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  1. Switch Switch • How to Change Things When Change Is Hard • Based on the book by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

  2. Objectives • Strategies to help you and your organization to change behavior to change the outcome. • Learn the difference between analytical and emotional behavior. • Improve your ability to communicate the vision of the change.

  3. OptimizationWhat is Dispatch Optimization?COMMANDoptimize and INTEGRAoptimize rely on an optimization "engine" to continually evaluate your delivery requirements and dispatch resources to create and continually adjust a lowest-cost operational plan for your current and next dispatch day. Truck counts, locations, and capacities are evaluated continually to ensure that the optimal operational plan is being executed every minute of the day and that every dispatch decision balances the "lowest cost" solution for your operation with the best possible customer service.

  4. Why “Switch” ?3 steps Direct the Rider (information and data driven) Motivate the Elephant (emotional and feelings) Shape the Path

  5. Direct the Rider Follow the bright spots Script the Critical Moves Point to the Destination

  6. Find the bright spot

  7. Script the Critical Moves

  8. Point to the Changes • Change is easier if you know where you are going.

  9. Exercise 1 – Direct the Rider Challenge Statement: Lack of upfront communication You are the general manager and have just been informed by the owner that he has decided to purchase NEW Software program. You understand that it will help increase profits by improving productivity and service. But, you also understand that this is not some piece of software that you just ‘turn on’ and start using. Policies, procedures, and job responsibilities will have to be reevaluated prior to implementation. This project will take lots of planning in order for it to be successful. Your job is to explain to your team why it was purchased, what the benefits are, and how it is going to be implemented. List the steps you will take to communicate the changes to your team before the process begins.

  10. Motivate the Elephant Find the Feeling Shrink the Change Grow Your People

  11. Find the feeling • Demonstration

  12. Shrink the Change

  13. Grow Your People

  14. Exercise 2 – Motivate the Elephant Challenge Statement: Dispatchers will be fearful of Optimization because they feel their jobs will change in a negative way. Ok, you did a good job communicating the vision. Everyone understands that Optimization will leverage the data already in the system and make suggestions to deliver the best service at the lowest costs. But, there are concerns from your team that their role is going to be impacted in a negative way. Your job is assuring each person that they will experience a positive change. Write down each role and list the positive impacts for them, the customer, and the company.

  15. Shape the Path Tweak the Environment (expense sheets) Build Habits (two bowls of soup) Rally the Herd (tip jar)

  16. Exercise 3 – Shape the Path Challenge Statement: Connecting individual roles to the performance of the organization. So far you’ve communicated the vision and your team understands that this is good for them, your customers, and the company. The last step is to point them in the right direction and visually take them down the path. Your job is to convey to everyone what the new culture will look for the company and each role that will assure the success of this project. How will you shape the path?

  17. Please complete the evaluations before you leave. Thank you for participating in “Switch”.