? South-Plains Fair Scarborough Renaissance Festival DeKalb County Fair

  16. Quiz #5 What did Borden contribute to Texas? Supported underpaid ministers, teachers, and students Purchased 125,000 acres and fenced cattle Fed the homeless in his home

  17. Citations;_ylt=AumsznIvPw.1TbSaSqcfR4GbvZx4?fr=yfp-t-900-s&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&p=borden%20milk;_ylt=A0PDoKo_fDVRITQAOwCJzbkF?p=barbed%20wire%20fence&fr=yfp-t-900-s&ei=utf-8&n=30&x=wrt&fr2=sg-gac&sado=1 Click Here When Done