chan lam coupling by batool noor n.
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Chan-lam coupling by Batool Noor

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Chan-lam coupling by Batool Noor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chan-lam coupling by Batool Noor. Title of the content : .. objective .. background information. ..reaction and mechanism . ..recent literature. ..conclusion . ..Refrence. Objective: Identifying the nature of the reaction and its applications.

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Title of the content :..objective..background information. ..reaction and mechanism ...recent literature...conclusion ...Refrence.

Back ground information:This reaction allows arylcarbon_heteroatom bond formation via an oxidative coupling of arylboronic acids, stannanes or siloxanes with N-H or O-H containing compounds in air .Substrate include phenols , amines, aniline ,amides ,imides, ureas, carbamates, and sulfonamides. The reaction is induced by a stoichiometric amount of copper (II) or a catalytic amount of copper catalyst which is reoxidized by atmospheric oxygen.The Chan-lam coupling may be conducted at room tempreture in air .


The reaction with a stoichiometric amount of copper (II) is also facilitated by oxygen , because reductive elimination from a copper (II) spices is faster.

Reaction and Mechanism

Recent literature:1-Copper(II)-Catalyzed Ether Synthesis from Aliphatic Alcohols and Potassium Organotrifluoroborate Salts

T. D. Quach, R. A. Batey, Org. Lett.,2003,5,1381-1384

2-Synthesis of Diaryl Ethers through the Copper-Promoted Arylation of Phenols with Arylboronic Acids. An Expedient Synthesis of Thyroxine

D. A. Evans, J. L. Katz, T. R. West, Tetrahedron Letters. 1998,39,2937-2940


Conclusion:Arylation of a wide range of NH/OH/SH substrates by oxidative cross-coupling with boronic acids in the presence of catalytic cupric acetate and either triethylamine or pyridine at room temperature in air.