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《 英汉语篇翻译教程 》 . 著者:范守义、郭立秋、贾令仪 2011 年 6-9 月. 译文讲评: Text A (PPT v 2.0). Text A: 10 Things Millionaires Won’t Tell You . Passage 13: . 第 1 段第 1 句. household 也是有多个义项的,包括 house · hold [countable] all the people who live together in one house [= house]:

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2011 6 9




Text a 10 things millionaires won t tell you

译文讲评:Text A (PPT v 2.0)

Text A: 10 Things Millionaires Won’t Tell You

Passage 13:

2011 6 9

  • household也是有多个义项的,包括

  • house·hold[countable]

  • all the people who live together in one house[=house]:

  • A growing number of households have at least one computer.

  • Families are classified by the occupation of the head of the household(=the person who earns the most money and is most respected in a house).

They’re richer than 90 percent of U.S. households,

2011 6 9

  • household[only before noun]

  • 1 relating to looking after a house and the people in it[=domestic]

    household goods/products/items etc

  • washing powder and other household products

  • household chores

    2be a household name/word

    to be very well known:

  • Coca Cola is a household name around the world.

1 2 2 1

  • 其中exclusive的多重义项只能在特定的语境中确定其意义而后给出合适的译文。

But the club isn’t so exclusive anymore.

Indeed, many millionaires still don’t have enough for exclusive luxuries, like membership at an elite golf club, which can top $300,000 a year.

2011 6 9

  • ex·clu·siveadj.

    1. Excluding or tending to exclude: exclusive barriers.

    2. Not allowing something else; incompatible: mutually exclusive conditions.

    3. Not divided or shared with others: exclusive publishing rights.

    4. Not accompanied by others; single or sole: your exclusive function.

    5. Complete; undivided: gained their exclusive attention.

    6. Not including the specified extremes or limits, but only the area between them: 20-25, exclusive; that is, 21, 22, 23 and 24.

    7. Excluding some or most, as from membership or participation: an exclusive club.

    8. Catering to a wealthy clientele; expensive: exclusive shops.

    9. Linguistics Of, relating to, or being a first person plural pronoun that excludes the addressee, such as we in the sentence Chris and I will be in town tomorrow, so we can stop by your office.


    1. A news item initially released to only one publication or broadcaster.

    2. An exclusive right or privilege, as to market a product.

2011 6 9

  • Fidelity International (FIL Limited)(富达国际有限公司)

  • 始建于1969年,在百慕大注册成立的有限公司,地址是 Pembroke Hall, 42 Crow Lane, Pembroke HM19, P.O. Box HM670, Hamilton HMCX, Bermuda。该公司向美国和加拿大以外的国家,即向欧洲、中东、非洲和亚洲各地个人及机构投资者提供资产管理服务。富达国际已成为世界最大的投资管理公司之一,管理庞大资产,提供多元化服务,近年获得多个国际奖项及荣誉。富达国际先后设立 “Greater China Fund”及“China Fund”,投资香港及国内的证券市场,在2004 年6 月,透过其香港公司在上海设立代表处。将Fidelity译成富达,或者富达国际都是可以的;但是不要轻易将其翻译成“富达基金”,更不要将其翻译成中国某市的什么富达基金。

2011 6 9

  • 其中sustain一词用法较灵活,包括:

  • sus·tainverb

    Definition ofSUSTAIN

    transitive verb

    1:to give support or relief to

    2:to supply with sustenance:nourish

    3:keep up,prolong

    4:to support the weight of:prop;also:to carry or withstand (a weight or pressure)

“They’re worried about health care, retirement and how they’ll sustain their lifestyle,”

2011 6 9

  • sus·tain

    5:to buoy up<sustainedby hope>

    6 a:to bear up under b:suffer,undergo<sustainedheavy losses>

    7 a:to support as true, legal, or just b:to allow or admit as valid<the courtsustainedthe motion>

    8:to support by adequate proof:confirm<testimony that sustainsour contention>

  • 根据文章内容判断,sustain这里应选第3个意思,即“维持”某种状况。

2011 6 9

  • 其中tidy的这种说法不难从一般的词典中找到:

  • ti·dyadj.ti·di·er, ti·di·est

    1. Orderly and neat in appearance or procedure. See Synonyms at neat.

    2. Informal Adequate; satisfactory: a tidy arrangement.

    3. Informal Substantial; considerable: a tidy sum.

    v. ti·died, ti·dy·ing, ti·dies

    v.tr. : To put in order: tidied up the house.

    v.intr. : To make things tidy: tidied up after dinner.


    A decorative protective covering for the arms or headrest of a chair.

While $1 million was a tidy sumthree decades ago,

2011 6 9

  • research firm TNS

  • TNS是全球最大的市场研究与资讯公司之一,早在1992年即进驻中国市场,成为该领域的先行者。TNS一路见证着中国经济的高速发展,目睹中国逐渐成长为世界上最大的制造中心和最大的消费者市场。我们非常高兴能够参与其中,并继续协助我们的本土和国际客户做出更为有效的战略决策。TNS认为中国是全球最重要的市场之一,我们的业务在这里得以迅猛发展。真诚希望我们在了解消费者行为方面所做的努力——了解他们的消费产品、消费地点、消费原因、消费时间以及消费方式——可以让您有所收益。我们致力于成为您的商业第六感!

  • 参见TNS 网页:

  • http://www.tns-global.com.cn/China/index.asp

  • http://www.tnsglobal.com/

2011 6 9

  • 其中mind-set或mindset有两个义项,即A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations. 和An inclination or a habit.作为心理学、思维科学术语,这个词的中文对应词是“思维定式”,但是作为这篇文章,并非纯属心理学类专业文章,只是谈人们的一般行为,故采用第2个义项,即“思维习惯”,读者容易懂些。

About 80 percent say they spend with a middle-class mind-set, according to a 2007 survey of high-net-worth individuals, published by American Express and the Harrison Group.

2011 6 9

  • 这句中另外一个表达“high-net-worth individuals”的意思是:

  • Ahigh net worth individual(HNWI) is a person with a highnet worth. In theprivate bankingbusiness, these individuals typically are defined as having investable assets (financial assets not including primary residence) in excess of US$1 million.As explained below, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has promulgated a different definition of "high net worth individual" for regulatory purposes.

2011 6 9

  • “clipping coupons”

  • coupon一词的意思主要有两个:

  • Coupon[countable]

    1 a small piece of printed paper that gives you the right to pay less for something or get something free:

  • The coupon entitles you to 10 cents off your next purchase.

    2 a printed form, used when you order something, enter a competition etc:

  • To order, fill in the coupon on page 154.

  • 即 1赠券,优待券等,2申请表、入场券等。文章取第一个意思。

2011 6 9

  • 这句话的含义并不是说他们家想买什么就买什么,而是像译文那样,过日子还是精打细算:他说:“我们不过是刚能买得起各种日常所需”。他还补充道,自己的财产净值超过了一百万美元。

“We can afford just about anything,” he says, adding that his net worth is over $1 million.

2011 6 9
4段第5 句

  • 这是个比较有争议的说法,其词源是 “that having been said” or “that being said”的省略式,公认的释义使however,比如Christmas is exploited by capitalism. That said, it is still a religious festival. 其同义的说法是having said that。

  • 但是在语境中人们的语感还是有些细微的差别,因此,对其解释不尽相同。有一个网友是这样坚持他的意见:

That said, there are plenty of millionaires who never check a price tag.

2011 6 9

  • I can only repeat: That saidmeans “having said that”. In other words you use the construction to suggest that although what you (the writer) have said is taken for granted/accepted, you wish to add something else.或者说:That said, means (to me), “While that (the preceding is true) the converse (which follows) is also true”;or “While accepting the aforementioned, it is also true that…”

  • 有的则坚持说:sorry sir, but I guess you’re wrong. I think it always comes in the beginning of a concessive clause meaning yet, but ... etc.他举例子说: The Interpreter would have more current-events clout if it dealt with specific issues in a real African country, rather than generic troubles in an imaginary nation. That said, the movie takes what amounts to a daring position in today’s ideological climate.

  • 如果我们揣摩上述意见,觉得就是我们平常说的“可是话又说回来了”,“话虽是这么说,可是”,所以,我们这句话的译文是:话虽说是这样,不过,有很多百万富翁购物从不看价签。

2011 6 9

  • 其中means一词有多种词性,即使在作名词时,它的意思也较多,包括:

I’ve always wanted to live above my means because it inspired me to work harder,”

2011 6 9

  • means

    1.Something having a position, quality, or condition midway between extremes; a medium.


    a.A number that typifies a set of numbers, such as a geometric mean or an arithmetic mean.

    b.The average value of a set of numbers.

    3.LogicThe middle term in a syllogism.

    4.means(used with a sing. or pl. verb)A method, a course of action, or an instrument by which an act can be accomplished or an end achieved.

    5.means(used with a pl. verb)

    a.Money, property, or other wealth:You ought to live within your means.

    b.Great wealth:a woman of means.

  • 文中是以词组above one’s means出现,应指第5个意思中的第a项,拥有的金钱、财产等。

2011 6 9

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad 的全称是Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money

  • —That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not, by Robert T Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter C.P.A., Techpr Inc, 1997. 一般情况下副标题可以不译。

2011 6 9

  • 其中nest egg在大多数情况下可以翻译成“养老金”。比如:

  • Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress Tuesday that the economy should pull out of a recession and start growing again later this year. Still, rising unemployment, sinking home values and cracked nest eggs will still weigh on consumers’ willingness to spend freely.

  • 美联储主席本•伯南克在本周二告诉美国国会,美国经济将在今年晚些时候走出衰退,重新开始增长。但不断攀升的失业率、房屋贬值以及养老金缩水等因素仍将限制消费者自由消费的意愿。

Regardless of how they built their nest egg,

2011 6 9

  • 在上面的报道中,nest egg就是指“养老金”,或是为了某种用途而攒的钱。

  • 《牛津英语大词典》将其解释为“放在巢中以引诱鸟继续在某地产蛋的人工蛋或真蛋”,由于是出于某种目的而把蛋存放在巢中,后来西方人就用nest egg喻指“养老金”或者“应变的储蓄金”。例如:Investing small amounts of money is an excellent way of building a nest egg.(小额投资是积累储备金的好方法)。如果是偷偷攒下的nest egg,就是“私房钱”了。

  • 由此判断,nest egg一词的意思相对比较灵活,在文中如果处理成“养老金”显然比较生硬,所以与积累搭配翻译为“财富”。

2011 6 9

  • 这里judicious一词的意思是done in a sensible and careful way,可以翻译为“明智的;头脑精明的;判断正确的”,比如a judicious choice明智的选择;Judicious praise is to children what the sun is to flowers.明智的表扬之于孩子的作用,就如同阳光之于花朵。

… virtually all millionaires “make judicious use of debt,

2011 6 9

  • The Middle-Class Millionaire

  • 全称是The Middle-Class Millionaire: The Rise of the New Rich and How They Are ChangingAmerica, by Russ Alan Prince, Lewis Schiff New York: Doubleday, 2008。

2011 6 9

  • 译文:“他们利用贷款来开创自己的企业,他们避免使用高利率的信用卡借贷,如果现金流不足就用房产作抵押进行融资。”

They’ll take out loans to build their business, avoid high-interest credit card debt and leverage their home equityto finance purchasesif their cash flow doesn’t cut it.

2011 6 9

  • home equity的定义是:

  • Home equity is the market value of a homeowner’s unencumbered interest in their real property—that is, the difference between the home’s fair market value and the outstanding balance of all liens on the property. The property’s equity increases as the debtor makes payments against the mortgage balance, and/or as the property value appreciates. In economics, home equity is sometimes called real property value.

  • 其中文对应的术语是“房屋净值”。在一般谈话中,人们都理解为“房产”,用“房产”作抵押进行融资,就是进行“房屋净值贷款”(home equity loan);而这又是什么概念呢?房屋净值贷款适合用于一笔大数目的开支,这种贷款在借贷手续完成时可借出一大笔款额,然后在指定的年份内分期付还,贷款的条件和付还期限都以贷款数目的大小来决定。大多数的贷款期限是十年或二十年,但是有些期限可以从五年起至三十年,从许多贷款公司中可找到固定或浮动利率的房屋净值贷款。如果是最普遍的固定利息贷款,在贷款期限内,每月所付的款数也是固定的。

2011 6 9

  • if their cash flow doesn’t cut it是非正式用法,To perform up to expectations or a required standard; be acceptable之义,文中则是否定的用法,即“如果现金流不足”的意思。

2011 6 9

  • 其中That hot restaurant应该不难理解,问题是要找到合适的中文。这里译文是:那家生意火爆的酒店要提前几个月预定,至少普通人打电话预定都会得到这种答复。Joe Nobody就是nobody,啥也不是的意思,可以译成“无名小卒”、“无名鼠辈”,本文中译成“普通人”是贴切的。

That hot restaurant may be booked for months—at least when Joe Nobody calls to make reservations.

2011 6 9

  • “A-list clientele”,

  • clientele其实与client一词的意义非常接近,中文都可以翻译为“客户”,clientele是指all the people who regularly use a shop, restaurant etc或者可以说是a body of clients。这个词源于法语的clientèle。

A list clientele
A-List Clientele 网页


2011 6 9

  • 其中concierge原义是“门房、守门人、宫廷、城堡的钥匙看管人”。十九世纪初期欧洲酒店开始“委托代办”(Concierge)业务,于是有了“金钥匙”(法语les clefs d’or [音:lay clay door])之称谓,即酒店的委托代办服务机构,演变到今天,已经是对具有国际金钥匙组织会员资格的饭店的礼宾部职员的特殊称谓。“金钥匙”已成为世界各国高星级酒店服务水准的形象代表,一个酒店加入了金钥匙组织,就等于在国际酒店行业获得了一席之地;一个酒店拥有了“金钥匙”这种首席礼宾司,就可显示不同凡响的身价。换言之,大酒店的礼宾人员若获得“金钥匙”资格,他也会倍感自豪。因为,他代表着全酒店的服务质量水准,他甚至代表着酒店的整体形象。“金钥匙”也是现代酒店个性化服务的标志,是酒店内外综合服务的总代理。它的服务理念是在不违反当地法律和道德观的前提下,使客人获得“满意加惊喜”的服务,让客人自踏入酒店到离开酒店,自始至终都感受到一种无微不至的关怀和照料。(阳中睿博客)

… and that’s where thepersonal concierge comes in.

Les clefs d or
Les Clefs d’Or 网页


2011 6 9

  • 译文:服务费从每小时25美元到每年六位数字不等。预定时髦餐馆、预定温泉浴场、甚至预定高尔夫俱乐部的早球时间,现代管家们在这些地方都有门路。

Working for retainersthat range anywhere from $25 an hour to six figures a year, these modern-day butlers have the inside trackon chic restaurants, spa reservations, even an early tee timeat the golf club.

2011 6 9

  • Retainer的定义是A retainer is a fee paid to an attorney or other professional in advance, for services. Often, retainers are paid monthly, based on an estimate of the amount of work to be done for the client each month.,指预先付给律师或者其他职业人员的聘用费。这里是泛指聘用一些人帮客户完成“指定的任务”,译成“服务费”是合适的。

  • have the inside track (mainly American) ,即to have a special position within an organization or a special relationship with a person that gives you advantages that other people do not have (often + with ) 例如He thinks I have the inside track with the director so he keeps hassling me for information。

2011 6 9

  • tee time

  • 即Tee times are assigned by the golf course, usually in 8-10 minute intervals, and are acquired by calling or signing up in advance of when play is desired. 即预约时间打一场高尔夫球;early tee time,即清晨打高尔夫的时间,亦称“Dew sweeper”, it originated as a reference to a player in a pro tournament who, in the third or fourth round, has a very early tee time. Early morning pairings (when the dew is still on the ground - get it?) on the weekend in a tour event are made up of the players who’ve made the cut but are closest to the bottom of the field. So “dew sweeper” applied to tournament golfers is not a complimentary term. The term has evolved to refer to any golfer who enjoys playing very early in the morning, getting out first when the dew is still on the ground.

2011 6 9

  • 从其网站目前提供的信息,看来它与“金钥匙”集团无涉,即是说它还是只提供客户委托的服务项目,其服务对象是为数不多的富人,约3000多名,与酒店业无涉,所以我们也不可贸然就使用“金钥匙”。参见http://www.marquiseconcierge.com/。如果从网上查“帮办”,会发现中国现在有许多“帮你办事”的“便民服务”组织,当然是为一般民众(所谓低端)服务了。不过还是可以借用这个