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Meritor ThermALERT™ a MTIS by P.S.I. Technology June 2006. Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I.

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Meritor ThermALERT™

a MTIS by P.S.I. Technology

June 2006

meritor tire inflation system by p s i
Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I.

Air is supplied from the trailer air tank to the control box, which regulates the air pressure to a preset value. The regulated air then flows through the tapped axle into the hoses on the wheel end, which keeps the tires properly inflated at all times.

thermalert features benefits
ThermALERT™ Features & Benefits
  • ThermALERT™is a value added option when you purchase MTIS – the proven leader with nearly two million tires protected.
    • New patented ThermALERT™technology leverages MTIS system.
  • Helps alert drivers to stop for repairs before serious damage occurs due to elevated wheel-end temperatures.
  • Helps reduce downtime, risk and operating cost.

ThermALERT™ Press Plug

ThermALERTTM helps alert drivers to stop for repairs before serious damage occurs due to elevated wheel-end temperatures

why thermalert
Why ThermALERT™ ?

Market research suggests over half the fleets surveyed have experienced problems with wheel end heat build up.

why thermalert6
Why ThermALERT™ ?

The cost of wheel end heat build up can be substantial.

how thermalert works
How ThermALERT™ Works
  • If the temperature of the wheel-end exceeds the melting point of the eutectic material the thermal screw will melt causing pressurized air to vent through the hub cap tee vent. The indicator light will come ON, there will be an audible sound at the wheel-end as air vents through the hub cap tee vent.
  • Inspect and repair components that caused the wheel-end to exceed normal operating temperatures before the trailer is put back into service to prevent serious personal injury and damage to the trailer components.
  • Please note that the ThermALERT™ system does not alleviate the need to perform recommended wheel-end maintenance procedures.
  • ArvinMeritor Technical Publication TP-9914 for complete system overview and Maintenance Manual 14P for service and installation procedures.
thermalert system requirements
ThermALERT™ System Requirements
  • For the ThermALERT™ to operate as it was designed the system must use:
    • New control box with gray color flow switch
    • 6 vent hub caps
    • Thermal press plugs (includes thermal screw)
    • New LED light and warning decal provide operating guidelines to the driver.

New control box (31082-00) with gray colored flow switch

New ThermALERT™ decal and LED trailer light included in kit H2712-XX.

Example: press plug with thermal screw

Example: 6 vent hubcap

6 vent hub caps
6 Vent Hub Caps
  • All MTIS systems now use 6 vent hub caps.
    • Changed from 3 vent to 6 vent for additional venting capacity in the event the eutectic material melts
  • Oil and grease style hub caps come equipped with vent holes extensions.

Six Vents

thermalert press plugs
ThermALERT™ Press Plugs
  • The press plug must be installed so that the thermal screw is located at the 12 o’clock when the axle is sitting in the running position.
    • The ThermALERT system cannot be installed onto a solid axle spindle
  • Eutectic alloy melts when wheel end operating temperature reach an abnormal temperature.
  • Thermal screw replacement procedure specified in Maintenance Manual 14P.
new control box
New Control Box

Gray Color Flow Switch

  • All MTIS systems now use the new style control box with gray color flow switch.
    • Flow switch orifice size reduced
      • The earlier version had a black color housing
    • New control box part number 31082
warning decals lights
Warning Decals & lights
  • Standard MTIS light and decal is replaced by new ThermALERT™ decal and light
  • Trailer manufacturers must use the light supplied in the MTIS ThermALERT kit.
thermalert tm warning light
ThermALERTTM : Warning Light
  • If the indicator light comes ON during operation, the driver should immediately find a safe place to pull over, stop and assess the problem.
  • The warning light illumination can be caused by one or more of the following reasons:
    • Damaged inflation system components
    • System unable to keep up with a leaking tire
    • Wheel-end temperature is high enough to activate the ThermALERT™ warning system
thermalert tm hub cap decal
ThermALERTTM : Hub Cap Decal
  • Install the ThermALERT decal to each hub cap.
limited production release
Limited Production Release
  • Guidelines for limited release:
    • For approximately 6 months, ThermALERT® sales will be limited to prepped axles - TN, TQ, and TP spindle profiles. (Not offered on the TL at this time).
      • A prepped axle implies beam, brakes, plugs, and stators factory assembled by ArvinMeritor
    • In the initial phase of introduction a minimum order quantity for 10 trailers will be required.
    • OEMs will be required to identify the fleet so an ArvinMeritor DSM can contact them to review ThermALERT operating guidelines.
    • Available on 16.5” Q and Q+ brakes
      • Not offered on 12.25” brakes at this time.
      • Not offered with cast spoke wheels at this time.
    • Full kits for retrofits are not available until full production release.
supplemental information
Supplemental Information
  • System Overview: Technical Publication TP-9914
  • Service & Installation Procedures: Maintenance Manual 14P
  • Parts Book (PB 9999)