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The Burn

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The Burn. The Great Depression was finally in full swing by late 1929 and people reacted to it differently

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The Burn

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the burn
The Burn

The Great Depression was finally in full swing by late 1929 and people reacted to it differently

Men – those who were laid off of work would go and walk the streets looking for work. After a year or three of no work, some would become so discouraged they would stop or leave their families to fend for themselves and become hoboes


Women – women canned food, and became expert household budget makers. They worked, but were used as scapegoats.

  • Many died.

Children – state regulations were relaxed on child labor and schools closed which caused many school age children to enter the workforce.

  • Children suffered from malnutrition and it’s after effects .
  • Many children also began to ride the rails looking for work and adventure.


People lost their jobs and were kicked out of their homes.

They lived on the streets.

They lived in a shanty, eventually forming a shantytown. They used newspapers as blankets. Soup kitchens provided food for lunches for free or for extremely low prices.

Farmers lost their land to the bank.

The Midwest was hit the hardest between some of the farming practices they did and a drought that hit during the very early thirties

It dried out the depleted soil and created huge dust storms. The worst areas were called The Dust Bowl. Thousands of families moved west on Route 66 finding eventual homes on the West Coast

nicknames for different types of things during the great depression
Nicknames for different types of things during the Great depression

Hoovervilles = Shantytowns

Hoover Blankets = Newspapers

Hoover Flags = Pockets pulled inside out

Hoover Tourists = Teenagers touring the country by rail

Hoover Leather – cardboard used to line the inside of a shoe with a hole worn through

Hoover Wagon – a car with horses tied to it because the owner couldn’t afford gas.

Hoover Flush – a busted flush in poker with only four cards of the same suit instead of five.

Hoover Hogs – wild rabbits that country people caught for food.