application level active networks
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Application-Level Active Networks

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Application-Level Active Networks. Presented at Dublin Breakfast Briefing, 29th June 2001 Immo Hüneke Technical Architect, Wireless Internet. Enabler for rapid network service creation / deployment standard languages automated device configuration

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Presentation Transcript
application level active networks

Application-Level Active Networks

Presented at Dublin Breakfast Briefing, 29th June 2001

Immo Hüneke

Technical Architect, Wireless Internet

active network benefits
Enabler for rapid network service creation / deployment

standard languages

automated device configuration

Intelligent alternate-path routing (e.g. satellite down-link, “scatternet” configurations)

Intelligent caching (e.g. specialised XML conversion)

Content format conversion on the fly (e.g. video -> stream)

Dynamic content (e.g. localised advertising)

XML-policy-based management support, mobility support (including incremental code mobility)

Active Network Benefits

Application-Level Active Networks

possible applications
Possible Applications
  • Transcoding Web content
  • Smart Caching
  • Multicast
    • Bridging
    • Reliable multicast
  • Link-by-link compression
  • Active Web pages
  • Information filtering
  • Alternate-path routing
    • QoS
    • Security
  • Security proxies
  • Personal profiles for mobile users

Application-Level Active Networks

differing interpretations
Differing Interpretations
  • USA
    • DARPA-sponsored
    • Concentration on intelligent packet routing
  • Europe
    • ESPRIT-sponsored
    • Concentration on distributed processing
      • Programmable Networks
      • Application-Level Active Networks
      • Proxylets

Application-Level Active Networks

information model passive vs active network


Requests, Events

Requests, Events,Policies

Programs, Policies

Programs,Content, Policies

Programs, Policies

Content, Events

Programs, Policies


Events, Policies






Public Network










Information Model: Passive vs. Active Network

Service Logic

executes anywhere

in the network

Application-Level Active Networks

active services networks
Active Services Networks
  • Programs supplied by the users of the network
  • Those programs will run on equipment owned by the operators
  • Users have access to custom services that will be managed by them without the operators’ intervention
  • Management system needs to be as lightweight as possible
  • Packet redirection based on “active” tag in transport header or MIME type in application header

Application-Level Active Networks

android architecture
ANDROID Architecture

Application-Level Active Networks

active server architecture
Active Server Architecture
  • Based on the ALAN architecture
  • Multiple execution environments are allowed to run on each active server
  • Each execution environment is allowed to run one or more proxylets
  • Each proxylet runs on its own Java virtual machine and can consist of more than one Java threads
  • The management system manages locally the resources consumed by the proxylets and execution environments
  • Thread resource consumption needs to be managed by application providers or the users themselves

Application-Level Active Networks

alan components available today
ALAN ComponentsAvailable Today
  • Execution Environment
    • Dynamic Proxy Server (DPS a.k.a. FunnelWeb)
    • Proxylet API
  • Support Code
    • launcher
    • mon
    • errorPrint
  • Examples
    • control
    • tcpbridge
    • audio transcoder
    • Java radio

Application-Level Active Networks

example aircraft services
InternetExample: Aircraft Services



Application-Level Active Networks

alan framework basic fry et al
ALAN Framework(basic – Fry et al)

Application-Level Active Networks

alan framework enhanced pias et al
ALAN Framework(enhanced – Pias et al)

Added: security module (policy server)

Application-Level Active Networks

  • /P900-series/P926/P926.htm (CASPIAN)
  • /project/alanImpl/ccr.html

Application-Level Active Networks

thank you
Thank You!


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Immo Hüneke

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Wireless Internet


Application-Level Active Networks