women in victorian britain l.
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Women in Victorian Britain. PowerPoint Presentation
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Women in Victorian Britain.

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Women in Victorian Britain. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women in Victorian Britain. www.fashion-era.com/mid-late_victorian_fashio. Upper and Middle Class Women . Their clothes tell us about their role. 1860s. 1880s. 1900.

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women in victorian britain

Women in Victorian Britain.



They were expected to look their best and entertain their men folk. Education was limited to “accomplishments” such as music, dance, and needlework

At home they often led a life of leisure. Domestic duties included rearing children and managing the servants.
some women tried to change this
Some women tried to change this.
  • They tried to get schools for girls and even go to university..
  • They wanted higher paid jobs e.g. medicine, education and the legal profession.
  • They wanted equal rights.
many women s rights had been obtained by 1900
Many women’s rights had been obtained by 1900.
  • 1839. If parents separated children under 7 should stay with their mother.
  • 1857. Wives could divorce husbands who were cruel or left them.
  • 1870. Wives were allowed to keep money they earned.
  • 1891. Wives could not be forced to live with husbands unless they wished.
the first school for girls was set up by frances buss in1850 the north london collegiate school
The first school for girls was set up by Frances Buss in1850.The North London Collegiate School.
Many working class girls went into service (maids).Here you were at least given food, a bed, a uniform and regular wages.
Working class girls were expected to do many chores to help their mothers. Boys were allowed out alone.
Women who worked were paid much less than men.In 1888 Annie Besant led a strike of match girls for more pay.
From 1903 to 1914 the Suffragettes showed that women would resort to extreme tactics to get what they wanted.