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www.jattworld.com Community Support Program. By Kanwar Dhindsa. Background. The need to understand that we all have a common background with our ancestors living and working together for generations. Having faced all the hardships together:

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The need to understand that we all have a common background with our ancestors living and working together for generations. Having faced all the hardships together:

  • be it fighting against the Mughals, to protect the weak,
  • be it fighting the World Wars for the British Empire,
  • be it fighting against the British Empire to free India,
  • be it facing the misery of a farmer after independence,
  • be it fighting the Wars against Pakistan and China,
  • be it going through the trauma of Operation Blue Star and 1984 Massacre…….

The list goes on and on…

We know we made the MAXIMUM sacrifices and we were together in it all this while….

  • We are one of the smallest communities in the world.
  • We are all moving across the globe very quickly.
  • We are becoming more self centered in today’s world.
  • We need to realize that all of us have a moral responsibility towards our community.

Gone are the days when agitations and protests could get us justice. We need to realize that we are a MINORITY, so the ONLY WAY we can get HEARD and HAVE A SAY is when we are an ECONOMICALLY and PROFESSIONALLY A STRONG and UNITED COMMUNITY Across the GLOBE.

And it is NOT possible until and unless we help each other become Economically and Professionally STRONG in all spheres of life


Jatts are an extremely hardworking, strong and enterprising community who have done extremely well in the past. Be it becoming Maharajas of Punjab or bringing Green Revolution in India or becoming extremely successful across the globe, they have always proved themselves.

So we know if given a fair chance we can do extremely well for ourselves. So we need to give that fair chance to our brothers and sisters.

idea behind c s p
  • Have a Special Domain for CSP.

Contents of the CSP Domain Home Page:

  • The Home Page to have stories with pictures and examples of what other communities have done and are doing for their respective communities across the globe.
  • Creating links to their news and articles to verify/compare their progress with ours with a Question mark on us.
  • Links to pages where the following are listed:
  • Community People asking for a Specific Support

(B) Community People offering a Specific/ General Support

(C) Honored Community Contributors who have helped the community.

(D) Links- detailed information of the problems being faced by Jatt community across the globe.

(E) links- giving information of the works of other communities.

  • Then a hard hitting emotional line leading to the CSP Sign Up Page (we need to work on this).
idea behind c s p1

Contents of CSP sign up page:

Registration with mandatory fields:

  • First and Family Name Column
  • Exact Geographic Location Column (scroll)
  • Specify Profession Column (scroll)
  • Support offered Column (scroll): (our thrust area)

Scholarships to Students.

Free Professional/Business/ Immigration/settling abroad Guidance.

Sharing of valuable Information/ Data.

Employment Opportunities

Medical Help (Life Saving)

Free training Programs

Debt Support (Farmers/others)

Old Age Support

Support to riot victims

Financial Support to widows

Helping in Marriage of Girls

Others, with a details column

(we have to make a committee with respectable people to monitor such helps and honor people who live upto their commitment and help the community with their names mentioned on link pages)


5. Support Required column:

(with the same scroll options as support offered column)

But we need to create a Mandatory Column for Verifying Authority’s Name, Contact person with his/her Designation and contact details.

6. Terms & Conditions to safe guard the organization

c s p reaching the community
CSP reaching the Community
  • Sending Mailers/Newsletters with hard hitting facts to your existing members/supporter on a regular basis, with new/ different facts/progress/updates every time.
  • Slide show of CSP pictures and one liners (we have to click pictures of unemployed youth, debt ridden farmers, riot victims etc.) as Centre Display on your Home Page (Jattworld) with a link to CSP.
  • Display at other related sites with which Jattworld has tie-ups and where we can get maximum mileage.
  • Consistent and Dedicated effort to promote the program, as sooner or later it has to be a success.

This is just the beginning there are a lot more ideas and suggestions for the welfare of our community and to take them forward in the 21st Century. There is lot to be done.

But first we need to make CSP a success to give us that confidence/boost and belief in our selves.

So let us put in our best for the CSP