title greek government democracy n.
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Title: Greek Government: Democracy

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Title: Greek Government: Democracy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Title: Greek Government: Democracy. Do Now

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title greek government democracy
Title: Greek Government: Democracy
  • Do Now
  • Today is “Australia Day.”  It marks the date that Australia was first settled in 1788. Captain Arthur Phillip guided a fleet of 11 British ships carrying criminals to the colony of New South Wales. That’s right, it was originally intended to serve as a sort of jail. Why do you think they would use Australia for this? List any facts you know about Australia
  • Do Now
  • Finish Orations
  • Ancient Greece Government Lesson
  • Partner Activity
  • Individual Activity
  • Exit Slip
  • Direct-Democracy: A political system in which citizens participate directly in government decisions
  • Representative Democracy: The citizens elect others to represent them in government
finish orations
Finish Orations
  • You will now have 20 minutes to finish your orations.
  • I will give you blank paper to write your oration on and then decorate.
  • This is your exit ticket out of here today so make sure you are staying on task!

A Direct Democracy: A government in which people vote to make their own rules and laws

  • A Representative Democracy: A government in which people vote for representatives. The representatives make rules and laws that govern themselves and the people. 


  • Each year, 500 names were drawn from all the citizens of Athens. Those 500 citizens had to serve for one year as the law makers of ancient Athens. 
  • All citizens of Athens were required to vote on any new law that this body of 500 citizens created. One man, one vote, majority ruled. Women, children, and slaves were not citizens, and thus could not vote.


direct democracy case study
Direct Democracy Case Study
  • Students are frustrated because there are so many disruptions in class. They recognize that their behavior is in their own power and therefore that they can change that. As a group they meet to decide on rules to help them. They debate for hours until they finally all agree on three rules.
    • As a class we agree to the following:
      • Come to class prepared with all materials and put them on your desk before the bell rings
      • Sit quietly and raise your hand if there are any questions or concerns
      • Be respectful to your fellow classmates (no distracting, talking, physical contact etc.)
  • Of course none of the girls were invited to this meeting however because they are not given the privilege of voting!
direct democracy
Direct democracy
  • Direct democracy worked in Athens because it was small and it’s citizens were committed to working hard.
  • This system is less practical in large countries
representative democracy case study
Representative Democracy Case Study
  • Students don’t feel that their voice is being heard regarding activities and privileges around the school. Students elect 1 representative from each class, 1 student body principal, and 1 student body vice principal to represent them.
  • These elected officials schedule a meeting to discuss the wants of the students. Students are instructed to place suggestions in a box, from these suggestions the representatives the deliberate and decide to change two rules and add one.
    • No Homework Passes
    • Free Dress on Fridays
    • Lunch detention for those who do not do their homework.
representative democracy
Representative Democracy
  • Most democracies today are representative
  • A government in which people vote for representatives.
  • The representatives make rules and laws that govern themselves and the people.
democracy venn diagram
Democracy Venn Diagram

Direct Democracy

Representative Democracy

exit slip
Exit Slip
  • Take out a blank sheet of paper and prepare for an exit slip.
  • Make sure you have your name date and period on the top right hand corner!