Relief aid lessons from hurricane katrina
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Relief Aid Lessons From Hurricane Katrina. By Devin Pritchard. Video Clip. Clip from news footage right after Hurricane Katrina After you see the clip, please take a minute to write down you immediate reaction to the clip Discuss. Personal Connection.

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Video clip
Video Clip

  • Clip from news footage right after Hurricane Katrina

  • After you see the clip, please take a minute to write down you immediate reaction to the clip

  • Discuss

Personal connection
Personal Connection

  • I haven’t personally lived through a natural disaster

  • There is a lot of controversy surrounding Hurricane Katrina

  • Hurricane Katrina happened five years ago

  • Led me to start thinking about relief aid

Essential question
Essential Question

What about relief aid for natural disasters can we learn from Hurricane Katrina?


In order for relief aid to be successful, long term aid and short term aid need to work together to get the area back on track after it has been hit by a natural disaster.

The city of new orleans
The City of New Orleans

  • New Orleans is unique because:

  • 51% of city is above sea level

  • It’s surrounded by 3 major bodies of water

  • Relies on levees and other barriers to prevent water from flooding the city

Elevation map of new orleans
Elevation Map of New Orleans

The levees
The Levees

  • A natural or artificial slope or wall used to regulate water levels.

  • History of the New Orleans levees

The rebuilt levee

that was

breached by

Hurricane Katrina

located in the

Lower Ninth Ward

Map of the levees
Map of the Levees

Hurricane katrina
Hurricane Katrina

  • Formed over the southeastern Bahamas

  • Entered the Gulf of Mexico and changed direction

  • New Orleans found itself right in the middle of Hurricane Katrina’s new path

  • Lack of preparation, not ready

The aftermath of hurricane katrina
The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

  • The levees were breached, New Orleans immediately began to flood

  • The lower ninth section became completely submerged in water

  • People were stranded and on their own

Definitions of relief aid
Definitions of Relief Aid

  • Short term aid- humanitarian aid

  • Long term aid- developmental aid

Results of short term aid
Results of Short Term Aid

  • Short term relief aid failed

  • Aid didn’t get to New Orleans quickly enough, many people were on their own

  • FEMA was highly criticized

Results of long term aid
Results of Long Term Aid

  • Many ongoing efforts to help rebuild the area

  • New levee system

  • New building practices for better, more hurricane ready homes

  • Rebuilding efforts are helping to boost economy



You are the mayor of Cannon Beach when a tsunami happens and water begins to flood the city. You have been awarded $3 million in federal aid to help clean up and rebuild the area. Use the price list to determine what products and services you are going to use to get your city cleaned up and back on track.

What i think
What I Think

  • Short term aid and long term aid need to work together

  • Hurricane Katrina- Best Case Scenario

  • Your role

  • Community Based Learning


  • Examined Hurricane Katrina

  • Short term and long term aid

  • What’s being done today



Thank You!

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