opim 3801 principles of project management n.
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OPIM 3801: Principles of Project Management PowerPoint Presentation
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OPIM 3801: Principles of Project Management

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OPIM 3801: Principles of Project Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OPIM 3801: Principles of Project Management
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  1. OPIM 3801:Principles of Project Management Instructor: Bob Day Associate Professor OPIM Dept.

  2. Getting to know each other • First, I want to get an idea of who you are and what expectations you might have • To begin, please close your laptops, so that we are all focused on paying attention to one another. • When I call on you, first give your name slowly and clearly, and then please be prepared to discuss your major, career goals, where you’re from, and/or other expectations you might have for the class.

  3. My Background: Ph.D. University of Maryland, 2004: • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation • Concentration: Operations Research Main Research: • Auctions w/Package bidding (consulting: FAA, FCC, Ofcom, and other national spectrum authorities) Other Research: • Hospital Management (consulting: HCA) Past Teaching: • Operations Management, including technical core on Project Management, both undergrad and MBA • MBA Skills Module on Project Management • Principles of Project Management, fourth time

  4. How we will communicate • You are expected to come to every class and are responsible for any material communicated in your absence • I will email you at your @uconn.edu address. • You can visit my office hours or schedule an appointment at a different time. • My Website: (google: bob day uconn)

  5. After class today… • Be sure to buy the book. • Visit and bookmark the website. • Click on the link with instructions for getting a MS Project 2013 Product Key. • If you will use a Mac laptop, be sure you can boot it as a PC. Ask for help at the IT service desk if you need it.