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Video Tutorials

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Video Tutorials. Stacy Schwartz and Amy Deschenes April 30, 2011. When, Why and How to use them. What are we doing today?. What are video tutorials? Types of tutorials Best practices Why use a tutorial? How to get started. What are video tutorials?. Short videos designed to

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Video Tutorials

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    1. Video Tutorials Stacy Schwartz and Amy Deschenes April 30, 2011 When, Why and How to use them

    2. What are we doing today? • What are video tutorials? • Types of tutorials • Best practices • Why use a tutorial? • How to get started

    3. What are video tutorials? Short videos designed to teach/inform your users Short = under 5 minutes Designed = planned Teach/inform = outcomes and goals Users = who it’s for

    4. Who creates tutorials? Software Companies Google Docs - Spreadsheets

    5. Who creates tutorials? Techies Ruby on Rails

    6. Who creates tutorials? Trainers Hotel Training Scenario

    7. Who creates tutorials? Libraries Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students

    8. Anyone who wants to create Short videos designed to teach/inform your users

    9. Why use video tutorials? Reach them anytime

    10. Why use video tutorials? Reach them any place

    11. Why use video tutorials? Allow them to set the pace

    12. Why use video tutorials? Visually interesting, appealing and dynamic. It’s not just a series of words on a page that the user reads through. Entertain them

    13. Why use video tutorials? Relatively easy to create and inexpensive

    14. What tutorials are not Replacement for documentation

    15. What tutorials are not A description

    16. What are video tutorials? Short videos designed to teach/inform your users

    17. What are video tutorials? A clear demonstration of how to do something

    18. What are some types of tutorials? Demonstrative How do I . . . request a book through InterLibrary Loan? book a group study room online? access the New York Times? Course Reserves Tutorial

    19. What are some types of tutorials? Information Literacy What are the outcomes? concepts? ideas? is it course-based? Develop a Research Topic

    20. What are some types of tutorials? Training What are the processes? nit-picky steps? program based? Student Worker Training Video

    21. What are some types of tutorials? Marketing What is . . . special? unique? nostalgic? New Library Website

    22. Examples of tutorials

    23. Academic library tutorials University of Maryland University of Washington UT Arlington

    24. Where to find more tutorials PRIMO – Peer Reviewed ALA database of tutorials ANTS – Animated Tutorial Sharing

    25. What are the best practices? • Know your user • Know your learning goals • Develop a script/storyboard • Length • Segments • Navigation • Narration • Graphics • Consistency • Updating

    26. When is it a good idea? Consider: Your audience • Faculty? • Staff? • Students? Scenario: An admin in the Provost’s office comes to you for help because a number of new faculty are up for tenure this year and each of them needs assistance with cited reference searching. Should you create a tutorial for them? Will they watch it?

    27. When is it a good idea? Consider: Your content • Does it change often? • Do you have control over when it changes? • How many users would be interested in it? Scenario: Ever since RefWorks launched their new interface, everyone you talk to has had trouble with it. You used to refer people to the help content within RefWorks but they don’t seem to have tutorials for their content anymore. Should you create a tutorial on RefWorks?

    28. When is it a good idea? Consider: Your purpose • Is it demonstrative? • For marketing? Scenario: You have been getting a lot of questions from patrons and parents of patrons who have issues with some of the content in your Young Adult collection. You decide to develop and publish a Young Adult collection development policy. Should you create a tutorial on this policy?

    29. Tools for tutorials

    30. Comparison Shopping

    31. Quick and Dirty - Jing • Produced by TechSmith • “Free screenshot and screencast sharing application” • 2GB storage on • For short and sweet “how to” questions • Not as polished • Simply select an area of your screen, capture it as an image or record it as a video, and then click Share,+Slidecasting+and+Sceencasting+tools

    32. Quick and Dirty - Camtasia • Produced by TechSmith • Software tutorials for discipline-specific or lab software • Explanation of a process displayed in discipline-specific software • Narrated PowerPoint presentations • Narrated explanation of lecture notes, homework solutions or other materials • Video and audio podcast production,+Slidecasting+and+Sceencasting+tools

    33. Quick and Dirty - Captivate • Produced by Adobe • Screen recording • Software simulations/scenario-based training • Presentations and quizzes • Fancy stuff: • Text animations, animated slide transitions • Rollover hotspot • Different capture modes •,+Slidecasting+and+Sceencasting+tools

    34. So, what’s the diff?

    35. Once you have an idea* *ideas will be covered later

    36. Storyboarding A plan for your tutorial

    37. Why Storyboard? • Work efficiently! • Tutorials are multi-media • Navigation • Images • Motion Pictures • Software is complex • Production can be time-consuming

    38. Storyboarding How? • An outline • A “storyboard” • A powerpoint • A map

    39. Starting Small If this seems overwhelming, think about creating a powerpoint and importing it into the software of your choice

    40. Using Camtasia

    41. Using Camtasia

    42. Using Camtasia

    43. Using Camtasia

    44. Using Camtasia

    45. Using Captivate

    46. Using Captivate

    47. Using Captivate

    48. Using Captivate – editing

    49. Using Captivate - editing

    50. Using Captivate - editing • Caption • Rollover Caption • Highlight Box • Rollover Slidelet • Zoom • Text Entry • Click Box • Button • Text Animation • Image • Rollover Image • Animation • Flash Video • Mouse • Widget Elements that you can add to your slides – but you don’t have to use them all