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Casey Longfield. [email protected] 0438341607 Neipce. Joseph Nicéphore Niépce was a French inventor, most noted as one of the inventors of photography and a pioneer in the field. Henry Robinson .

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Casey longfield

Casey Longfield

[email protected]



Joseph NicéphoreNiépce was a French inventor, most noted as one of the inventors of photography and a pioneer in the field.

Henry robinson
Henry Robinson

Henry Peach Robinson (1830-1901), The Lady of Shalott, 1860-1861.Albumen print from three negatives.

Fox talbot
Fox Talbot

Leaves of Orchidea “Talbot found a way to fix the light in a piece of paper thereby producing one of the first photographs in the world”.


The daguerreotype was the first method of obtaining permanant images with a camera. Invented by Frenchman Louis-Jacques-Mande in 1839.


An early photographic process in which negatives were made with paper coated with silver iodide.


Eugène Delacroix, 1858

Charles Baudelaire, 1855

James maxwell
James Maxwell

James Maxwell, discovered the process of the first colour photograph in 1861

William mumler
William Mumler

Self- portrait 1861. William Mumler, the worlds first spirit photographer.

Eadweard muybridge
Eadweard Muybridge

“Ascending and descending stairs”Animal Locomotion Plate 504, 1887Collotype

“Lawn tennis”Animal Locomotion Plate 298, 1887Collotype

35mm Camera

The 35mm Camera invented in 1905 by Oskar Barkack, a German optical engineer. Barkack was working for a microscope manufacturer and is the creator of photography as we know it today.

Alfred steiglitz
Alfred Steiglitz

Ellen Koeniger, Lake George, 1916.


Autochrome is a photographic transparency film patented in America, June 5,1906 by Auguste and Louis Lumiére of Lyons, France.

Edward weston
Edward Weston

Nude 1939

Moholy nagy
Moholy Nagy

Moholy Nagy, born in 1895 was a Hungarian painter and photogapher.

Dorothea lange
Dorothea Lange

California, February 1936. “Migrant Mother”

Lewis hine
Lewis Hine

“The work Hine did for [child labour reform] was more responsible than all other efforts in bringing the need to public attention. The evils were intellectually but not emotionally recognized until his skill, vision and artistic finesse focused the camera intelligently on these social problems.”

- National Child Labour Committee

Flash bulb
Flash Bulb

The first recognisable flash bulb for general use was invented in 1925 by Vierkötter

The leica camera
The Leica Camera

Leica Camera, invented in 1925

August sander
August Sander

Young Farmers, 1914 August Sander,

High School Student, German, 1876–1964)

Ansel adams
Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams, Yosemite National Park

Cartier bresson
Cartier Bresson

CHINA. Beijing. December 1948

Jerry uelsmann
Jerry Uelsmann

Jerry Uelsmann is an American surrealist photographer. Born in 1934 Uelsmann experimented with image layers and photomontage in the darkroom.

Athol shmith
Athol Shmith

Beauty, 1950’s

Robert Capa

‘The Falling Soldier’ 1936

"If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough" (Robert Capa).

The polaroid camera
The Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid Camera was invented by Edwin Land in 1960.

The digital camera
The Digital Camera

The first digital camera, 1975

Annie leibovitz
Annie Leibovitz

Andrew gursky
Andrew Gursky

Collections from Gursky’s large format images

Anne geddes
Anne Geddes

Gemma 1988

Max dupain
Max Dupain

‘The Sunbaker’ 1937

‘Bondi’ 1939

Peter lik
Peter Lik

Lik’s landscape works in America, Arizona and Californial.

Tracey moffatt
Tracey Moffatt

Two images from Moffatts series ‘Up in the Sky’ 1997

The iphone
The iPhone

iPhone 6

iPhone’s Photography Application ‘Hipstomatic’

Bill henson
Bill Henson

'Untitled 2002-2003’

Image from Henson’s controversial 2008 Collection


The Gigapan, invented in 2008 is a robotic platform for capturing high-resolution images from a standard digital camera