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Motivating the Teenage Mind PowerPoint Presentation
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Motivating the Teenage Mind

Motivating the Teenage Mind

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Motivating the Teenage Mind

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  1. Motivating the Teenage Mind Dr Eva Hoffman Inspired Learning

  2. The mind will only absorb what the emotions will allow. Heim Ginott

  3. When attempting to motivate learners, how important is WHAT we teach and how important is HOW we teach? HOW WHAT

  4. skills Life success Emotional well-being Learning achievement

  5. I’m bored... Why bother… I’m rubbish at this… School is boring...

  6. horse Every force meets with resistance

  7. Expand your repertoire of practical tools - transform the attitudes of pupils - raise pupils' achievement - make your own work more effective

  8. 100+ activities

  9. Part III Part V Part I

  10. Seven keys to unlock self-motivation

  11. Give choices and teach about choices and their consequences

  12. Your life will be to a large extend the result of all the choices you will make. Make the best choices you can!

  13. Your ultimate choice – the choice of attitude learning a waste of time, can’t get jobs anyway broadens the mind road to successful life

  14. Having no choice results in • resistance against imposed tasks • rebellious attitude • anger or indifference • poor or no motivation

  15. awaken curiosity and interest

  16. The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery

  17. What you can do to awaken curiosity ? ... ? ask rather than tell

  18. What you can do to awaken curiosity ‘spice’ up lessons with fascinating facts

  19. What you can do to awaken curiosity make use of ‘mystery and suspense’

  20. What you can do to awaken curiosity organise ‘orchestrated learning’ sessions

  21. Lack of curiosity and interest results in • indifference • boredom • disengagement of senses • poor or no motivation

  22. make learning relevant

  23. WIIFM what’s in it for me???

  24. What is relevant to me? things about ME things I am interested in something to help me achieve my goals

  25. relevance chain your goal possible outcomes possible long-term relevance possible immediate relevance what you have to do

  26. Seeing no relevance results in • negative attitude • indifference to task • a need to rebel • doing the absolute minimum • poor or no motivation

  27. inspire ambition teach to set goals

  28. Only those who have a dream can make their dream come true.

  29. Make use of motivational materials books films songs stories quotes

  30. Four kinds of goals what I want to have what I want to achieve how I want to feel what kind of person I want to be

  31. Setting goals

  32. my dream life

  33. Changing direction

  34. Lack of goals and dreams results in • aimless drifting • leaving everything to chance or others • seeing no sense in life and work • poor or no motivation

  35. raise confidence

  36. There is nobody in the whole world exactly like you. You are unique. Learn to appreciate your uniqueness.

  37. Discover your strengths

  38. Having no confidence results in • a sense of helplessness and inadequacy • covering-up strategies such as withdrawal, aggression or fooling around • a negative attitude (‘can’t do it anyway’) • poor or no motivation

  39. strengthen resilience

  40. Life is like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. How you handle the ups and the downs is vital to your progress and growth.

  41. Seven steps to success and the KITB, critical moment 7. celebrate 6. complete 4. continue 5. continue 3. continue 2. start 1. decide KITB

  42. Anticipating setbacks

  43. Become an optimist Practise focussing on peoples’ positive characteristics Practise finding something good in challenging situations A half-full glass

  44. Lack of resilience results in • inability to complete any project • no chance to experience success • further drop in self-esteem • poor or no motivation

  45. Reward achievement

  46. Four kinds of rewards

  47. Make a habit of celebrating your achievement !