Getting the word out how to grow your npa chapter
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Getting the Word Out: How to Grow Your NPA Chapter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting the Word Out: How to Grow Your NPA Chapter. Presented by Hilary Kaye Hilary Kaye Associates Inc. May 10, 2004 Las Vegas. New Chapter? Existing Chapter?. Public Relations & Advertising strategies can help you get started more quickly grow faster Today you will learn

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Getting the word out how to grow your npa chapter

Getting the Word Out: How to Grow Your NPA Chapter

Presented by Hilary Kaye

Hilary Kaye Associates Inc.

May 10, 2004

Las Vegas

New chapter existing chapter
New Chapter? Existing Chapter?

  • Public Relations & Advertising strategies can help you

  • get startedmore quickly

  • grow faster

  • Today you will learn

  • cost-effective tips on how to get the word out.


Belonging to an NPA Chapter

is a great advantage --

but chapters are a well-kept secret.

Let’s communicate the good news

about NPA membership

to our local audiences.

How do you decide what to do
How Do You Decide What To Do?

  • Lots of tactics to choose from --

    it can be overwhelming!

  • Pick the right situation, right budget, right audience . . .

    And you’ll do fine.

Publicity vs advertising what s the difference
Publicity vs. Advertising:What’s the Difference?

Take the Quiz

Question 1
Question #1

When you use __________ as a strategy, you gain greater credibility because it signifies a third-party endorsement.

Question 2
Question #2

In most cases, ____________ is the more expensive strategy of the two.

Question 3
Question #3

One benefit of _________ is that you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want, when you want it.

Question 4
Question #4

If you need to push your target audience into immediate action, _______ is your best strategy.

Question 5
Question #5

If you are trying to build a long-lasting foundation for your organization with your selected audience, _________ is the most appropriate strategy.

Question 6
Question #6

In ______________, the more often the message is repeated, the better.

Question 7
Question #7

If an organization has a very small budget, _______ can be the best strategy.

Question 8
Question #8

When using ______________as a strategy, your message to your audience should be carefully thought out, consistent and easy to understand.

Question 9
Question #9

__________ is often a much faster strategy to implement and see results from than __________.

Question 10
Question #10

If your audience needs to be educated about the benefits of your organization, ____________ is often the best strategy to begin with.

How can i use pr
How Can I Use PR?

PR is the most cost-effective method to attract attention to your NPA Chapter.

Where do we begin?

Getting the word out how to grow your npa chapter

The Press Release –

Your Basic Tool

  • Powerful tool to increase credibility and visibility

  • Low-cost with high-yield

  • Easy to do with practice

Know the goals of your press release
Know the Goals of Your Press Release

  • Generate awareness of your meeting or event?

  • Introduce your new chapter?

  • Educate/provide background?

  • Get posted on Web sites?

Do you want to:

When should i write a news release
When Should I Write a News Release?

When you have real news to report!

  • Chapter meeting announcements

  • New chapter sponsors

  • Special events hosted by chapter

  • New chapter officers

  • News from national NPA w/local angle

  • Awards won by local chapter members

The press release format
The Press Release Format

  • Understand the press release format -- use it consistently for best results

  • Be concise (1-2 pages)

  • Be timely (don’t “sit on” news)

Press release format cont d
Press Release Format (cont’d)

  • Send the appropriate release to the appropriate media audience

  • Be objective (keep subjective comments in quotes)

Use the 5 w s
Use the 5 W’s

  • Use the format reporters use

  • Answer questions they would ask – BEFORE they ask

Building blocks
Building Blocks

  • Contact info

  • Headline

  • Dateline

  • Catchy lead

  • The body

  • Boilerplate

Building blocks1
Building Blocks

CONTACT INFO -- make it easy for the media to find you

Building blocks2
Building Blocks

The HEADLINE -- make it appealing

Building blocks3
Building Blocks

The DATELINE – gives the story context

Building blocks4
Building Blocks

The LEAD – lead with the best

Building blocks5
Building Blocks

The BODY --straightforward writing, with quotes when possible

Building blocks6
Building Blocks

BOILERPLATE – consistent, key information at the end of the release

Distributing your release
Distributing Your Release

Don’t set off in a driverless car.

Distributing your release1
Distributing Your Release

Understanding fee-based wire services

Local media contacts
Local Media Contacts

  • daily newspaper

  • weekly newspaper

  • business journal

  • computer/tech publications

  • Web sites

  • radio & TV tech programs

  • Who are the right contacts for YOU and your chapter?

Finding media contacts
Finding Media Contacts

  • Actual media guides – too expensive

  • Online search for media outlets & names

  • A quick phone call to media works, too

  • Reporters change beats often

  • Several types of reporters/editors

    you send to: biz calendar editors,

    business reporters,

    technology writers

It trade press
IT Trade Press

  • Most regions have local IT trades or special interest pubs

  • Some areas have regional editions

  • For example, Computer User has editions in:

    • SoCal

    • Atlanta

    • Washington D.C.

    • and many more

Distributing your release2
Distributing Your Release

  • Email is preferred by most print journalists. Especially IT.

  • Beware of SPAM filters

  • Avoid attachments

To email or Not to email

Distributing your release3
Distributing Your Release

Many radio and TV newsrooms prefer

to receive faxes

When is Fax Appropriate?

Distributing your release4
Distributing Your Release

Avoid snail mail unless requested

What About Snail Mail?

Beyond press releases
Beyond Press Releases

Press releases are a great tool -- but don’t stop there:

  • Pitch letters for exclusive or feature


  • Bylined articles

  • Be an expert in the media

  • Be a guest on a radio or TV tech

    talk show

What about sponsors
What about Sponsors?

Sponsors LOVE media coverage. They spend $$$

to gain greater recognition & awareness with your

membership. DO put your sponsors’ names in

your press releases.

Media coverage can attract NEW sponsors

too. They are seeking new ways to market

to their target audience (YOU)!

Internal pr too
Internal PR Too

  • PR tactics can be internal -- helping retention & supporting growth.

  • Do spotlight articles on new

    members – chapter newsletter,

    chapter Web site, email blast

    to chapter.

  • Gives immediate value

    to membership.

Host prospective member mixer
Host Prospective Member Mixer

  • Great way for existing chapters to increase numbers

  • For members and non-members

  • Use publicity to bring attendees

  • Prizes, discounts & demos from

    existing & new sponsors

  • New-member contest for members

Your contact list
Your Contact List

  • This is gold. Treat it that way.

  • Get contact info from everyone

    who visits web site, comes to

    meetings, attends special events.

  • Don’t SPAM them with frequent emails, but stay in contact. These are targeted prospects.

Can we afford to advertise
Can We Afford to Advertise?

  • Look for Media Sponsors – try publications aligned

    with your industry. They get more exposure

    with your group -- you get free advertising.

  • Consider “marketplace” ads. For example:

    In Computer User, cost would be approx.

    $200/mo. for full-year of monthly

    1 col x 3” ad in Tech Marketplace.

To sum up
To Sum Up

  • Yes, it’s possible to use PR -- and even some advertising --to get a new chapter off the ground. Or, to attract more members to your existing chapter.

    The real question: Will you take the time & effort to do this?

    If so, you will be rewarded with a vibrant chapter filled with members who get maximum value from NPA.

Getting the word out how to grow your npa chapter

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(714) 426-0444